Emil Sander Family
Back: Herman, Harry, Louie, Max and Hugo; front: Katie, Bill and Emil

Emil Sander came from Germany in 1895 at the age of 15 and the only possession he brought with him was his accordion. Katie, daughter of Hans and Helena Moeller, was born in 1880 in the same area that was to become Manning. They were married Feb. 10, 1904, and lived near Manning where Herman and Bill were born. They moved to South Dakota and lived there for almost four years. It was here that Hugo was born. Emil and Katie and their three little boys moved back to Manning in a covered wagon in 1911; it took them three weeks. They moved to a farm in this area where Louie, Max and Harry were born. Emil and his family brought much joy to their friends with their accordion band. Emil passed away in 1955 and Katie is still living at Elk Horn at the age of 99. Herman lives in Missouri, and Louie in California; the rest of the boys are deceased.

Herman married Esther Borkowski. Their children are Marlene (Mrs. Richard Cihacek), Darrell, and Karen (Mrs. Bob Graser). Marlene and her husband have two children: Linda and Ricky. The Cihaceks have a grandchild Julie and a daughter-in-law Jamie.

Son Darrell and his wife, the former Joan Lorimar, have three children: Joanelle, Darvan and Jill. Daughter Karen and her husband, Bob Graser, have two children, Brian and Kristy.

Bill married Wiletta Kruse. Their children are Corrine, Marlys, Judy and Susan. Corrine and her husband, Wayne Jahn, raised five children: Randy, Rick, Jeffrey, Brenda, and Gina. Randy and his wife, Linda, have two children: Railene and Rachel. Marlys and her husband, Vertus Groth, raised two children, Keith and Kevin. Judy and her husband, Marvin Brookbank, have three children: Debra, Leesa, and Michael. Susan and her husband, Keith Siefken, raised four children: Rusty, Robin, Ryan and Rhonda. Hugo married Lillian Schuman. Their children are: Donald, Marilyn, and Roland. Donald and his wife, the former Coleen North, had one son, David. Their grandchildren include Mark and Lee Ann. Daughter Marilyn married Wes Pittman. Son Roland married the former Pat Bradshaw; they have two children: Rhonna and Deanna.

After Lillian passed away, Hugo married Florence Gehlsen. They then had a family of two children: Rosemary and Marvelyn. Rosemary and her husband, Dale Glover, raised Tom, Terri, Tim, Tony, and Tracy. Marvelyn became the wife of John Willison and Jill, Joy, Jeanette, and Jackie are their children.

Louie and his wife, the former Lora Lohrmann, have four children: Ian, Donavan, Kay and Rex. Ian and his wife, the former Stella Greenwich, raised Arnie, Joleen and Lynn. Arnie later married Francis Wind and the couple had a son, Anthony Michael Sander. Donovan married Judy Marsch and they have two children: Greg and Kristy. Kay Miller's children are Scott, Lori, and Renee.

Max and his wife Evelene, a former Lengeman girl, have three children: James, Janet, and Kathy. James married the former Janice Olson and they have two daughters: Karla and Lorie. Janet married Gerald Christianson and they have two sons: Tim and Troy. Kathy married Dean Koster and they have one son, Mathew.

Harry married Viola Hansen and their children are: Terry, Sara, and Carol. Terry married the former Neta Roenfeld and the couple have three children: Michael, Elise, and Alison. Sara married Richard Mardsen and they also have three children: Heath, Adam, and Katie.


Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sander, Roy, Raymond and Herbert

W. E. Sander, a farmer and stock raiser, was born in Husum, Germany in 1874. He came to the United States at the age of 14.

In 1889 he came to Carroll County and lived most of his years on a farm in Warren Township, two and a half miles northeast of Manning.

In 1899 he married Emma Wegner. They were the parents of three boys: Roy, Raymond and Herbert.

Roy married Leona Ohde and they have one

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daughter Donna (Mrs. Lyle) Joens. They all live in Audubon. Roy entered the mortician business and owned and operated the McFadden Funeral Home before retiring.

Raymond married Golda Moore and they are the parents of a daughter Faith (Mrs. Ronald Schroeder) of West Des Moines.

For 28 years, Raymond was a partner in the Kuhl & Vogt Hardware Store in Manning and in 1966 he became the sole owner of the firm. In November of 1972, he sold his store of John Falck and retired.

Herbert married Erna Wunder and their three children are Bill, Carol and Bert.

Bill lives in Altoona and they have one daughter Connie (Mrs. Steve Harding). Carol and husband Merlene Thompson are the parents of two children, Thomas and Sherri. Bert lives in Van Nuys, California, and has three girls: Donna, Jan and Nancy.

Herbert and Erna lived on their farm three miles east and one and one-half miles south of Manning. Later they retired to their home in south Manning. Herbert passed away on January 3, 1959.


G. P. Schelldorf Residence, 1916

One of Manning's pioneer merchants, George P. Schelldorf, was also the town's original "Music Man." George and his brother, William opened the Schelldorf Drug Company in 1903, which provided the citizens of Manning with medicines, a soda fountain and retail goods, plus musical instruments which George sold door-todoor using a buckboard for the pianos which were demonstrated by his daughters. Thus, Mr. Schelldorf sold many Manning-area families their first piano, violin, or Edison phonograph.

