Hopefully some classmates/schoolmates will help me with IDs down below.

Gloria Jean Cunconan

Visitation: Monday, February 17 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Ankeny Memorial Funeral Home & Cemetery Ankeny, Iowa
Funeral Service: Tuesday, February 18 10:30 AM Ankeny Memorial Funeral Home & Cemetery Ankeny
Burial: Manning City Cemetery

Gloria Jean Cunconan, age 74, of Waukee, Iowa, passed away on Monday, February 10, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa. A visitation will be held 6:00-8:00 p.m., Monday, February 17, 2020, at Ankeny Memorial Funeral Home. A funeral service will be at 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, February 18th also at the funeral home.

Born on May 15, 1945, in Manning, Iowa, Gloria was the daughter of Elmer F. and Leora A. (Martens) Popp. She graduated from Manning High School in 1963. She was married to Wayne Halbur in 1965 and had 2 children, Todd Halbur and Troy Halbur. Gloria and her family made their home in Carroll, Iowa. Gloria was later married to Dennis Cunconan. They spent over 30 years together making their home in the Bondurant / Altoona, Iowa, area before Dennis passed away in January 2019.

Gloria, also known as just "Glory" was a big personality that favored stiletto high heels and big blonde hair. She was a little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll all rolled into one. A blend of Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, Tina Turner and a little bit of Kenny Rogers!

Gloria worked as a bookkeeper and secretary much of her life. She worked many years at Farner Bocken in Carroll, Iowa, and as a secretary to the Superintendent of Glidden-Ralston school district. She then got her real estate license and worked in the family real estate business.

Her hobbies were golf and bowling. She loved to play golf with her two sons in the summer from sunup to sundown and even accomplished having a "Hole in One" at the Carroll Country Club. She loved playing games - especially card games. Hearts and Royal Runny were her favorites.

She had a favorite 1980 yellow 2 door hatchback Oldsmobile Starfire with the vanity plates "Glory" on it that she could always be spotted driving around Carroll in.

She loved watching her two sons in their various sporting events as they were growing up and made it a policy to never miss a wrestling, football or golf event that they were in.

She loved animals but especially had a fondness for her 3 cocker spaniel dogs - Buffy, Chauncey, and Peanut.

She loved being with her family and friends. Within this last year she had moved into the Sugar Creek Apartments in Waukee and made many friends. She loved all the activities with her new group of friends and they fondly nicknamed her "short shit."

Gloria is survived by her son Todd Halbur and wife Diane Halbur of Clive, Iowa; son Troy Halbur and wife Annette of West Des Moines, Iowa; grandchildren Rachel Halbur, Jack Halbur, and Ben Halbur; sisters Neoma Vanderheiden of Harlan, Iowa; and Janice (Larry) Kolb of North Hills, California; niece Deanna (Jim) Timmons, niece Debi (Derek) Marton, nephew Larry (Yahaira) Kolb Jr., nephew Lindsey (Stephanie) Vanderheiden.

Gloria was preceded in death by her parents, sister Betty (Virtus) Pittman, brother-in-law John Vanderheiden, nephew Rodney Vanderheiden and Dennis Cunconan.

In Lieu of flowers, please direct memorials to the Pet Rescue A Heinz 57 in Desoto, Iowa.

May 1956

Back: Carolyn Beese, Janet Nulle, Diane Dammann
Middle: Gloria Popp, Pam Loftus, Jeanne Mundt, Donna Foley, Kay Hass, Donna Antone
Front: Norma Ahrendsen, Lois Zerwas, Diane Eischeid, Julie Mundt, Sandra McGrath

Wouldn't the "safety police" go nuts today with that propane cylinder in direct access to kids, not chained down, and just below the chimney???
How did any of us ever survive?

If anyone has this confirmation picture - hopefully better quality than the one I scanned in 1999 for the Zion confirmation display - PLEASE contact me so I can borrow it to get a better scan.
I can digitally isolate the overexposed/washed out areas and improve the quality but this will take a lot of time.

