E-Mail From: ALICE BURLEY 1999

Thank you for answering. My great grandmother Mary Schroeder and her brother Henry left Germany April 4, 1898 for Manning, Iowa. Her father Henry stayed in Germany. Their main concern was to get Henry, Jr out of Germany before he had to join the service. Their cousins paid for their fare and my grandma and her brother worked the fare out. My g grandma was 14 and her brother was 17 when they came. I believe this took 3 to 5 years. I know these cousins were farmers as my grandma told the story of going to market because she was so good at math, she could figure what was owed them for their produce, etc. in a flash. Mary was engaged to marry someone in Manning, had her dress made and then got cold feet, boarded the train and left Manning in 1905. I'm still waiting to hear from an uncle on whether he knew who these cousins were.

My grandma came to Payette, ID where her brother Henry had come to farm.

My g grandmother was from Schleswig-Holstien, Germany. The pictures were in a porcelin covered photo album I inherited from my grandmother last year.

The picture on the right is marked "Henry Grachimes" 1902


Picture taken in Lyden Studio.

The picture on the left is marked "Lena Grachimes" 1902.

Taken in Lyden Studio.

The "G" could be a J it is written like a cursive capitol J but looks like a little g.

I would gladly send these pictures on to you. I was hoping to find a historical society in Manning when I searched the internet. My grandmother, Annette, Mary's daughter did not know who any of these people were.

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