George Schelldorf arrived in America with his parents when he was five years old from Polhude, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and began his career in Manning as afield man for the Arney Brothers and Dethlefs Hardware and Implement; he married Emma Dau in 1893. Emma was born in DeWitt, and moved to Manning with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dau, in 1882, when Manning was one year old. In 1894, George be came associated with C. H. Reinholdt Hardware and Implement Company. George and Emma had four children: Louis (1894), Herbert (1896), Milda (1898), and Florence (1904). The Schelldorf home built in 1915 still stands on the corner of Sue and Second Streets.

Mr. Schelldorf was a fiddler, and his musical aptitude was inherited by all of his children. Louis, Herbert, Milda and Bruno Thompson formed, one of Manning's earliest musical groups. George also brought the first covered automobile to Manning. George Schelldorf retired in 1919; he spent six winters in California and took a trip to Europe in 1927 with his family. He passed away in 1937.

Louis Schelldorf married Alma Pfoltner, and the couple had two children, Geraldine and Charles. Herbert married Luella Knapp, and they had one son, Wayne. Milda married William Rath, and they settled in Omaha with their children, Betty Louise and Robert. Florence married Ted Rix, and they had one son, Richard.

Louis and Herbert established the Schelldorf Brothers Clothing Store in 1913, and owned the store jointly until 1947, when Herbert sold his share to his brother-in-law, Ted Rix. Ted and Louis sold the clothing store in 1951, thus ending forty-eight continuous years of a Schelldorf mercantile establishment in Manning.


John Henry Schelldorf, with his wife and family, came to Iowa from Germany in 1871. He bought a farm seven miles from Manning in 1881 and retired to Manning in 1894. His wife, Elizabeth, died in 1919, and he in 1921.

Their youngest son, William Dee Schelldorf, was born in 1878. He married Tura Long, daughter of Frank H. Long, of Manning, in 1898. To this union, Orlo V. Schelldorf was born in 1900.

In 1903, William, a pharmacist, and his brother, George P., formed a partnership, the Schelldorf Brothers Drug Store, located at 316 Main. Schelldorf Brothers operated the store until George retired in 1919. Ben Torgerson purchased the interest of George and operated as a partner until 1921. Orlo Schelldorf, then having earned a degree in pharmacy, joined his father in the operation of the store until 1934, at which time the stock and fixtures were sold to Lewis Reinold Company.

Orlo Schelldorf operated an appliance shop at 209 Main from 1934 to 1948. He also served as Town Clerk from 1932 to 1948.

Orlo was united in marriage to Caroline Schrum, of Donahue, Iowa, in 1921. Their daughter Ruth (now Mrs. Michael Schaitz of Sacremento, California; was born in 1922. Ruth's son, Michael W. Schaitz, was born in 1950 and died in 1977.

Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Schelldorf moved to California in 1949, where Caroline passed away in 1971. Orlo was united in marriage to Mary Kinnick Tipps in 1972. They reside in Sacramento, California.

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August Schroeder, born at Schleswig, Germany, April 23, 1860, came to the United States with his parents in 1866. They settled in Clinton County, where August received his education. At the age of 23 he ventured westward to Carroll County and engaged in farm work.

Caroline Dorothy Tank, born in Rendsburg, Holstein, Germany, Sept. 29, 1866, came to the United States with her parents at the age of two years. She was the last member of the family of children of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tank. They settled in Davenport. A year later they moved to Benton County and lived there until 1875, when they moved to a farm in Washington Township, about six miles north of Manning.

August and Caroline met and later were united in marriage June 3, 1885. The couple lived more than 40 years in the Manning and Westside vicinity. They had 10 children: Clara, Willie, Harry, Albert, George, Otto, Alma, Hilda, Herbert, and Lolida.

Clara and her husband Carl Petersen had two sons, Elmer and Leonard. Leonard married Neva Kasperson and had three daughters: Cynthia and her husband David Bateman are the parents of Shannon and Brian; Kristy and her husband David Marchino are the parents of Jesse and Amy; and Karla is married to John Terry.

Willie and his wife Elsie Joens had a daughter Lorraine and son Berdell. Lorraine and her husband Alfred Dammann have two children: Dianne is married to Robert Riley and they are the parents of Robert, Cindy, Mark, and Julie; Dennis and his wife Linda have a daughter Christine.

Harry and his wife Elsie Schumann had two sons, Elden and Harold. Elden and his wife Ruth Lage Nissen have three sons, David, Paul and Daniel, and a daughter Sara. Harold and his wife Edna Roecker have four daughters: Sister Sharon; Dianne Smith, who has a daughter Natalie; Jerri, married to Joe Coleman; and Kimberly.

