I was so excited to find so many Molter pictures in the Ohrt collection. I have been aware of the Molter family in early Manning history but had very little information or pictures of this family.

Back: Ed, Alfrieda, Julius
Charles, Hulda, Emilie (Kuhl)

Julius & Amanda (Joens) Molter anniversary January 29, 1948

Eunice & Goldie Molter - daughters of Julius & Amanda

Goldie & Eunice Molter

Goldie & Eunice Molter

Not 100% sure of correct order of Charles & Emilie's boys as to who looks to be the older.
Back: Julius, Alfrieda
Front: Ed, Charles, Emilie, Hulda
Alfrieda 1883, Julius 1885, Ed 1886, Hulda 1891

Julius & Amanda (Joens) Molter with daughters Goldie & Eunice
not sure of order but may be Goldie Booth on the left and Eunice Fiscus

Charles & Emilie (Kuhl) Molter on the left

Hand written message from F.J. Nichols who had a studio in Manning & Aspinwall

George & Alfrieda (Molter) Mohr with daughter Nellie

Goldie Molter & Dan Booth wedding

George & Alfrieda (Molter) Mohr wedding

Herman Anthony who married Hulda Molter

Herman Anthony & Hulda Molter

Hulda (Molter) Anthony