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Thanks to Glenda Struve Baker from Alabama for preserving and sharing these photos and information.

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Dora Gruhn married George Struve.
These are Glenda Struve's grandparents and Fern (Struve) Jensen's parents.

Note: there is another George Struve from that generation but he is not connected --- he would be Roy Struve's family.


The picture below was taken in the late 1930s on the August Gruhn farm.
First farm north on west side of the Ridge Road going to Denison.
Fred and William Gruhn reunion (Fred and William are brothers).


1 Augusta Lamp (wife of Frank Lamp), 2 Aurelia Lamp, 3 Evelyn Lamp, 4 Margaret Lamp,
5 Frank Lamp, 6 George Struve, 7 Fred Gruhn, 8 William Gruhn, 9 Edward Meggers,
10 Wilma Gruhn Wolfe, 11 Christine Ranniger, 12 Louie Ranniger (husband of Christine),
13 William Ranniger (father of Louie), 14 Dorathea Struve (wife of George),
15 Helen Gruhn (married Lenus Anderson), 16 Amanda (Asmus) Gruhn, 17 William Gruhn Jr.,
18 Jeanette Gruhn Meyer, 19 Fern Struve Jensen, 20 Leona Gruhn Dammann (Ray Dammannís second wife), 21 William Meggers, 22 Elvira Gruhn Meggers, 23 Marlyn Gruhn Fielweber (wife of Charles Fielweber), 24 Carol Gruhn Joens, 25 Rosemary Hinz Heuton,
26 Grover Steen (husband of Ella Steen), 27 John Kienast (Bary Kienast grandfather),
28 Emma Braun Kienast, 29 Lavern Gruhn ?, 30 Ida Gruhn Anthony (mother of Lois Stribe),
31 Lois Stribe, 32 Gilmer Anthony (father of Lois Stribe), 33 Doraine Thompsen Wigg,
34 Edward Gruhn ?, 35 Lavern Gruhn ?
a, b, c, d, e, f are unknown and thought to be in the Lyle Gruhn family.


1 Delton Gruhn, 2 Charlie Gruhn (legal name Harry Karl Gruhn), 3 Max Gruhn,
4 Margaret Gruhn Ohde (taught country and town school) (married Ray Ohde),
5 Wayne Ranniger, 6 Bill Meggers, 7 Marian Ranniger (wife of Gilmore Joens),
8 "Pitts" Charles Gruhn, 9 Arthur Gruhn, 10 Lester Gruhn ?, 11 Henry Gruhn,
12 Duane Meggers, 13 Betty Steen, 14 Gene Gruhn, 15 Velma Steen, 16 Ella Steen,
17 August Gruhn Jr. (father of Margaret Gruhn), 18 Minnie Ranniger Gruhn (wife of August),
19 Ethel Gruhn Seib, 20 May Delle Ranniger Engelmann, 21 Raymond Thompsen,
22 Alma Thompsen ?, 23 Ray Ohde, 24 Alma Jansen Gruhn ? (wife of William Gruhn Jr.),
25 Luella Hinz Gruhn ? (wife of Max Gruhn)
a, b, are unknown.

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