Albert and his wife Alma Petersen have two sons, Berdette and Russell. Berdette is married to RoseAnn Beebe; they are the parents of five children: Georgia (Mrs. David Conrad); Janna (Mrs. Larry Madrem), who has daughters Amy and Susan; Michael, married to Ginny, with a son Joshua; Penny (Mrs. Kevin Niceswanger); and Todd. Russell and his wife Jean Manford have two sons: Dudley and David, who is married to Marcia and has a daughter Jacqueline.

George married Marie Petersen and has a daughter Clariss. Clariss and her husband Floyd Brandt have two children: Sally, married to Edward Lutz and with a daughter Meredith; and Craig, whose wife's name is Cathy.

Otto and his wife Elsie Kusel have a son Glen. Glen is married to Arlene Subbert, and they have four daughters: Pamela (Mrs. Alan Kusel) has

Hawkeye Diesel Service - Marlin Kohorst & G. L. "Butch" Beckman

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August and Caroline Schroeder Family, 1912
Back: Hilda, Harry, Otto, George, Willie, Alma; front: Lolida, father, mother, Herbert, Clara

two children, Amy and Beth; Connie is not married; Carlys is married to Allen Stribe; and Jerilyn is married to Terry Buzzard and has a son David.

Alma married Charley Meyer and had four children, Marvin, Clayton, Shirley and Lyle. Marvin and his wife Janae are the parents of three children: Benny, who is married to Janice; Leslie, whose wife's name is Mary; and Sue, who is married to James Chidester. Clayton and his wife Helen have four children: Clark; Marla (Mrs. Mike McKee); Lisha; and Tammy. Shirley and her husband Clifford Spack have two children: Rickey and his wife Kimberley have a daughter Heather; Carol and her husband Dallas Lile have a daughter Trudy and two stepchildren, Anthony and Michelle. Lyle and his wife JoAnn have five sons: Charles and his wife Robin have a daughter; Lynell; Jerry, who is married to Lori; Stanley; and Darwin.

Hilda is married to Albert Karsten and had two sons, Gerald and Wilbur. Gerald and his wife Joyce Jensen have three children, Douglas, Dana and Darla. Wilbur and his wife Marlys Rutherford had seven children: Jeffery; James, who is married to JoAnn; Jan, married to Dan Lorenzen, and who has two children, Amy and Andrea; Joni; Julie; Josef; and Jason.

Herbert and his wife Leona Grimm have three children, Wayne, Marilyn and Cleone. Wayne married Lila Mohr; they have three daughters: Linda and her husband Gary Anderson have a son Quinten; Susan and her husband Larry Stangl have three children, Monica, Kristi and Andrew; Debra is married to Daniel Weis. Marilyn married Dale Jons and they have four children: Barbara married Patrick Wuestewald and they have a son Adam; Steven; Janine; and Doreen. Cleone married Frederick Podey, and they have five children: Lyle and his wife Sheryl have a son Nathan; Lucinda and her husband LaMonte Crichton have two children, Crystal and Travis; Sandra; Roger; and Donna.

Lolida married Edwin Wegner; their children are Duane, Robert and Allan. Duane and his wife Arlene Ladehoff have four children: Gail is married to James Richardson, and they have two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica; Karen and her husband Gary Odendahl have two children, Angela and Laurie; Dean and Roger. Robert and his wife Shirley Hansen are the parents of Debra, Tommy, David, Nancy, Dale, Bruce and Kyle. Allan and his wife Joyce Stuhr are the parents of Brent, Tamara (deceased) and Bradley.


Jasper Schroeder Family

Jasper Schroeder was born in Qualmsteadt, Holstein, Germany in 1854. He served in the military for two years; upon his discharge he came to Westside. Being a farmer, he worked on farms as a hired hand and in 1892 purchased a farm of his own. Alwine Sievers became his bride in 1893; she was born in Bunsoh, Holstein, Germany and came to America in 1891 to Manning where she had relatives and did housework.

The Schroeders lived on "the home place" (one mile east and six north of Manning) for 39 years. Their farm consisted of 320 acres which was farmed by sons Julius and John upon the Schroeders' retirement to Manning.

Jasper was the only one of his family to come to this country. They had seven children: Anna (Mrs. Louie Tank), had three children: Clifford, Norma and Robert; Ida (Mrs. Henry Joens) is the mother of Ivan, Lester and Allan; Anita (Mrs. Alfred Nulle) had two children: Donna and Wesley; Laura (Mrs. Louis Musfeldt) is the mother of Merlin, Louis and Phyllis; Julius is married to Naomi Grimm and has four children: Myra, Gloria, Gary and Delora; Edna (Mrs. William Vollstedt); and John, married to Margaret Boyens.

Mr. Schroeder passed away in 1933 and Mrs. Schroeder in 1938.

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Julius and Naemi Schroeder and family, Gloria, Gary, Myra and Delora

Herman Julius Schroeder was born June 1, 1904, in Washington Twp., the youngest son of Jasper and Alwine Schroeder. He attended the rural schools and farmed with his brother John.

November 11, 1931, he was united in marriage at the Zion Lutheran Church in Manning, with Rev. Ansorge officiating, to Naemi Grimm born March 2, 1910, oldest daughter of John and Lena Grimm. She graduated from Manning High School in 1927.