March 22, 1959 Zion Lutheran Confirmation class
Back: Eugene Mahnke, Royce Anthony, Larry Fischer, Janet Nulle, Roger Kuhl, Diane Rowedder, James Hansen
Row 3: Kenneth Schrum, Vergene Reinke, Judith Schroeder, Fred Gruhn, Duane Karsten, Donna Antone
Row 2: Patrick Callender, Kenard Carsten, Merlin Frahm, Wayne Pfannkuch, Kenneth Spies, Gary Gruhn, Robert Fischer, Wayne Ross, Gale Vinke, Marcia Friedrichsen
Front: Rosemary Ehrichs, Harriet Friedrichsen, Curtis Jansen, Sherill Martens, Pastor George Eschenbacher, Joy Hansen, Lowell Jahn, Carolyn Ward, Gloria Popp

5th grade class
Back: Lena Steinke (teacher), Wayne Pfannkuch, Donna Antone, Ann Detlefsen, Darrel Wiese, Pam Loftus, Jeanne Mundt, Robert Fischer
Middle: Norma Ahrendsen, Carolyn Beese, Diane Dammann, Larry Fischer, Janet Nulle, Stan Schrum, Carolyn Ward, Diane Eischeid
Front: Lois Zerwas, Sandra McGrath, Julie Mundt (twin sister of Jeanne), Donna Foley, Gloria Popp

Please help with IDs below

5th grade class
Back 7: Ann Blum, Mike Spack, Bruce Fischer, Gary Gruhn, Patricia Oakley, Vicki Atkins, Judy Laurinat
Middle 7: Wayne Ross, ??, Carolyn Pratt, Kenneth Keat, Jr., Bill Chandler, Kay Hass, Teresa (Shoemaker) Fitzsimmons teacher
Front 6: Kenard Carstens, Joyce Irlbeck, Vergene Reinke, Patrick Callender, Kathy Asmus, Nancy Dammann

1961-62 concert band
Standing: Mr. Rod Wilbeck - Director, Charlotte Joens, Pam Kusel, Donna Foley, Jeanne Mundt, Julie Mundt, Joan Ranniger
Back: Carol Ranniger, Patsy Popp, Gloria Popp, Ann Blum, Tom Schroeder, Don Kingsbury, Geri Dammann, Mike Spack, Bruce Fischer, Harlan "Harkie" Moore, Diane Rowedder, Gloria Mohr, Marcia Friedrichsen, Sheryl Hill, Bob Brus, Janet Ranniger
Middle: Gloria Schroeder, Gene Ehlers, Carolyn Pratt, Kay Kuhn, Linda Mundt, Joy Hansen, Bill Ohde, Angela Kusel, Kent Weible, Larry Ehlers, Kathy Johnson, Georgia Brus, Gene Wycoff, Linda Ohde, Dianna Volquartsen, Norma Ahrendsen
Front: Bev Thompson, Colene Anthony, Ruby Dammann, JoAnn Peters, Karla Kusel, Joan Graves, Becky Eschenbacher, Ann Detlefsen, Larry Fischer, Betty Thompson, Sandra McGrath

Sophomore Homeroom A
Fifth: Duane Karsten, Vicki Atkins, Judy Laurinet, Curtis Jansen, Norma Ahrendsen, Dick Hill, Wayne Pfannkuch
Fourth: Kerry Martens, Jim Hansen, Bill Chandler, Larry Fischer, Fred Gruhn, Pat Knueven, Ralph Dobler
Third: Diane Eischeid, Donna Foley, Pat Callender, Joy Hansen, Ann Detlefsen, Larry Ehlers, Donna Antone, Mr. Kenneth Loats, Sponsor
Second: Eugene Mahnke, Larry Fischer, Lyle Bald, Merlin Frahm, Don Mathisen, Charles Nepple, Kenard Carstens, Gary Gruhn
Front: Joyce Irlbeck, Ann Blum, Marcia Fredricksen, Diane Dammann, Bruce Fischer, Rosemary Ehrichs, Kathy Asmus, Nancy Dammann

