Irv Emmons, who is another great historical assistant for my Manning projects, recently sent me a negative to scan of the MHS class of 1924 when they had their 9th grade graduation.
He also sent his dad's class reunion addresss list. I scanned both items and am also including a 1936 aerial photo of where the high school once stood along 141...the group photo was taken on the north side of the school building facing the highway.
Scan from Irv's negative
J. Clifford Kortum, Alvin Martens, Walter Barten, Eugene Zerwas, Hugo Wilhelm, Floyd Emmons, Dallas Kuhn, Erwin Hansen, Harry Bingham, Ray Edwards, Willard Bailey, Lyall Souter
Middle: Juanita Johnson, Gladys Billick, Emilie Bobar, Gladys Jensen, Julia Lamp, Sylvia Moore, Beatrice Rogers, Alice Lohmeier, Helen Wiese, Alice Patton
Front: Nellie Keat, Elsie Marti, Arnetha Flenker, teacher Miss Anna Mae Howard, teacher Miss Marie Tracy, Marie Asmus, Robert Zerwas, Homer Barr

1936 view - one year before the gymnasium was added on to the east side of the high school.

Class list

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