After their marriage they lived on the home place, one mile east and six north, where Julius was born. They retired and moved to Manning in 1969.

Four children were born to this union: Myra, Gary, Gloria and Delora. Myra (Mrs. Robert Mohr) lives in Oakland, Iowa. They have six children: Randall (married to April Rollins), Ricky (married to Judy Winkelman), Monica, Mark, Robin and Mary. Gary, Manning, is married to Joyce Obman. They have two children, Denise and Gayland. Gloria (Mrs. Ed Higgins) lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Their children are: Scott, Shari, Stacy and Shonda. Delora lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

They are members of Zion Lutheran Church. They belong to Lutheran Laymans League and Naemi is a member of the Dorcas Society. Naemi is a charter member of the Homemaker's Club and is a member of the Homemaker's Past President Club.


J.A. Bruck completed his model dairy barn at the pavilion farm in the fall of 1925, and his fine herd of Holsteins were ushered into their elegant new quarters for the first time. The barn is 36x60 feet and includes a unique feed grinder for small grains.


Mr. and Mrs. Herman L. Schroeder

August 3, 1886, Herman Ludwig Schroeder was born to Peter and Bertha Schroeder in Washington Twp., Carroll Co. He was the eldest son and spent his early days helping his parents on the farm.

February 28, 1912, he was married to Amelia Rowedder. After their marriage, they located on a farm north of Manning, and lived there until his death at the age of 42.

They were the parents of six children: Lewis, Merlin, Kenneth, Norman, and two (Arlo and Alice), who died in infancy.

After Herman's death, Amelia lived in the Manning area for a number of years, then moved to Wolsey, South Dakota, and took Kenneth and Norman with her. Lewis and Merlin remained in the Manning area, worked on various farms and lived with relatives. Today, Merlin and Lewis still live in Manning and both are married. Lewis and Alma have retired. Their son Lowell, his wife Betty, and their children, Julie, Janet, and Jennifer, live on the farm. Their daughter Judith, her husband James, and their children Debra, LineLe, and Ted live in Holstein.

Merlin and Florence have a feed store in Manning. Their son Ronald, his wife Faith, and their children, Elizabeth and John Brian, live in Des Moines. Their son Keith lives in Manning and works in Templeton.

Kenneth and Norman have remained in South Dakota and both are married. Kenneth and Phyllis live on a farm. They have two children, Monica and Gary, and a son-in-law Terry.

Norman works for the Postal Dept., and he and Lurane have two daughters, Rhonda and Valerie, sons-in-law Craig and Rex, and grandchildren Chad and Megan.

Amelia passed away December 8, 1963.

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Mr. and Mrs. August Schroeder, Lydia Wegner, Herbert Schroeder, Edna Schroeder, Elsie Rix, Lillie Joens, Amanda Kuhn, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schroeder, Emil Schroeder, Lena Joens, Herman Schroeder, Laura Joens


One of the pioneers in the Manning area was Peter Dethlef Schroeder. He was born April 5, 1852, in Hohenfelde, Holstein, Germany. Mr. Schroeder spent his childhood days in his native country. At the age of 14 years, he came with his parents to America and landed in New York on July 4, 1866. Their destination was Clinton County where his parents settled on a small farm. In 1877 when he came to Carroll County he purchased 80 acres of land five and one-half miles north of Manning, where he broke the prairie. His next purchase was another 80 acres, which adjoined the first 80, from Henry Hoffman Sr. This is now the home of the Vernon Irlmeiers. In 1878, he was united in marriage with Lena Ronnfeldt at Lyons. They came to Carroll County, and settled on the groom's farm. Their marriage was blessed with one son, who passed away at the age of three years. His wife passed away in 1883. In 1885, he married Bertha Ronnfeldt at Carroll. Bertha Ronnfeldt Schroeder, was born September 10, 1865 in Clinton County. She spent her childhood, and received her education, in eastern Iowa. In 1907, Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder purchased another 80 acres of land across the road from their place. This place is now the home of the Ron Odendahl family. The Schroeders became the parents of eight children: Herman, Lillie (Mrs. Albert Joens), Amanda (Mrs. John Frahm), Laura (Mrs. Walter Joens), Lena (Mrs. John A. Joens), Elmer, Elsie (Mrs. Alfred Rix), and Edna. Five children are deceased and the three living children are residing in Manning; they are Lena Joens, Elsie Rix, and Edna Schroeder. There are 13 grandchildren: Lewis Schroeder, Merlin Schroeder, Kenneth Schroeder, Norman Schroeder, Gilmore Joens, Harold Joens, Clifford Joens, Lois (Joens) Hargens, Robert Joens, Delores (Rix) Kuhn, Donald Rix, Allen Rix, and Larry Rix. Peter Schroeder passed away, June 27, 1945, and Bertha Schroeder passed away April 4, 1954.