Sophomore Homeroom B
Fourth: Butch Spieker, Lyle Zinke, Mike Spack, Gene Wycoff, David Souter, Roger Schroeder
Third: Julie Mundt, Carolyn Pratt, Darrell Weise, Diane Rowedder, Stan Schrum, Vergene Reinke, Sandra McGrath
Second: Kenny Schrum, Carolyn Ward, David Pfoltner, Janet Nulle, Lois Zerwas, Gale Segebart, Mrs. Letha Johnson - Sponsor
Front: Kenny Spies, Betty Swank, Jeanne Mundt, Wayne Ross, Gloria Popp, Gail Vinke, Patricia Oakley, Kenny Zubrod

September 14, 1950
Class of 1963 Enrolled Here At Year's Start

Thirty-nine local youngsters began their educational careers in Manning two weeks ago when they were enrolled in kindergarten and the first few days were spent getting acquainted and learning about pets. Vera Macumber is teacher. Here are class members: Norma Jean Ahrendsen, Kathryn Asmus, Donna Lou Antone, Ann Blum, Diane Dammann, Nancy Dammann, Ann Detlefsen, Wanda Domayer, Diane Eischeid, Donna Foley, Sigrid Grundmeier, Judy Ann Laurinat, Pamela Loftus, Sandra McGrath, Jeanne and Julie Mundt, Janet Nulle, Patricia Oakley, Gloria Jean Popp, Carolyn Pratt, Vergene Reinke, Pamela Smith, Ardys White, Lois Zerwas, Kenard Carstens, William Chandler, Michael Eich, Bruce Fischer, Larry Fischer, Robert Fischer, Gary Gruhn, Kenneth Keat, Jr., Lance Monson, Wayne Pfannkuch, Wayne Ross, Stanley Schrum, Steven Schrum, Michael Spark and Gale Vinke.

1963 MHS graduates: Norma Jean Ahrendsen, Donna Lou Antone, Lyle Dean Bald, Ann Cheryl Blum, Patrick Lyn Callender, Kenard Lyn Carstens, William Parron Chandler III, Diane Caroline Dammann, Nancy Kay Dammann, Ann Detlefsen, Ralph E. Dobler, Larry Kenneth Ehlers, Rosemary Clara Ehrichs, Diane Mary Eischeid, Bruce Lyle Fischer, Larry George Fischer, Donna Faye Foley, Merlin Ivan Frahm, Marcia Faye Friedrichsen, Sue Marie Gaul, Frederick James Gruhn, Gary Max Gruhn, James W. Hansen, Joy E. Hansen, Richard Dwight Hill, Jane Marie Irlmeier, Curtis Dwayne Jansen, Duane H. Karsten, Patrick Louis Knueven, Eugene H. Mahnke, Kerry Orrin Martens, Donald Allen Mathisen, Sandra Marie McGrath, Jeanne L. Mundt, Julie L. Mundt, Charles Otto Nepple, Janet Louise Nulle (valedictorian), Patricia Kay Oakley, Wayne Carl Pfannkuch, David Allen Pfoltner, Gloria Jean Popp, Carolyn Marie Pratt, Vergene Lou Reinke, Wayne Raymond Ross, Diane Kay Rowedder, Stanley Jay Schrum, Kenneth E. Schrum, Annemarie Schwarz, David L. Souter, Kenneth Michael Spack, LaVern J. Spieker, Kenneth D. Spies, Betty Jean Swank, Gale Gilbert Vinke, Gene Kent Wycoff (salutatorian), Lois Jean Zerwas, Lyle E. Zinke, Kenneth E. Zubrod

