Sheryl Musfeldt found this brooch at Bob Tigges' house at 514 Ann while metal detecting.
Bob's house was built in 1885 and so far she found one silver dime, 4 wheat head pennies, and this brooch.
She is hoping someone will recognize the brooch and be able to make a connection to the location so its history can be properly documented.
These are the names Sheryl found who owned this property.
Elizabeth Faust (1885)
Henry D. Radeleff (1884-1885)
Chris Grube
Winter Merritt
C.W. Primmer
Frederich Frederichsen
Robert & Sarah Dappen



Now it could easily be that a child was playing with this brooch and lost it on this property and the owner didn't even live at this location...or maybe they were visiting and lost it, so there may be NO connection to this property and the brooch. But Sheryl is hoping someone might recognize it.

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