Cliff's Place - Vicky (Atkins) & Cliff Waterbury

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Wayne Schroeder Family
Back: Linda, Gary, Debra, Dan, Susan and Larry; front: Wayne, Quinten, Andy, Monica, Lila and Kristie

Wayne, son of Herbert and Leona Grimm Schroeder, was born May 31, 1928 and Lila Lee Mohr, daughter of Henry and Lillian Dethlefs Mohr, was born Sept. 12, 1929. They lived in the Manning area all their lives and graduated from Manning High School. They were united in marriage December 28, 1948 in the Presbyterian Manse in Manning.

Wayne has had his own General Trucking business for the rural community for 30 years as the business has grown, so did his family.

Linda Lee was born October 14, 1950. Susan Rae was born October 27, 1952 and Debra Ann December 18, 1953.

The family home was purchased in 1957 at 513 Ann Street, where Wayne and Lila still live. Girl Scouting was a true enjoyment for this family along with camping, banquets, community involvement and trips. Debra and Susan went to "Our Cabana" Cuernavoca Morelos, Mexico in 1970 and Lila in 1977.

Susan married Larry Stangl, son of Vernon and Rita Stangl, September 2, 1972, at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manning. They are parents of three children, Monica Sue, born July 20, 1973, Andrew Wayne born May 12, 1975, and Kristie Marie born June 13, 1977. The Stangls live 6 miles north of Manning.

Linda was married to Gary Anderson, son of Lindy and Marilyn Anderson, on August 11, 1973, at the First Presbyterian Church in Manning. They were blessed with a son, Quinten Nels, born July 12, 1978. The Andersons live in Ottumwa.

Debra married Daniel Weis, son of John and Shirly Weis, on August 28, 1976, in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manning. They live in Mankato, Minn.


Elroy and Darlene Schrum Family

Elroy, son of John and Emma (Heesch) Schrum of Manning and Darlene, daughter of Harry and Hattie (Kolls) Boeck of Denison, have seven children: Sharon Kelderman and husband Keith and sons Brian and Eric; Stanley and wife Louise and daughter Tina of Brunswick, Ohio; Steve and wife Marilyn and children Jonathan, Jennifer, Jamie Sue, and Jill, of Nevada, Iowa; Sue Rauch and husband David and children David Michael, Danny and Jacqueline of Manning; Sandra Moeller and her husband Dale and daughters Teri and Robin of Columbia, South Dakota; Sidney of Denison and Sheila of Des Moines.

Elroy's brothers are Carl of Manning and Delmas of Atlantic. He has one sister, Helen Tiefenthaler of Halbur. Darlene has one sister, Maxine Rowe of Whittier, California, and had one brother, Harvey, deceased.

Elroy worked for Dultmeiers Mfg., North American Aircraft at Inglewood, California, and later managed the D-X oil station at Manning. From there he went to work for the U.S. Postal Dept. at Manning, and retired December 2, 1979.

Darlene taught school for four years, sold World Book Encyclopedias for 19 years, and is now employed at the Manning General Hospital.


Bill Leet was born and raised in Audubon, but was known as the Manning-Omaha playboy. He built up the farm place now occupied by the Ben Sextros near Willow Creek Park, on land that his grandfather owned and gave to him.

Bill probably owned more sports cars than any other young man in Iowa; Pierce-Arrow, Stutz Bearcat, Stutz touring, Gardiner, Spanish Racer. Among his various automobile escapades was a drive to Templeton in one of his high-powered cars, creep up to a brick cross-walk, shift to low, floor the gas pedal, let out the clutch, and tear out all the brick cross-walks in town.

Many legends abound about this man. One concerns his habit of going into the corner saloon,

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buying a cigar, lighting it with a ten-dollar bill; he'd them throw the bill into a spittoon and step back to watch the bar flies dive for it.

Another is about the time the Manning merchants set up a Christmas tree in the Main and 4th Street intersection. It was mounted in a flour barrel filled with sand and water and allowed to freeze. Billy bought a new car on Christmas Day. That evening he picked up his local buddy, Pete Kuhl, and as he drove down the street Pete dared him to hit the barrel. He did, walked away, never looking back at the wrecked tree or car. Compensation provided for another tree.

Billy used the old O.C.O. (Omaha Cut-Off) from Manning to Omaha. He drove through Irwin at breakneck speed, raising a cloud of dust on the dirt road. The town marshal phoned to Kirkman to set up a road block to stop and fine Bill Leet, who was on his way. Leet was stopped and fined $10. He gave the marshal $20 and told him to keep the change, because he would be coming back through that way in the evening at the same speed.

Bill was also one of the organizers of the "Coxies Army" (WW I vets) who marched down the Washington, D.C. mall asking Congress for a soldiers' bonus.


John Schrum Family
Back: Elroy, Helen, Carl; front: John, Delmas, Emma

John Christian and Emma Schrum were born in the Manning vicinity.

John's parents were Fredrick and Katherine Schumann Schrum. Emma's parents were Henry D. and Christena Sievers Heesch.

John's brothers and sisters were: Hannah Paysen, Nick, William F., and Elizabeth McLaughlin. Emma's brothers and sisters were: Anna Prerk, John, Marie Schaap, Herman, William, Emil and Irene Donaldson.

