Written by Judy (Atkins) Lee
For the Channel 2 Telethon in 1987

Down through the years,

We've been up to our ears

with nicknames, that is true,

Let's see if you can guess a few

Stop in at Cliff's for a brew,

"Spitter" will probably wait on you,

Cards are played by "Meatball" and "Gears",

"Curly" and " Tobe" may have a few beers,

"Hib" and "Booshay" could stop,

"Nook", "Lulu" and "Spud" have a pop,

Wednesday night bowlers stop in, too,

"Mouthie", "Boone" and "Herbie" are a few,

"Auger", "Stoney" and "Post" are there,

"Babbitt" and "Putsy" pull up a chair,

"Archie", "Soldier Boy" and "Baldie" drive trucks,

While "Ernie" works all day at Puck's,

"Moon" sells some shoes,

And "Skip" writes the news.

"Barber" has his chair here

and "Chub" used to sell beer,

"Frisco" handed out phones

while "Red" takes care of our loans,

"Mox" works at the grocery store

and "Cookie" takes garbage from the door,

"Bonnie's" pumping gas in a can,

"Pickle" used to be a mailman,

"Led" worked for the town,

"Fudd" and "Stinger" take papers around,

"Singy" drives for the mill,

"Mouser" and "Mad Dog" work aways up the hill,

"Beeler" and "Deek" are around after noon,

We'll probably see "Putt Putt" real soon,

There's "Floppy", "Tootie" and "Trapper", too,

"Fred", "Eber" and "Goonie" to name a few,

"Bubba" and "Tigger" have college break,

"Turk" and "Beaker", what a bunch they make!

"Vulture" will be a doctor someday,

"Heifer" likes to farm they say,

"Dutch" sold wood and coal, too,

"Bake" ran a bakery , it's true,

"Goose" milks cows on his farm,

"Cockelburr" knows how to spin a yarn.

"Doc" remembers the fall

when "Wimp" played school football,

The "Kid" was great in the ring,

"Peg" and "Big O" are going fishing.

"Number 1 Granny" works on the hill,

teases "Duff" and always will,

There're families of nicknames, too,

It almost sounds like a zoo,

A family of "Ducks" grew.

Then there's the "Ehlers" crew:

"Shotgun", "Bruno" and "Snake",

the "Tumbleweed" for heaven's sake,

"Snuffy" always helps this bunch

and sometimes they stop in Aspinwall for lunch,

"Heinie" and "Duke" might be there,

"Bid" and "Nubs" will have a chair,

I suppose "Slick" and "Tater"

will show up later……….

Then if we see "Shorty" and "Boozer",

they could be followed up by "Cooger",

There's "Boobert" and "Nature",

"Rainbow" and "Drifty", to be sure.

"Buzz" and "Barf" drive by,

"Messy" and "Skeeter" say hi!

"Bud" and "Hank" are at the store,

"Dynamite" and "Nellie" walk in the door!

"Fergie" and "Tish" drive through,

"Blackberry", "Bony", "Spanky" and "Balls" are here, too.

There're others I haven't mentioned, I'm certain,

But for rhyming, I'm hurtin',

"Killer"- "Smokey"-"Hagge" and "Hans",

"Tom Cat" - "Rastus"- "Gabby" and "Grub",

"Wrinkle Belly" and "Horse",

"Burt", "Box" and "Carrots",

It's time to bid you all adieu,

with Thanks to "Howie" for Channel 2.

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Here are the real names to this poem.

Spitter - Craig Moeller
Meatball - Ronnie Hiatt
Gears - Ernest Grimm
Curly - LeRoy Jensen
Tobe - Ernest Ehlers
Hib - Hilbert Eischied
Booshay - Francis Bosche
Nook - Teresa Wurr
Lulu - Linda Ahrendsen
Spud - Gloria Anthony
Mouthie - Mike Rohe
Boone - Dan Arp
Herbie - Paul Hiatt
Auger - Jim Struve
Stoney - Scott Jensen
Post - Dave Croghan
Babbitt - Lynn Odendahl
Putsy - Mark Hagedorn
Archie - Lonnie Rowedder
Soldier Boy - Steve Koch
Baldie - Lyle Bald
Ernie - Dale Reinke
Moon - Emmett Mullen
Skip - Ron Collings
Barber - Duane Otto
Chub - Linus Heithoff
Frisco - Frances Zerwas
Red - Lyle Arp
Mox - Merlin Irlmeier
Cookie - Lyle Rowedder
Bonnie - Donald Joens
Pickle - Amos Rutz
Led - Lester Hargens
Fudd - Harold Sporrer
Stinger - Mike Stangl
Singy - Earl Singsank
Mouse - Randy Musfeldt
Mad Dog - Jeff Jones
Beeler - Paul Kempf
Deek - Clarence Hunter
Putt Putt - Kenneth Stahl
Floppy - Bob Wurr
Tootie - Randy Willenborg
Trapper - Rick Wittrock
Fred - Randy Nissen
Eber - Mike Hill
Goonie - Neil Muhlbauer
Bubba - Scott Hill
Tigger - Terry Schultz
Turk - Steve Clausen
Beaker - Steve Meeves
Vulture - Keith Vollstedt
Heifer - Jeff Wanninger
Dutch - Harold Hoffmann
Bake - Francis Valentine
Goose - Alan Vennick
Cockleburr - Alan Lorenzen
Doc - Kenny Jensen
Wimp - Bob Genzen
Kid - Clarence Bower
Big O - Orville Kroeger
Number 1 Granny - Ann Grau
Duff - Jeff Houghton
Ducks - Millie Rohe family
Shotgun - Ray Ehlers
Bruno - Bob Ehlers
Snake - Chuck Ehlers
Tumbleweed - Al Ehlers
Snuffy - Earl Hoffmann
Heinie - Ron Schilling
Duke - Dewey Schilling
Bid - Bill Dammann
Nubs - Dave Dammann
Slick - Leonard Dammann
Tater - LeRoy Dammann
Shorty - Hugo Dammann
Boozer - Rick Dammann
Cooger - Dave Genzen
Boobert - Bob Tank
Nature - Steve Tank
Rainbow - Rick Jahn
Drifty - Jeff Jahn
Buzz - Merlin Hargens Sr
Barf - Jeff Hargens
Messy - Amos Misselhorn
Skeeter - Keith Misselhorn
Bud - Wade Mohr
Hank - Scott Mohr
Dynamite - Leland Kienast
Nellie - Genelle Kienast
Fergie - Dave Nelson
Tish - Scott Nelson
Blackberry - Roger Vollstedt
Bony - Dan Vollstedt
Spanky - Patrick Vollstedt
Balls - Kevin Vollstedt
Killer - Merlin Rohe
Smokey - Melvin Wegner
Hagge - Ralph Hagedorn
Hans - Alvin Hansen
Tom Cat - Don Mohr
Rastus - Ralph Hargens
Gabby - Jeanne Gruhn
Grub - Doug Musfeldt
Wrinkle Belly - Raymond Hiatt
Horse - Harold Nickum
Burt - Englebert Brandt
Box - Denny Rowedder
Carrots - Gary Jones
Howie - Dave Kusel

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