Family Information of
Heinrich Fritz August Küsel

Documented by Henrique Küsel and Nancy Küsel

Henrique is the great great grandson of Heinrich

My great great grand father was born August 3, 1870. His name was Heinrich Fritz August Küsel and he married Catharina Maria Elisabeth, from the Scharnweber family.
Later they had a son, my great grand father, Fritz Heinrich August Küsel who was born on August 24, 1892 and a daughter, who we are not certain about the name but we think it's Friedel -- she died of cancer with no children.
My great grand father came to Brazil in 1914, just a few days before World War I. He was a Lt. of telecommunications of a transport ship and when the ship was going back to Germany the War started so the ship's company sent the ship back to Brazil where it stayed.

We also know that my great great grandfather had a brother called Fritz and that Fritz had two twin sons. One of these sons went to be a farmer in the US but we have no idea of any of their names.

NameTown Spouse
Heinrich Fritz August Küsel Lübeck, GermanyCatharina Scharnweber
Children of Heinrich
Fritz Heinrich August Küsel moved to Brazil in 1914
Friedel ? Küsel
brother of Heinrich
Fritz KüselLübeck, Germany
twin sons of Fritz
? Küselmoved to US to be a farmer
? Küsel

Henrique & Nancy are interested in any information you may have on their Küsel tree.

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