It seems anymore that I'm getting history from just about every angle I can think of and it's getting harder to keep up with it.
A number of years ago, the Huldeen family joined in my quest to preserve Manning history and I just received a link from them to Clinton Chandler's obituary.
Then Connie Petersen (another one of my helpers) sent me a link to Dorothy Larsen's obituary...
I need to finish scanning the Valentine special collection (featured farther down below) but decided to first post Clint's & Dorothy's tributes.


Clint was born on August 27, 1948, in the rural community of Manning, Iowa. He was the fourth child of Dr. William Parron Chandler, Jr. and Mae Beatrice (Cogswell) Chandler who moved to Iowa from Maine before their last two children were born. He played football while in school and graduated from Manning High School in 1968.

Clint became a journeyman meat cutter for Safeway and in 1971 he met and married his first wife, Pat, and shortly afterward welcomed his first son, Shad. Soon after the couple moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where Clint became a guard at the Nebraska State Penitentiary. Five years later their second son, Mitchell was born in 1976. Clint worked in the prison for 21 years until his first marriage ended. He left the prison system and he and Mitch moved to Colorado to be closer to his parents and siblings who had all settled in the Denver area.

In December 1992, Clint was hired by the Aurora Public Schools to work in the Security Department and he patrolled schools within a district that covered 60 square miles. After 14 years an injury took him off the road and Clint moved to Security Dispatch and was an employee of APS for 26 years. On September 24, 1994, he met his second wife, Joan, through a personal ad in the Rocky Mountain News and after a brief courtship they were married the day after Thanksgiving on November 25th. They were married just four months short of 25 years and he carried her picture and that ad in his wallet for the rest of his life.

Clint and Joan shared the many ups and downs of a blended family, but the struggles only brought them closer together. The faith they shared was also strengthened through regular bible study and discussions, and they loved their church family, teaching Sunday School, working with and attending Adult Ministry events and their very special Care Group. They shared many interests and spent countless happy hours fishing and camping together on Lake Granby and Williams Fork Reservoir, taking their ATV up to the Kingston Peak four-wheel-drive trails, and traveling together to Alaska, the East and West coasts, Yellowstone, and the Black Hills among other places. Their last trip together was in August 2018 to the Royal Gorge to celebrate Clint's 70th birthday with dear friends. Joan appreciated Clint's love for cooking as well and his smoked meats and barbeque were the fare at many friend and family dinners as well as cozy meals for just the two of them on the deck or in the camper.

Between 2008 and 2013, Clint and Joan welcomed four grandchildren, Kara, Lillian, Presley and Andrew, into their family. They were truly the "apples of his eye" and few things brought him more joy than playing with his grandkids, giving them rides in the cart behind the tractor in the back yard or cuddling in the big recliner in the family room during movie nights. Hearing shouts of "Grampa!" and little feet running his direction for a bear hug was music to his ears.

Clint was a true "Papa Bear" and we will miss his great shoulders, positive attitude, paternal advice, gift of gab, great cooking, and his great big heart. He was a beloved husband, father, stepfather, grandfather, neighbor and friend and brought a special kind of love and joy to all of us who knew him well.

Besides his four grandchildren, Clint is survived by his wife, Joan; son's Shad (Lincoln), and Mitchell (Denver); stepchildren Phillip (Kristen), Jordan, and Kirstin McCargar; brother William P. Chandler, III (Missouri), and adopted sister Mai Kitt Shum (Daniel) (Arvada), son-in-law, Dennis Clarey, and numerous nieces, nephews and extended family.

The family suggests that any donations be made to the Clinton H. Chandler Memorial Fund, Christ Community Covenant Church, 6757 Simms Street, Arvada, CO 80004

No death date was listed: the recent pictures of Clint were posted on the cremation website October 4, 2019.


Clinton Chandler MHS 1968

1968 MHS graduates: Ron Arp, Michael Blum, Linda Case, Clinton Chandler, Dennis Dammann, John Detlefsen, Charles Ehlers, Linda Sue Ehrichs, Linda Ann Eickman, Helen Marie Espenhover, LaRay Freese, Linda Graner, Terry Hargens, Jane R. Heithoff, Deborah Kay Hinners, Thomas Irlbeck, Lynn Irlmeier, Shirley Irlmeier, Terry Irlmeier, Keith Joens, Kenneth L. King, Gary Knueven, Bonnie Jane Kruse, Gary Kuhl, David Kuhn, Jake Kuker, Connie Kusel, Douglas Long, Richard Mahnke, Bronwen Morris, Ann Marie Mueller, Allen L. Muhlbauer, Cynda Ann Musfeldt, Darrell Ohde, Jack Charles Peters, Janice Peters, Patricia Kay Pfoltner, Kelly Pratt (valedictorian), William W. Ranniger, Craig Ruhde, Peggy Saunders, David Jon Schroeder (salutatorian), Linda Lee Schroeder, Sandra Schrum, Dianna Strosahl, Rhonda Struve, David John Schultz, Eileen Schwaller, Gwen Tank, Kathryn Wegner, Judith Gail Wetzel, Paul Wurr

