Family information of Abraham Julius Kusel
Documented by Robert J Goodman and Cyril Van Oosten Kusel.
Robert J Goodman is the 3rd Great-grandson of Abraham Julius Kusel

Abraham Julius Kusel was born in Germany in 1792.
We think his last name was Lazarus before emigrating to the US.
He was born in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg, Boizenburg, County (Kriese) of Kusel

Abraham Julius Kusel had several brothers who also emigrated to the US in the early 1800's from Germany. The brothers settled, supposedly, in several Wisconsin towns, in the NYC area and there were/are some in the Boulder, Colorado area.

Abraham Julius Kusel1792 - 1874 Germany
Child of Abraham
Julius Abraham Kusel1/2/1833 - 1897 St Louis, MO
Children of Julius
Isadore J. Kusel 4/19/1865 - 1934 Illinois
Samuel J. Kusel 8/3/1866 - 1879 Illinois
Frances Kusel1869 - 1909 Illinois
Harry J. Kusel 12/26/1869 - 1949 Illinois
Pheney J. Kusel 11/8/1870 - 1871 Illinois
Abraham Julius Kusel1881 - 1948 Ottawa, IL
Rose Kusel 1885 - 1948 Chicago, IL

As noted in the introduction, there were several other Kusel brothers of Abraham and below is one of the known cousins.
Herman Kusel is a nephew of Abraham Julius Kusel (1st cousin to Julius Abraham Kusel)

Robert is very interested in finding more of the long lost cousins so any information would be appreciated.

Please feel free to Robert Goodman.

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