While researching for her ancestors, Shirley Hermstad found information on
Johann August Friedrich Kusel-who we think is the same Kusel listed in the Famous Kusel section of August F. Kusel.

Below is what Shirley found.
If you have any information on Daniel Kusel and his offspring please E-Mail Dave Kusel.

NameDates & Town Spouse
Daniel Kusel8/30/1811 in Mechlinburg, Germany Settled around Watertown, Wisconsin Doris Klappenbach married: 4/14/1837
children of Daniel baptized dates
Christian Heinrich Kusel 3/4/1838 in Dömitz
Johann Christoph Kusel 11/8/1839 in Dömitz
Sophia Dorothee Kusel 3/21/1841 in Dömitz
Johann August Friedrich Kusel 4/24/1843 in Dömitz
Catharine Louise Kusel 1/22/1847 in Dömitz
Great grandson of
Daniel Kusel
born in the US
Dan L. Kusel
cousins of Dan L. Kusel
William Kusel age 85 in 1998
Martha Jane Kusel

Read more about the Watertown, Wisconsin Kusels.
Kusel Equipment company
Max Kusel residence Residence of, 1902
Residence of, built in 1926, 1211 Western Ave, husband of Amanda Schempf Kusel
Kussel Island

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