Trinity Museum and web page

Long term plans are to create a Trinity Museum which will be on display in the basement at the new location.

Memorabilia items have already been offered for the museum but at this time no formal committee has been set up to receive these items but please send me an e-mail or letter describing the old documents, items, and pictures you would like to place in the museum.
Once the committee forms you will be contacted at that time.

If you have confirmation, wedding, and other special event pictures we are interested in compiling a scrapbook for the museum and place on a Trinity web page. If you want to keep your pictures I would like to scan those original photos on my computer and would then send the originals back to you. If you have lots of experience in scanning pictures you can send high resolution images to me by e-mail but please e-mail before doing so.

Another area of interest that we would like to add to the scrapbook/s are your memories of Trinity.
Please write them down and either send them to me by e-mail or mail them by U.S. Mail.


Many of you have already sent cash donations to the Trinity Relocation project which are greatly appreciated. Approximately $95,000 in cash has been raised. The goal was $100,000 which the relocation committee would like to reach or exceed. Future maintenance and promoting the use of this church building will require funds. If you have not sent in a donation please consider helping out so the future of Trinity will be as solid as a rock.

On a personal note: Please consider that all of these pictures on my web pages are provided to you for free. I spend a considerable amount of time and money on these web pages to keep you updated on activities in Manning and about the church and hope you will send in a donation to the TLC project.

Donation form

You can use this e-mail address Trinity
You can also mail your memories and pictures to -
David Kusel
11723 300St
Manning, Iowa