In early April 1974, we disked our hill and seeded oats. We were planning on terracing the hill that summer.

We disked the field and seeded the oats one-day and the next day we got a rainstorm.

3 inches of rain in 15 minutes!

The lane on the right was buried and the ditch to the left of the lane was completely filled in.

That summer we put in the terraces.

We hired this young man to over-see the project.

Our drought year began in 1975 but we had an interesting winter and spring before the drought took hold.

January 10 and the following 2 days we had one of the worst blizzards on record. 100 mile an hour gusts with 13 inches of snow. Sustained winds of 80 mph.

Herds of cattle were buried alive around the Midwest.


The drought hit late spring and we got very dry. I don't have yield figures but the crop was a little more than half we usually get.

In 1976 the drought continued. We planted around 100 acres of grain Sorghum that year. It was the first time we grew sorghum. We had been using the 444 row crop head on soybeans for several years and it worked great for sorghum.

The fall of 1976 and 1977 we used the row crop head to harvest the corn.


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