Family information of Lutje Kusel

Documented by Gillian (Kusel) Kendrigan of Australia.
Gillian is the great great great granddaughter of Lutje Kusel and she lives in Australia.

Lutje Kusel is believed to have been born in Hamburg, Germany - arrived in London, England in 1795 - died in 1847 in London, England.

Gillian's tree:
Lutje Kusel - Samuel Kusel - Samuel Kusel - Edward Kusel - Kenneth Kusel - Gillian (Kusel) Kendrigan

NameDates Spouse
Lutje Kusel1770 - 8/1/1847 Rachel Harriott
Child of Lutje
John Kusel6/29/1805 - 1861 Elizabeth Youlton
Children of John
Samuel Kusel1833 - 4/2/1838
Ebenezer Kusel9/7/1834 - 12/14/1834
William Kusel1836 - 4/1/1849
Joseph Kusel1839
Ebenezer Kusel1844
Child of Lutje
Alice Kusel1/6/1807
Child of Lutje
Richard Kusel11/22/1808 - 1886 Sarah
Children of Richard
Sarah Kusel
Alice Kusel
Charlotte Kusel
Jessie Kusel
Louisa Kusel
Isabelle Kusel
Laura Kusel
Children of Lutje
Frederick Kusel3/1/1812 - 8/28/1831
Ebenezer Kusel11/24/1814 - 10/17/1830
Samuel Kusel5/11/1817 - 3/4/1865 Maria Cane
Children of Samuel
Samuel Kusel7/21/1839 - 3/12/1913 Susan Bray
Marla Kusel9/5/1841 - 1851
Alfred Kusel3/3/1844 - 9/12/1930 Matilda Coombs
Catherine Kusel1846
Louisa Kusel1848
Emily Kusel12/17/1855 - 1935
Jessie Kusel1856
Ebenezer Kusel1858 Frances

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