1963 former students: Kathryn Asmus, Vicki Atkins, Carolyn Beese, Phillip Betts, David Bristol, Wanda Domayer, Michael Eich, Robert Fischer, Pamela Gauer, Shirley Gaul, Sigrid Grundmeier, Clara Hansen, Joyce Irlbeck, Kenneth Keat, Jr., Barbara Knight, Judith Laurinat, Pamela Loftus, Ronald Miller, Judith Schroeder, Roger Schroeder, Gale Segebart, Pamela Smith, Francis Steffes, Carolyn Ward, Pamela Weifenbach, Ardys White

Some of the information and pictures below that were used in the 2009 Manning Schools history book

These are just some of the people Gloria interacted with and influenced during her life here in Maninng.

Page 292 of the Manning Schools history book

Annemarie (Schwarz) Etsell 1963 AFS student from Yverdon, Switzerland* Host parents: Ralph and Lorane McGrath.
After my return to Switzerland, I finished business school and then went to school of nursing (1965). I worked for about four years as a registered nurse, first in Switzerland and then in Canada where I had moved with my first husband (1970). We had a son and daughter, and then my husband passed away in 1976. A few years later, I married a man who had two sons and we had a daughter of our own. I continued my education and went to McMaster University in Hamilton where I graduated with a Degree in Social Work in 1994. I accepted a position in a community health centre serving the francophone population in the Niagara area. I retired from that job in 2003. In 2004 I was divorced and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. My daughter from the second marriage is currently in Switzerland (2005), while the other two sons remain in Ontario.
I am ever so grateful for the wonderful people of Manning for their warm reception, their love and their eagerness to include me in all kinds of aspects of the life of their community. A particular warm thank you goes to my host family, the McGraths, for the love, the patience, the sharing, and the sacrifices they made to accommodate me. I could not have wished for a better family.
Thank you to all.
Annemarie 2008

5th Jeanne Mundt & Diane Eischeid

Virginia Dethlefs, Charles Brotherton, Roy Karbula, Ila Rix
Firmen's Hall - formerly the Manning Schutzen Verein hall

1955 Gail Vinke, Larry Fischer, William Chandler, Gary Gruhn, Mike Spack, Robert Fischer

1962 Homecoming royalty - Queen Diane Eischeid, Jessica Zerwas - flower girl, Sue Gaul on right

1962 Homecoming royalty - Joy Hansen on left and Betty Swank on right

1962 Homecoming royalty - Vergene Reinke left, Paul Hartman - crown bearer?, Jane Irlmeier right

1962-63 varsity team

Back: Barry Kusel, Tom Schroeder, Don Kingsbury, LeRoy Jones, Tom Bromert, Bill Graner
Front: Don Wagner, Patrick Callender, Gene Beckman, Kenard Carstens, Eugene Wycoff
Gary Gruhn not present

1962 Homecoming candidates MHS 1962-63

Back: Joy Hansen, Diane Eischeid, Vergene Reinke
Front: Betty Swank, Jane Irlmeier, Sue Gaul

Back: Joan Ranniger, Jeff Musfeldt, JoAnn Peters, Karen Brady, Bill Ohde, Larry Ehlers
Middle: Carol Ranniger, Angela Kusel, Gene Ehlers, Steve Rutz, Sandra McGrath, Barb Vollstedt, Annemarie Schwartz
Front: Hilbert Hoffman, Dave Pfoltner, Larry Fischer, Kent Weible, Nate Dappen

1963 Sandra McGrath, Coach Dale "Stoney" Johnson, Annemarie Schwarz (AFS)

Introducing Annamarie

It happens more than we would wish and for most people don't even realize how often, but we lose a lot of our fellow Manningites way too soon!

