Family information of Christoph Kusel
Documented by Mary Yamada
Mary is the great great great grandaughter of Christoph Kusel

Christoph Kusel is the father of Jochim Kusel. Christoph was a Bauer (farmer)

Jochim Karl Kusel was born in Milo, Germany on July 4, 1819

Jochim was a Schneidermeister (master tailor)
His godparents were Joh. Kusel who was a Kathner (farm laborer), Aug. Witte who was a Schneidersohn (tailor's son), and Wilhelmine Muller who was a Maurertochter (mason's daughter).

Jochim's wife was Anna Maria Agnese Muller -- born in Milow, Germany on Dec 26, 1817 Anna's father, Christian Muller, was a vollhufner (landholder) in Milow

Jochim & Anna had a child -- August Johann Kusel born in Milow, Germany and married
Margarethe Maria Brockman who was born on August 21, 1850 in Zahrensen, Germany.
From an old newspaper clipping:
August John Kusel was born Aug. 15, 1851, at Milow, near Wenvisch, Warnow Brandenburg, Germany. The early years of his life were spent in the fatherland where he obtained his education. In the year 1870 he accompanied his parents and his sister, Marie, to America. They first settled at Kingston, Ill., where they made their home for five years before moving to Arcadia, Iowa, near which place they engaged in farming. On March 7, 1878, Mr. Kusel was united in marriage to Miss Margaret Brockman.

Christoph Kusel


Milow, Germany

Child of Christoph



Jochim Karl Kusel

7/41819 - 11/7/1891

born - Milow, Germany
died in Arcadia, Iowa

Child of Jochim



August Johann Kusel

8/15/1851 - 1/3/1933

died in Denison, Iowa

Children of August



Julius Kusel

2/10/1880 - 1909

born Washington, Iowa
died in California

Emma Dorothy Kusel

1/28/1881 - 7/7/1975

born Washington, Iowa
died in Manilla, Iowa

Augustus Kusel

3/3/1885 - 1955

born Arcadia, Iowa
died in Chicago, Illinois

Ida Dora Margarethe Kusel

10/23/1888 - 10/30/1972

born Arcadia, Iowa
died in Chicago, Illinois

Edward Kusel

9/9/1892 - 1/22/1963

born Arcadia, Iowa
died in Denver, Colorado

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