John and Emma were married October 22, 1913. They farmed until 1921 when he started a dairy west of town. He operated it until his retirement. They have four children: Carl V. of Manning, Elroy J. of Manning, Helen L. Tiefenthaler of Halbur, and Delmas R. of Atlantic.


Mr. and Mrs. Nick Schrum

Nicholas Carsten Schrum was the oldest son of Fred and Catherine Schumann Schrum. He served his country in World War 1 and about that time married May Longstreth (note: her given name was Martha May Schrum), who came to Manning to work for Dr. and Mrs. O.W. Wyatt. After the war, he bought a farm north of Manning and built a new home there following a fire which destroyed the original dwelling. May was known all over Iowa for her beautiful soprano voice, and especially around Manning.

In 1929 when the stock market crashed and the banks closed, Nick lost his farm and then moved to Murdock and Lincoln, Nebr. for a short time. He returned to Manning in about 1931 and moved on an acreage south of Manning, which now is a new housing development.

In about 1943 Nick and May moved to what was called "The Rocksien Place", a small farm north of Manning just over the viaduct where he ran a small dairy farm. Most residents today remember seeing Nick and perhaps his two sons, delivering milk with a wagon and horses. Later he hauled his milk to the Manning Creamery via tractor.

On August 6, 1956, a tornado ripped through Manning, which killed Nick and all his cows in his dairy barn. It left quite a path of destruction in Manning, but he was the only one to lose his life. May died in 1973 at the home of her daughter, Lois, in Norfolk, Nebr. Lois was married to Tom Knudsen, who owned an International Harvester Store in Manning during the forties and early fifties.

Besides Lois in Norfolk, Nebr. other children are Lilah (Sacramento, Calif.), Leona (Des Moines), James (Fairfield), Richard (Fairfield), Sally (Hill City, Kansas). Verna Louise passed away in 1974 at Denver, Colo.

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Charles F. Schumann (1885-1959) was born in Crawford County. In August of 1910 he married Mary Passick (1888-1966) who was born in Clinton County. To this union were born Evelyn, Mike, Lillian, Eugene, Berniece, Howard, and Charles Jr.

Evelyn, born in 1911, married Hugo Vollstedt in 1929. They are the parents of Dean, Roger, Carol and Barbara. Dean married Phyllis Eberle in 1960. They are parents of Pamela, David, Jay and Rhonda. Roger married Rosemary Spieker in 1958 and they are the parents of Kevin, Bradley, Danial, Steven, Douglas, and Patrick. Carol married Robert Hagedron in 1959; they are the parents of Jeffrey, Jon, Julie and Jackie. Barbara married Larry Horky in 1968. They are the parents of Todd, Eric, and Heidi of Sioux City. Lillian (1912-1936) married Hugo Sander in 1930 and they are parents of Donald, Marilyn and Roland. Donald married Colleen North; their children are David, Mark, and Leanne. Marilyn married Wes Pittman. Rolan married Pat Bradshaw and they are the parents of Rhonna and Deanna.

Mike (1913-1934) was a farm-hand; he died of cancer at the age of 21.

Eugene, born in 1914, married Margo Wilken in 1939; they are the parents of Linda and Gary. Linda married Gerald Hammann; they are the parents of Brian, Scott, and Kelli. Gary and his wife Kay are parents of Kristin.

Berniece, born in 1921, married Wm. D. Adams in 1940; they are the parents of Kenneth, Dennis, Samuel, and Wm. Jr. Kenneth married Sharlie Killeen in 1973 and their children are Joe, Dan, Dena, Fred, George and Donnie. Dennis married Karen Siebrendt in 1971; they are parents of Aaron and Heather. Samuel married Pam Hast in 1977 and they have a daughter Angela. Wm. Jr. is at home.

Howard, born in 1927, married LaVonne Daniels in 1948. They are the parents of Debbie and Allan. Debbie married Delmar Harris in 1973. Charles Jr. married Betty Peregrin and they are :he parents of Dale and Robyn.

I i is interesting to note that Charles F.'s brother August Schumann was one of the first to own an automobile in this area.


Mr. and Mrs. John Schumann and family

John Schumann of Hayes Township was born in Scott County May 12, 1869. He devoted his life to farming. A son of Nicholas (died in 1893) and Johanna Peckensneider, he was of German descent. His father came to America in 1858 and took up his residence in Scott County.

Later the family moved to their farm six and one-half miles south of Westside. The family improved the farm a great deal and John passed away i here i n 1893.

John's mother remained on the farm with their twelve children: Catherine, Charles, Fred, John, Elizabeth, Caroline, Adelia, Rosa, Amelia, Henry, August, and Clara. As a member of a large family, John learned early in life the great lesson of self-denial, the necessity of labor to accomplish any worthy object.

He received his education in the country schools and as he grew to maturity, gained a thorough knowledge of agriculture and stock raising. February 28, 1890, he was married to Emilie Ewoldt and rented another farm from his mother west of Westside. Six children came to bless this union: Elsie, Laura, Louis, Elizabeth, Leroy, and Edwin.

