While working on the tribute to Willetta Sander, I posted her 1926 confirmation class photo.
I noticed I had more recently found another original to scan. Back in 1999, Zion volunteers asked for confirmation pictures from anyone who had them. These volunteers tirelessly worked to get everyone identified and then I scanned them and made 8x12 prints for their display.
While I'm glad I was able to scan those old photos, it was before I fully understood high resolution scans and did not have the professional scanners and software, and only several years scanning experience.
Now when I find one of those original photos, I scan them so I have better images.
These old Lyden Studio photos are difficult to scan. The faces tended to be overexposed when taken and now years later the prints are deteriorating. One of the problems is the faces become more washed out and brighter. Another problem is the metallic sheen that occurs around the edges and darker areas caused by the type of print and paper used...this sheen can be reduced/eliminated by isolating those areas but this takes lots of hours to clean up.

So if you have any of these old Zion and even newer class photos, please let me know and get them to me to scan.

The faces will continue to get brighter and washed out to where eventually you'll only see the darker areas such as eyes, hairline and dark sides of the face. Once this happens it will become basically impossible to digitally repair and restore the faces so now is the time to scan them high resolution.

January 22, 1928 confirmation

1999 scan

2016 scan - names can be found under the Sander tribute down below.

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