"Presidential historian" John Meacham describes Trump supporters as
'anguished' white guys with 'lizard brain.'

Lizard Brain

Wow, I never realized how much "experts" can know so much about so many Americans who they have NEVER met.
12 years ago Obama said many of us only "cling to our guns, or religion.

Bitter frustrations

Then 4 years ago Hillary said a lot of us were part of a "basket of deplorables,"


I thought people like this were supposed to be part of the party of tolerance...

Not one thing I have ever done or said has had any negative or positive affect on Obama or Clinton, yet their votes and policies have had a negative affect on myself and millions of Americans, living and unborn...
Same with Meacham - I have never done or said anything about him, yet he feels empowered by insulting and slandering me and millions of other Americans.

I guess my simple life and little historical involvements are nothing better than what a lizard would be able to accomplish and no way would Meacham stoop to ever associate with someone like me!

I'll put my insignificant accomplishments against anyone like these people who have such high opinions of themselves!!!

One thing I understand and appreciate, which is why this country is the GREATEST NATION on earth, is that people like this have the constitutional right of Freedom of Speech to make statements like they do - the problem is THEY DON'T believe that anyone who disagrees with them have that same right.

Our country is in danger of falling into an abyss that we may find difficult to ever come out of, if people like this get total control.

How long before these type of people come after someone like myself directly who have the knowledge and capability of operating a web page and force me to shut down???

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