In 1909 they moved to a 210 acre farm which they bought from Adam Schneckloth; later they bought 160 acres from A.D. Weise. Leroy lived on the home place until retiring to Manning in 1969.

Mr. and Mrs. Schuman were faithful members of the Evangelical Reformed Church (formerly Lutheran) at Westside. Mr. Schuman passed away on March 19, 1950, and Mrs. Schuman on December 24, 1955.

DJ's Drive In - Donna McLaughlin, owner

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Around 1860, Anna McCann, from Dundalk, Ireland, came to Amboy, Illinois to live with her sister and husband to help them raise their ten children. After a few years, she left Amboy and moved to Dixon, Illinois, where she met and married Edward Signall, an Englishman, who had worked on riverboats on the Mississippi River. Edward and Anna had a son, George, before leaving Illinois and travelling west to a site just outside Manning in Carroll County. There, they homesteaded a piece of land legally described as "a wooden house on one acre still used by some Indians".

Soon, the Signalls added more land to their property and more children to their family. Edward, Jr., John, James, Fred, Charles, Phillip, Julia and Nellie Signall were born near Manning. Julia Signall died in infancy in 1888 and was buried on Signall property on the east edge of town. Later, this site became the Catholic Cemetery. The site where the original Sacred Heart Church stood was also donated to the parish by the Signalls.

In 1900 Edward Signall died and Anna moved to town while most of her sons took up farming in the surrounding area and two Signall brothers ran the town butcher shop. In the 1930's, Nellie, now Mrs. M.H. Lynch, returned to Manning from Atlantic with her husband to manage the original farmstead until her death in 1964.


Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Sinn, May 18, 1904

In May, 1902, Dr. J.J. Sinn hung his new diploma from Northwestern University's Dental School in his office over Reinholdt's Hardware Store where it remained for 54 years.

May 18, 1904 he married Louise Widmann, Waterloo, a milliner representative of LedererStraus Co., St. Louis, Mo. and brought his bride to "the little house" at 517 Ann St., their address until 1962. Needs of their growing family necessitated the construction of the present home at the same address in 1912.

Both Dr. and Mrs. Sinn believed firmly that "Today's children are Manning's tomorrow" and participated actively in many projects to improve the community and its educational opportunities. Dr. Sinn served as school board member for 15 years and as president during the construction of the first separate High School. He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, the Better Roads committee "to get Iowa out of the mud" and good farm-to-market highways to Manning, a member of the "Kinder Tag" committee, a 55 year member of the Masonic Order which he served as Grand Master, and was a director of the Manning Bank and Trust Co.

Mrs. Sinn was a member of several study clubs, the Garden Club, the Lutheran Choir, Sunday School teacher, the Chatauqua committee, Red Cross, and library committee.

There were seven children, two of whom died in early childhood. Survivors are: Elizabeth MacLaughlin, Davenport; Karl Sinn, Ardmore, Okla.; Lucille Erwin, Midwest City, Okla.; Arlene Norman, Eau Claire, Wis.; Amos Sinn, Schleswig.

Dr. Sinn, born in 1875, died in 1955. Mrs. Sinn was born in 1885 and died in 1963.

DeBoth Florist - Gerhardt & Billie (DeBoth) Voge

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Arthur Frances Smith was born in 1891. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1920, and practiced medicine at Milford from 1920 to 1928.

He was married to Isabel Beatrice Emundson December 30, 1925. Isabel was born December 26, 1903, near Milford. After graduation from Okoboji High School, she attended Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls.

The couple moved to Manning in 1928; they first lived on April Street. Several years later they bought the Dr. R.R. Williams home on Third Street, and Dr. Smith located his medical office in the basement of the home. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Smith served as the Carroll County Coroner for many years.

Dr. and Mrs. Smith are the parents of two children. F. Arden Smith, born in 1926, now works at Omaha as the channel three television art director. Zita, born in 1930, was married to Patrick Sullivan in 1951. They have a daughter, Kerry, who is now a nurse in Great Falls, Montana. The Sullivans live in Spirit Lake.

Dr. Smith died in 1967, and Isabel died January 20, 1980.


Alfred and Margaret Spies and family, Kenneth, Russell, Stanley, Donna Zerwas

Frederick Spies was born 1873 at Langweise Hlhelye, Germany. When he was 19, he came to America and found work in Wheatland Township, near Arcadia. Olga Stark was born at Stakendorf, Germany in 1883 and at the age of 14, she came :o America to the home of her uncle and aunt Franz Prueter also in Arcadia. She worked for them until 1901 when she and Mr. Spies were married. They lived at Gray and Lake City and then moved to their farm three miles northeast of Manning in 1913, where Fritz lived until his death in 1937. Olga passed away in 1958. Their children were Elfrieda, born in 1902, who resides in Manning; Ella (Mrs. George Hansen), 19041955, who lived at Walnut; Alfred, 1910-1979, and Adolph, who died in infancy.

