Harvest Drive-thru

October 25, 2020

12:25 PM - a slow time during the fundraiser

Free-will donations

Volunteers take orders and collect the donations.

Car order #64

Volunteers delivering the meals prepared by Deb's Corner Cafe

Anxiously waiting

I was struck by this image and it got me to thinking...

Last winter someone put Christmas toques on the heads of the man and boy and now someone put masks on the faces...I'm sure they didn't intend this as being funny but it struck me as trying to "lighten up" things a little bit during this Pandemic...It serves NO purpose to constantly hear Covid case numbers every minute, every hour, every day, every week for months.

For those who get this virus or worse yet, die from it - their lives are definitely impacted in a serious and difficult way, BUT while I was thinking about this I remembered several WWII and Korean combat Veterans I interviewed and the subject of keeping their sanity would come up and how they survived...All of them stated that they had to occasionally laugh and have some lighter moments.
While getting information about some Korean war pictures from Bob Wegner, I asked him about one in particular...Bob's helmet-covered head and body were down flat on the ground behind a berm and he was smiling. I asked him what was going on and he told me he was under fire from the enemy.
I was caught off-guard by this response and asked him "How could you ever be smiling while being under attack?" and he told me that life is precious and that he couldn't constantly be thinking about dying or getting shot or he would have gone crazy.

I told Bob how I don't think I could have ever been one of his buddies with a camera and take pictures during combat...Not taking away anything from our troops who were under fire, but those combat photographers and amateurs who took pictures during war had to really be fearless & brave!

Main Street Manning To Host "Drive - Thru Harvest Dinner" On Sunday, October 25
To cap off a successful season of "Drive-Thru" Sunday meals, Main Street Manning will host a "Drive -Thru" Harvest Dinner on Sunday, October 25.

According to Main Street Manning Executive Director, Jean Voege, "Manning and the surrounding area have been very supportive of the three drive-thru events we have held since May. When we were planning the first drive - thru event for Mother's Day, we had no idea what to expect. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised to have cars lining up at 10:50 am even though the event was not to start until 11:30. We served 88 cars and sold out of 275 meals in 72 minutes! After receiving multiple requests to do a similar event for Father's Day, we decided to hold a drive-thru omelet breakfast and our experience was much the same - cars lined up early & we sold out of 190 meals. We had a similar experience with our recent event, "Portable Pancakes" on Sunday, September 27. After serving 267 meals, we once again had sold out of food."

"The pandemic has forced the cancellation of many local and area "harvest dinners" and Main Street Manning saw this as an opportunity to fill the void left by those cancellations so we decided to hold one more "drive-thru" event, a "Drive-Thru Harvest Dinner", said Voege.

The harvest dinner, which will be prepared by Deb's Corner Café, will be sliced ham, cheesy hash browns, green beans, jello, a dinner roll and a slice of homemade pumpkin pie. Serving will begin at 11:30 am on a first come - first serve basis and will run until 1:00 pm or until 300 meals have been served. The meals will be distributed from Deb's Corner Café located at 326 Main St. in Manning.

Jean said, "once again we will be doing the event as a free-will offering as it helps to keep the flow of traffic moving and the volunteers collecting money won't have to make change during these times of heighten awareness for infection control. While we suggest a donation of $15 per meal, we trust that those participating will be as generous as their personal circumstances allow knowing that the proceeds will go to reimburse the expenses incurred as the community comes together to support our local businesses and the many other services provided to Manning by the Main Street Manning. Checks should be made payable to Main Street Manning."

"We will be using the same process as we have for our previous "drive-thru" events. As you drive up Main Street, be on the lookout for volunteers who will be taking orders and guiding you to where you need to go. We want to maintain safety and social distancing. We will have marked "stops" along the way to guide everyone as they make their way down Main Street. Volunteers will be available to take your food order, collect the free-will offering for the meal and bring orders to your car."

Delivery service will be available within the Manning city limits. Calls for meal delivery will be taken at 712-210-7293 starting at 11:30 am on Sunday, October 25. A free-will offering will be requested upon delivery.

According to Voege, "as an organization, Main Street Manning wants to make a positive difference in our community. Our goal continues to be the promotion of Manning businesses while promoting community engagement and generosity. Just like our previous "drive -thru" events, participants can maintain social distancing, drive up Main Street, stay in their cars, pick up a delicious meal."

Main Street Manning looks forward to seeing you on Sunday, October 25 for the "Drive Thru Harvest Dinner"! For more information, call Main Street Manning at 712-655-6246 or send an email to mainst-manning@gmail.com.

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