Family information of Johann Gottlieb Kusel
Documented by Peter Kusel of Baekern, Germany.
Peter Kusel is the Great-grandson of Johann Gottlieb Kusel

I met Peter Kusel when I went to Germany in 1997 to look for my ancestor's origins.
Peter lives 1 mile from the area that my ancestors came from but unfortunately we couldn't make any family connections in our Kusel trees but we are constantly searching and will hopefully do so some day. Peter has an interesting story about his farm and East Germany in 1952.

All decendants of Johann Gottlieb Kusel & Elizabeth Grunewald are in Germany

Johann Gottlieb Kusel1778 married in Wüstrow to
Elizabeth Grunewald
Children of Johann
Johann Frederich Kusel1812 - 1/7/1891
Peter Kuseldied 1835 married Dorothea Feder
children of Peter Kusel
Arnold Kusel
Karl Kusel
Paul Kusel
Minna Kusel
Agnes Kusel
Willhelm Kusel
Emmi Kuselmarried Ludwig Klahn Read about why Emmi Kusel's children are called Kusel
children of Emmi & Ludwig
Willi Kusel
Elli Kusel
Cläre Kusel
Paul Kuselmarried Gertrud Wienicke
children of Paul & Gertrud
Siegfried Kusel
Sieglinde Kusel
Peter Kuselmarried Jutta Von Bargen
children of Peter & Jutta
Hartwig Kusel12/11/1962 - 10/14/1978
Erika Kusel1/18/1964
Siegren Kusel10/1/1964
Jürgen Kusel5/6/1970
Gerd Kusel5/6/1974
Silke Kusel10/25/1966
children of Silke
Anna Kusel
Lena Kusel

Kusel family name instead of Klähn family name

Emmi Kusel's father Peter said that if she was to inherit the Kusel family farm that Emmi & Ludwig Klähn's children would have to be named Kusel.

It is details like this that a genealogist needs to be aware of when tracing his roots or you may question if you are off track when a female's children take her family name and not the father's family name.

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