2499 United States "boys" died on D-Day, June 6, 1944.
Total Allied deaths 4413 the first day.
Wilmer Ranniger's glider crash landed - one of his buddies died on impact - Wilmer described it this way "his lifeless body was wrapped around the tree."
Wilmer was knocked unconscious.

Wade "Bud" Mohr was a Motormac on an LCT which got hung up during the initial landing - Bud saw the bloody foamy sea all day.
During my interview with Bud, he described it this way ""It was the damndest thing I ever saw...there were wounded men crying for help but there was no way anyone could get to them without being blown to pieces by shrapnel and gunfire too."
Then at night Bud had to swim out to cut the propellers free of wire and netting so the LCT could retreat.

82nd Airborne Division - Wilmer's glider that crash landed

Arrow points to Wilmer - D-Day Eve with General Eisehower left front

Wade with his M-1 Rifle

Arrow points to Wade on his LCT 537 crossing the English Channel - sometime after D-Day.

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