Welcome to the pictorial History
of the Gruhn & Struve families.

If you can help with identifications
please e-mail Dave Kusel


A family history reaches out far beyond its family members.
The pictures on this web page were scanned from Ralph Struve's family album.
Thanks to Glenda Struve Baker from Alabama for preserving and sharing these photos.
Family members who were the pioneers of the area have now become an important part of our past and have given us our future so we should protect their legacy by recording and documenting as much as we can about them.

With this in mind consider sharing your photos and knowledge of your family history for the Manning 125th Anniversary History book which will be published in 2006.
Do NOT wait until the last minute!!
As you will soon realize ---- many of your photos will not be identified or have a date on them.
You will wish that you didn't wait until many of the people in those photos are no longer living to get them identified ---- but don't become completely discouraged as you will be amazed that there are friends, neighbors and family members who will be able to help.
If you are interested in sharing and/or helping with collecting Manning History and Manning Family History please contact David Kusel


Glen Struve