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1948 State Champs




Manning's First City School built mid 1880s

1948 State Championship -- Iowa High School Basketball -- Manning vs Davenport
Thanks to Manning!! ---- Because of the loud Pep Band (directed by Orville Harris) and one tune in particular they played --- "Hold That Tiger" --- Pep bands were banned from State Basketball games after 1948.

Dan Peters was on the team and his 'wife to be' Lois Wilhelm recalls -------
"We both remember the "Hold That Tiger" during the game. It roused the entire auditorium, and the crowd joined in with clapping and support for Manning to such an extent, according to Dan: to the point that when Davenport's cheerleaders attempted to rally support for their team, our pep band over rode them, and one cheerleader even left the floor in tears.

Thus, the ban on Pep Bands.
(Have to admit, even up to the last, I couldn't believe we were actually winning, and it was really an emotional HIGH!) IT WAS LOUD!"

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