Emmigration to New Orleans, Louisiana was from 1820 to 1902
Emmigration to Castle Gardens was from 1855 to 1892
Emmigration to Ellis Island was from 1893 to 1954

Below are the Kusels listed in the Germans to America Series from the National Archives Trust that I researched in Bremstedt, Germany and Omaha, Nebraska.

NameAge OccupationShip start & endarrival

Jacob 24laborer Currituck BlackhawkAntwerp/Liverpool/NY 5/1/1851
Seth Foster was master of the ship Currituck.
Blackhawk is an incorrect addition to her name added after a rescue at sea of passengers from a sinking ship named Blackhawk. The Currituck was new at the time of this crossing being launched that year in Portsmouth Va. She was 600 tons and a three masted ship slightly smaller than a "clipper."

Christian50farmer HerschelHamburg/NY 4/26/1852
Christine48--- ---------

Jürgen 28taylor ElbeHamburg/NY12/22/1855

Peter27farmer ConfederationHavre/NY 6/7/1856

Johann43mason Golden EagleAntwerp/NY 8/11/1854
Apollonia45--- ---------
Valentin16--- ---------
Margaretha14--- ---------
Heinrich11--- ---------
Johann8--- ---------
Apollonia3--- ---------

Isaak23farmer GermaniaHamburg/Southhampton/NY 6/12/1865

Heinr26jnr CimbriaHamburg/NY12/24/1867

Johann23sugb HavreLondon/NY4/12/1868

Johann27shmk Marco PoloBremen/NY 12/16/1867

Jochim50taylor AllemeniaHamburg/Havre/NY 5/20/1870
Marie52--- ---------
Aug18--- ---------
Marie7--- ---------

Johann30laborer MinnesotaLiverpool/Queenstown/NY 7/12/1871

Rudolph18mcht ThuringiaHamburg/NY 1/30/1872

Johann25--- AllemaniaHamburg/NY 5/4/1872

Louise23--- SamuriaLiverpool/Boston 12/13/1872

Martin36--- BalticLiverpool/NY 4/12/1875
August26--- ---------
Louise0--- ---------

Heinrie15--- OderBremen/NU5/28/1876

Franz28--- SueviaHamburg/NY9/21/1876

Wilhelm18--- CimbriaHamburg/NY7/10/1879

Fene35--- PennsylvaniaLiverpool/Philadelphia 2/9/1881

Woicz23--- OhiaBremen/NY6/7/1881

Carl27--- KoelnBremen/New Orleans 11/23/1881

E.28--- PolluxAmsterdam/NY2/17/1882

Hermann27--- SelesiaHamburg/NY6/3/1882
Dorothea25--- ---------
Alwin11--- ---------
Hermann1--- ---------

Wilhelm31--- IndiaHamburg/NY4/8/1884
Dorothea25--- ---------
Friedrich7--- ---------
Ernst3--- ---------
Otto11 mo--- ---------
Louise1 mo--- ---------

Aug.26--- RhaettaHamburg/NY6/11/1884

Gusto20--- EMSBremen/NY3/21/1885

August21--- CaliforniaHamburg/NY 6/31/1885

Sophie37--- WaeslandAntwerp/NY 6/9/1886

Friederich62--- AmericaBremen/NY10/28/1886
Marie54--- ---------
Ernestine23--- ---------
August16--- ---------

Otto18--- HammoniaHamburg/NY 6/1/1887

Wilhelmine20--- ElbeBremen/Southhampton/NY 6/27/1888

Fritz19--- AuraniaLiverpool/NY 4/1/1889
Jisatus25--- ---------

Katha26--- PennlandAntwerp/NY 10/19/1889
Frank4--- ---------

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