Alfred married Margaret Summerville November 19, 1931, and they lived on the Spies farm until Alfred's death in 1979. Alfred had lived there for 69 years. They are members of the Zion Lutheran Church. Their four children, Russell, Donna, Stanley, and Kenneth, all graduated from the Manning schools.

Russell, born in 1934, married Mildred Vennink in 1955 and they farm near Gray. They have five children; Nancy, a deitition at Mercy Hospital, Aurora, III., Lorri, nurse at Mercy Hospital at Des Moines, Randy, Rick and Rodney at home.

Donna, born in 1935, married Dick Zerwas in 1955 and lives at Orchard Lake, Mich. Dick is with Albin Industries. Their five children are: Mark with the Marines in Japan; Steve, manager of a sporting goods store in Michigan; Keith in college and Mary Margaret and Katherine at home.

Stanley, born in 1940, married Joleen Anthony in 1960 and farms near Manilla. Their three children are Brent, a mechanic, Brenda and Bricy.

Kenneth, born in 1945, married Geraldine Dammann in 1964 and is manager at Manning Gas Co. and is also part owner of Spies Fur Co. Their children are Tammy, Paula and Kendall.

After Alfred Spies' death, Margaret moved to her home in Manning.



Clint and Chad Stammer, 1980

Calvin and Nancy (Stoberl) Stammer were married September 20, 1975. They lived in Aspinwall one and one-half years, then moved to the farm at section 3, Iowa Township, Crawford County. They have two sons, Clinton Forrest, born June 26, 1977, and Chad Franklin, born January 16, 1979.

Calvin, son of Clarence and Iola Mae (Taylor) Stammer, was born December 2, 1946. He was raised on the farm where he now lives, and graduated from Manning High School in 1964. After farming with his father and working part time for neighbors, he entered the U.S. Army in 1967. He served in the infantry in Vietnam and returned home in 1969. He began farming in partnership with his father that year, and now

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operates 340 acres. He has a diversified operation which includes corn, soybeans, Shorthorn cattle, hogs, and sheep.

Nancy, born June 19, 1951, is a daughter of Reuben and Edith (Lawson) Stoberl. She was raised on a farm two and one-half miles southwest of Manning, and graduated from Manning High School in 1969. She worked at the Manning Monitor while a high school student, and then enrolled in the journalism department of the University of Iowa, where she received her B.A. in December 1972. She spent one and one-half years as a reporter of the Sarasota, Florida, Journal and returned to Manning in 1974 to again work for the Monitor. In addition to her parttime job at the newspaper, she worked as a member of the committee publishing the history book for Manning's Centennial.,


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steen Family

Henry Steen was born Aug. 4, 1865 in Gnissau Kreis Segeberg, Germany. From there he moved to Gravenhorst Holstein, Germany. He came to America with his parents, Jochim and Wilhelmina Steen, and brother Fred. They settled in Lost Nation, Clinton County in May, 1882.

On January 27, 1890, he married Rosa Ehlers who was born December 3, 1871, in Lost Nation. The couple moved to a farm near Manning and farmed in the local vicinity for 30 years.

In 1920 they retired and spent several years traveling. They moved to a home in Manning in 1926 where they lived until his death in 1938. Rosa continued living in their home until 1943 when she went to live with her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stoelk. She passed away in 1960.

They were the parents of five children: Ida, who died in infancy, Emil, Grover, Amanda, and Edward.

Emil was born in 1893, married Malinda Nulle and farmed near Manning. They retired and lived in Manning until their deaths, both in 1976.

Grover was born in 1894, married Ella Gruhn and farmed in the Botna area. They retired and lived in Manning where Ella still resides. Grover passed away in 1973. To this union were born two daughters, Betty and Velma. Betty married Merlin Welch and they had three children: Gwendolyn, who married John Gerber (children Courtney and Jason); Patricia, who married Frank McNeely (children Michael, Jess, and Kristopher); and Michelle, who married David Bolen. Velma married Robert Kruse and they had three children: Lynn, who married Nancy Owen; Shary, who married Allan Arkfeld (children Aaron, Andy, and Laura); and Luanne, who married Arlan Sandvik.

Amanda Steen was born in 1896, married Frank Stoelk and farmed in the Manning area. They retired and moved to Manning where Amanda still lives. Frank passed away in 1976.

Edward Steen was born in 1903 and married Amanda Lorenzen. They farmed in the Botna area and moved to Manning where they now reside. They had one daughter, Madonna, who married Bill Roberts. They had three children: Lynn, who married Craig Carter; Karen, and Janet.



Glenn and Rachel Steinke, Jim and Mary

Glenn Steinke was born November 21, 1920, in Hitchcock County, Nebraska, the son of Frederick William and Pauline Hedke Steinke. In 1946 he married Rachael Fahrenbruch, daughter of Carl J. and Julia Hoch Fahrenbruch. Glenn and Rachael had two children, Jim Howard and Mary Ann.

In 1957 Glenn moved to Manning and joined

Puck Implement Company as a partsman. He presently serves as parts manager.

Their children, Jim and Mary, graduated from

Manning High School. Jim has joined the United States Air Force and is making a career of the service. Mary is making her home in El Dorado, Kansas.