1968 former students: Dixie Baley, Peggy Bellows, Gwenna Bogatzke, Marla Borkowski, Kenneth Brady, Victoria Frahm, Janet Galvin, Kenneth Galvin, Patricia Goer, Dorene Golwitzer, Norene Golwitzer, David Grage, Gary Haase, Joyce Halbur, Larry Hargens, Ricky Hargens, Julie Hass, Elaine Hon, Vernon Irlmeier, Judy Jones, Ralph Kaleta, Danny Kienast, Charlotte Knapp, Karen Knudsen, Donald Kuker, Richard Loucks, Karen McCammond, Rebecca McConnell, Laura Meaike, Arlene Otto, Jeffrey Peterson, Marvel Popp, Steven Riesselman, Janna Sue Schroeder, Stanley Schwiesow, William Brick Sebern, Marsha Segebart, Barbara Sorden, Barbara Steffes, Barbara Watson, Judith Watson, Paulette Weiss, Nancy Wilson, Brad Winkleman, Patricia Wuebker

Back: 54 Mark Heinicke, 42 Terry Jensen, 58 Mark Spack, 61 John Croghan, 41 Bob Case, 46 Steve Heuton, 60 Larry Mohr, 66 John Dobler, 50 Dennis "Box" Rowedder, 47 John Hornberger, 51 David Schroeder (Harold's son), 74 Lyle Karsten, 43 Dale Moeller
Middle: 75 Stanley Schwiesow, 83 Ron Arp, 64 Gary Knueven, 49 David Schroeder, 37 Ricky Hargens, 57 Bruce "Stump" Rutz, 81 Darrell Weems, 73 Clinton Chandler, 82 Steve Musfeldt, 68 Allen Muhlbauer, 69 Jim Fink, 80 Dennis Vetter
Front: 68 Michael Blum, 84 Nicholas Dappen, 70 James Wegner, 72 Tom Jensen, 85 Douglas Kusel, 39 Dennis Ohde, 57 Chuck Moore, 71 Kelly Pratt, 45 David "Nubs" Dammann, 44 David Rauch, 65 Lloyd Nepple, 76 Mark Joens

Dr. Chandler with unknown girl - photo by Orval Fink

Dr. Chandler - photo by Orval Fink

From the 1981 Manning Centennial book
William P. Chandler, Jr., D.O., had spent seven years in Persia, Iowa, and 1 1/2 years in Jefferson before moving to Manning in 1949.
While in Persia, he had used the Manning General Hospital extensively, and was asked to become an associate of Dr. R.B. Anderson after Dr. Carl Waterbury moved to Des Moines.

He already had a fine practice, and thought this move over very carefully. He finally decided that the hospital offered him greater advantages as a physician, and that the Manning Schools would be an excellent place to educate his children. William was then four, Clinton 13 months, and Clifford, at 14, was in Missouri Military Academy.

Doc and Mae later adopted a daughter, Mai Kit, who was educated at Manning. "We will be always grateful for the love and consideration the school furnished us in her behalf," he wrote in 1979.

The Chandlers left Manning in 1976, after he conducted a general practice here for 27 years and delivered three generations of babies. He currently has an office in Denver, Colorado. Mae and Doc make their home with William, their second son, and his family; he helps care for the medical needs of his 6 1/2 year old grandson. They also live just a few doors from their oldest son and his family.

"We wish to thank the Manning people and the community for the many wonderful years of joy we experienced with them. I send greetings; good wishes, and congratulations at this time and point of history of the community," he wrote. "I take great interest and pride in all your efforts and progress. Manning is a fine place to call home."

August 1969 Dr. Chandler - photo by Orval Fink

May 1965 Dr. Chandler - photo by Orval Fink

Mai Kit Chandler MHS 1977

1955 Gail Vinke, Larry Fischer, William Chandler, Gary Gruhn, Mike Spack, Robert Fischer

Sophomore Homeroom A Fifth: Duane Karsten, Vicki Atkins, Judy Laurinet, Curtis Jansen, Norma Ahrendsen, Dick Hill, Wayne Pfannkuch
Fourth: Kerry Martens, Jim Hansen, Bill Chandler, Larry Fischer, Fred Gruhn, Pat Knueven, Ralph Dobler
Third: Diane Eischeid, Donna Foley, Pat Callender, Joy Hansen, Ann Detlefsen, Larry Ehlers, Donna Antone, Mr. Kenneth Loats, Sponsor
Second: Eugene Mahnke, Larry Fischer, Lyle Bald, Merlin Frahm, Don Mathisen, Charles Nepple, Kenard Carstens, Gary Gruhn
Front: Joyce Irlbeck, Ann Blum, Marcia Fredricksen, Diane Dammann, Bruce Fischer, Rosemary Ehrichs, Kathy Asmus, Nancy Dammann

5th grade class Back 7: Ann Blum, Mike Spack, Bruce Fischer, Gary Gruhn, Patricia Oakley, Vicki Atkins, Judy Laurinat
Middle 7: Wayne Ross, ??, Carolyn Pratt, Kenneth Keat, Jr., Bill Chandler, Kay Hass, Teresa (Shoemaker) Fitzsimmons teacher
Front 6: Kenard Carstens, Joyce Irlbeck, Vergene Reinke, Patrick Callender, Kathy Asmus, Nancy Dammann

Cliff Chandler's daughter May 1958 - photo by Milicent Horbach

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