History may not be important to you but it is IMPORTANT to the world.
As we continue to lose our relatives, friends, and neighbors - at the time of their deaths that importance hits home.
Later on I'll hear the children/relatives of the deceased tell me they wished they had asked more questions - talked more with them, and had them identify the old family pictures...now those people are gone and they took with them the "library" of their lives.

Even though billions of pictures are being taken today, someday most of them will disappear, just like so many of the old historic printed pictures. Since digital pictures are a "dime a dozen" today with people constantly taking snapshots, they aren't categorizing and identifying most of them.
When the people who took them and those who knew the people in those pictures are gone - most of those digital pictures will be unidentified and end up just like their hardcopy predecessors of the past with no information and the ones that weren't deleted or lost digitally will end up being erased from the digital storage device.

Julie, daughter of Dan & Lois (Wilhelm) Peters is looking for pictures of the Wegner family - especially of Henry Wegner her great-great grandfather (father of William Wegner). Henry died February 6, 1907 and is buried in Manning. His wife was Margaretha (Hilbert) Wegner.

Please e-mail me if you can help with the Wegner family pictures.

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