Note from Dave Kusel: There are several pictures on this web page that we are looking for help with identifications.
There are no doubt errors so if you see any and/or can help with information about some of these people PLEASE

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You may not think you have any interesting or historical pictures in your family album - but you are probably wrong - as you will see Sandra's family pix were over-flowing with Manning history - so please take some time to dig out your old pictures and give me a call or e-mail me.
In February of 2003 I received an e-mail from Sandra (Garmire) Pearson and her brother Steve.
Below is some of the information they shared with me which eventually led to Sandra bringing the pictures to me that you see on this web page when she visited Manning a few years ago. These pictures are a "who's who" of the Manning area and are a wonderful addition to Manning's history project.

Dad worked for Willis Puck prior to going to work for Deere and Co. in Sioux City. He commuted in on Monday AM and returned to Manning Friday afternoons. We left Manning when I was ten (1952) when Dad bought the Deere Dealership in Powell, Wyoming.

My brother got his first haircut a Joe Stein's barber shop. My parents were good friends of Joe and Zita Stein who lived in South Manning. I remember Dad helping Joe get the new shop on main Street ready. It was a few doors down from Groteluschen's grocery store I think.

Ray Ross was also a good friend of my dad, Sam Garmire. Ray had the Ford car dealership I believe. The Rosses and my parents went dancing at the 5 mile house etc. They all loved to dance.

Do you have pictures of "Kinderball" That was the highlight of the year. Childrens' Day parade and activities.

My grandfather Charlie Garmire is well known to men of Art Rix generation. A Mr. Ehlers I met in Manning in circa 1997 remembered a great deal about Charlie who was from Gray/Audubon.


February 17, 2003 e-mail
I read, with interest, your WWII Manning Monitor clippings sent to me via Walter Boock. My father Samuel Cameron Garmire is the subject of one of the articles. He was born in Gray, IA, his parents CF(Charlie) Garmire, born 1885 in Audubon, Co; mother Grace Cameron born 1883 in Audubon, Co. Sam graduated from Gray HS and attended Morningside College in Sioux City. He met and married my mother Leona Hagedorn in Manning. Leona was born in Manning 1/19/1914. She grew up at 111 Center Street and graduated from Manning HS in 1931. She worked at the Manning Monitor after HS. They were married in Sept of 1941 and I was born in Manning in October of 1942. Three of my siblings were also born in Manning, Suzanne, Sheral and Sam. My brother Steve was born in Powell Wyoming.

The pictures you attached to your email which Mr. Boock sent to you were of great interest to me. The first picture is of Carl Hagedorn and his sister on the front porch of the 111 Center Street home. The other picture is of Carl holding me inside our home on 2nd St.

I do have pictures of my father in uniform which I will send to you.
Sandra Garmire Pearson


February 17, 2003
Thank you for your email of 2/16/3. Either my sister Sandra or myself will send you information about the Garmire and Hagedorn ancestors. Sandra knows much more, than I. Leona was born in Manning in 1914. Carl had a restaurant/saloon in town, (as well as the farm), I believe he was well respected and a member of the city council at some time.

Samuel Cameron Garmire is the son of Charles Fredrick Garmire, born 1885. Charley Garmire was for a long time the mayor of Gray. Father was born in Gray, in 1914. He was married to mother and living in Manning when he was inducted into the army.

Father served with the army air corps on Saipan after it was captured. His group operated the very big bombers that pounded Japan. Father was, I believe, substantially in charge of the spare parts operation for the group, and worked very long hours in oppressive heat helping to keep these bombers flying.

Steve Garmire