Bruce Fischer MHS 1963

Born May 6, 1945 Carroll, Iowa
Entered Into Rest February 26, 1965, St. Anthony Hospital Carroll, Iowa
Age 19 years, 9 months, 20 days
Services Held At Ohde Funeral Home Manning, Iowa Monday, March 1, 1965, 2 P.M.
Clergyman Rev. Carl Sinning Pastor Manning Presbyterian Church
Interment Manning Cemetery
Pallbearers: Leo Bruck, Arthur Rix, Herbert Groteluschen, Dr. Richard E. Drennen, Donald Joens, Ray Sander

Funeral rites for Bruce Fischer, 19, were held at the Ohde Funeral Home in Manning at 2:00 on Monday, March 1, 1965, with Rev Carl G. Sinning of the Manning Presbyterian Church officiating. Ray Pratt was soloist for the service; Bonita Hagedorn, organist. Burial was in the Manning Cemetery. Leo Bruck, Arthur Rix, Herbert Groteluschen, Dr. Richard E. Drennan, Donald Joens, and Ray Sander acted as pallbearers.

Son of Eddie and Vera (Kooker) Fischer, he was born on May 6, 1945, at Carroll. He graduated from Manning High School in 1963 and entered the University of Iowa at Iowa City the same fall.

Bruce was a well-known amateur junior golfer, entering his first tournaments in junior high school. He was semifinalist in the USGA Amateur Jr. tourney in Kansas City in 1960 and represented Iowa in the National Jaycee Tourney at Waterloo that year. In 1961, he played in the USGA Amateur Jr tourney at Ithaca, New York, and represented Iowa in the Denver Jaycee tourney; he was finalist in the Iowa State Junior Tournament at Iowa City in 1962 and entered a good many meets in 1963.

He died at St Anthony Hospital on Friday evening, February 26, following a long illness.

He is survived by his parents, a brother, Dennis of Manning; his grandmother, Mrs. Henry Fischer, Council Bluffs; and grandfather, S.W. Kooker of Des Moines.

He was a member of the Manning Presbyterian Church.

Manning Rites For Fischer, 19
MANNING, IA. - Services for Bruce Fischer, 19, will be at the Ohde Funeral Home here at 2 p. m. Monday.

Fischer, a well-known Iowa junior golfer, died Friday at St. Anthony's Hospital in Carroll after a lingering illness.

He was a finalist in the Iowa state junior golf championships at Iowa City in 1962 and represented Iowa in two National Junior Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Golfers Association junior tournaments. He was a semifinalist in the U.S.G.A. meet at Kansas City in 1960.

Bruce Fischer 3rd from left

Bruce Fischer

Bruce's medals - on display at the Manning City Library

Left to right: Gretchen Tank, Jim Hansen, Gene Wycoff, Dian Tank, Joy Hansen, Julie Mundt
Curt Jansen in hospital bed after accidentally shooting himself in the leg during a hunting accident

Duane Karsten MHS 1963
February 25, 2017 - October 11, 1943
"A friend and neighbor of mine" - Dave Kusel

Carolyn (Ward) Rutherford

Sandra McGrath, Ruth (Sand) Crandall (teacher), Carolyn Pratt

Lois Zerwas

Larry & Doug Fischer - I believe heading to Children's Day

Ken Spies

Twins: Jim & Joy Hansen MHS 1963

Crowning Homecoming 1962

Homecoming 1962

Homecoming 1962

Homecoming 1962

Senior float (2nd place) 1962 Homecoming float (1962-63 year)
Annemarie Schwarz on the V - Mundt twins Jeanne and Julie in front

Junior & Senior FFA 1963

1961 Junior & Senior members Third: Allen Ehlers, Mahlon Lamp, Roger Kuhl, Ron Odendahl, Gerald Handlos
Second: Gordell Lamp, Pat Kasperbauer, Roger Hansen, Fred Nulle, Ken Doyel, Mr. Luther Thompson - Sponsor
Front: Ken Boell, Dale Koester, Ken Venteicher, Lowell Jahn, Russell Witt, Dean Grimm, Denny Frahm

Roy Karbula - teacher

Sandra McGrath

Rosemary Ehrichs MHS 1963
"A second cousin of mine" - Dave Kusel

Entryway to the Manning Athletic Field on the west end of the city park.

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