I often write about how many of the pictures and information I have in my huge Manning military database came from the collections of non-family members, neighbors, or more distant relatives.
The Ohrt collection is no exception.
The first picture below is the only military picture I have of Virgil Reid.
The next picture is the best one of three military pictures I have of Harold Ruhde. The other two came from a box of military pictures found in the VFW hall years ago, many that had lots of damage.
The third picture is of a WWI Veteran who I'm sure is somehow connected to the Ohrt family but sadly we'll probably never be able to get him identified - another of the many Manning Veterans who will disappear from history.
I still continue to seek military pictures and information for all Manning connected Veterans, but sadly no one apparently deems the Manning Veterans' history book project important anymore, as far as to the point of them coming forward.
If I reach out individually then it seems I mostly get cooperation but it really slows the progress on the book way down...So while I still continue to collect Manning Veteran history and want to publish a Veterans' book, I am not concentrating on it 100% of the time.
There is also a lot of other history that is just as important it gets collected, digitized and preserved...it too is disappearing like a lot of the military pictures and history.

As long as there are individuals like in the Ohrt family who will share what they have and allow me to scan their collections, I'll be able to preserve more of of Manning's amazing history.

Virgil "Sonny" Reid 1952

Harold Ruhde at unknown boot camp

Unknown WWI Veteran

Louis & Virgene (Ruhde) Hausman
Louis is not directly connected to Manning but his wife is a sister to Harold Ruhde who is a Manning Veteran, so I like to include close family members like Louis in the Manning Veterans' book, making it a "family Veteran history."

Robert & Louise Kuhse
I do have some Kuhse military pictures and information but these are some new ones.

Robert & Louise Kuhse

Robert Kuhse

Robert Kuhse

Wayne Kuhse June 26, 1943

Wayne Kuhse