Shirley Ohrt with her Ruby Ring

The benefits of making high resolution scans - you can crop something out of the picture and still have decent image.
Shirley is wearing a ring.
She told the story when they were young, her mother would buy a present for Shirley and list it from Marian and put it under the tree, but Shirley believed it was bought by Marian.
One year the present under the tree was in a very small box and was very light weight. Shirley began to cry and asked why her sister would give her an empty box. Anyway when Christmas came, she opened it and there was a Ruby Ring in it.
That is the ring in this photo and Shirley has the ring in the box.
I had never heard this story until mom died and Shirley came to Carroll and told me the story and showed me the ring.

Connie Petersen