My uncle's granddaughter in Colorado, is going through their old family stuff and ran across this baptism document that I had never seen before.
So I asked her to mail it to me to scan and digitally repair.
My uncle, who was in the Air Force, served both stateside and in he moved around a lot with his family. They would make family trips back to Aspinwall but years at a time would pass between the visits and at some point in time he was given this document from his mother, which I'm now so glad to be able to get it back to scan.
This is Emilie Anna Friederike Caroline (Behrens) Eickelkamp - my maternal great-grandmother.

Emilie (Behrens) Eickelkamp

Emilie Behrens baptism document

What the original document looks like.
Damage and deterioration that is very common and now is the time to scan and preserve it digitally - otherwise someday it will eventually fall to pieces.

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