As my loyal web page followers know, I like to find and feature Manning connections.
I recently was told that Stacy (Nelson) Hornacek's daughter is now a Fox Nation reporter.
I had seen her face on Fox, but never paid attention to her last name.
Even though I know that her dad is Jeff Hornacek, I probably would not have made the connection for Abby to Stacy & Jeff unless someone had told me.
When I searched for Abby on the Internet, the information that comes up is mostly that she is the daughter of Jeff Hornacek, since he played for and coached in the NBA...SO I thought I would give Manning some credit and show some of Abby's family here in small-town Iowa.

Abby Hornacek

Fifth Grade 1956

Back: Ann Blum, Mike Spack, Bruce Fischer, Gary Gruhn, Patricia Oakley, Vicki Atkins, Judy Laurinat
Middle: Wayne Ross, ??, Carolyn Pratt, Kenneth Keat, Jr., Bill Chandler, Kay Hass, Teresa (Shoemaker) Fitzsimmons teacher
Front: Kenard Carstens, Joyce Irlbeck, Vergene Reinke, Patrick Callender, Kathy Asmus, Nancy Dammann

Anselm Theodore ("A T"), son of Engelbert and Frances (Schlichter) Irlbeck, was born November 9, 1909, in Templeton, Iowa. On March 4, 1935, he was united in marriage with Wilhelmina Steffes at Sacred Heart Church in Templeton. They farmed all their lives near Manning, with the exception of five years when they lived at Auburn. A.T.'s wife died on December 3, 1969.
A.T. siblings: W.E. Irlbeck, Albert Irlbeck, Alphonse Irlbeck, Felix Irlbeck, Sylvester Irlbeck, Frances Kemper
A.T. & Minnie children: Merlyn, Ronald, Patricia Loats, Floyd, Elaine Dammann, Joyce Nelson

Minnie & A.T. Irlbeck
We believe it is Frank Handlos on the left.

Mother of Abby

Stacy Nelson MHS 1981 - a Manning Centennial graduate

Chris Nelson MHS 1982 - uncle to Abby

Aaron Nelson MHS 1988 - uncle to Abby


Third: Karen Brady, Alan Kusel, Sheryl Hill, Gary McNutt, Nancy Mohr, Roger Hansen, Colene Anthony
Second: Mrs. Letha Johnson, Sponsor; Joyce Irlbeck, Diane Eischeid, Donna Foley, Mary Reinke, Birgitta Carlsson, Betsy Musfeldt, Beverly Thompson, Mr. Loats, Sponsor
Front: Joan Graves, Betty Thompson, Donna Antone, Norma Ahrendsen, Ann Detlefsen, Dorothy Fink, Mary Musfeldt, Karla Kusel

Sophomore Homeroom A
Fifth: Duane Karsten, Vicki Atkins, Judy Laurinet, Curtis Jansen, Norma Ahrendsen, Dick Hill, Wayne Pfannkuch
Fourth: Kerry Martens, Jim Hansen, Bill Chandler, Larry Fischer, Fred Gruhn, Pat Knueven, Ralph Dobler
Third: Diane Eischeid, Donna Foley, Pat Callender, Joy Hansen, Ann Detlefsen, Larry Ehlers, Donna Antone, Mr. Kenneth Loats, Sponsor
Second: Eugene Mahnke, Larry Fischer, Lyle Bald, Merlin Frahm, Don Mathisen, Charles Nepple, Kenard Carstens, Gary Gruhn
Front: Joyce Irlbeck, Ann Blum, Marcia Fredricksen, Diane Dammann, Bruce Fischer, Rosemary Ehrichs, Kathy Asmus, Nancy Dammann

Great-uncles & Aunts of Abby

Elaine Irlbeck MHS 1960

Floyd Irlbeck MHS 1958

Merlyn Irlbeck

Patricia Irlbeck MHS 1957

Ron Irlbeck MHS 1955

Other relatives of Abby who live/d in Manning

Brenda Irlbeck MHS 1983

Brett Irlbeck MHS 1982

Back: Gloria, Brett
Front: MaKayla, Michelle, Melissa

Brian Irlbeck MHS 1979

Back: Theresa, Brian
Front: Jamie, Bryce

Jamie Irlbeck MHS 2000

Jessica Dammann MHS 1982

Allen Dammann MHS 1987

Cindi Dammann MHS 2002

Joe Dammann MHS 1999

Good Ole Days 1971
A.T. Irlbeck riding on the binder

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