I'm so glad I live out here in "fly-over" (rural) country...where we are somewhat insulated from the NUTS (like the Bad Santa feature farther down below) of this nation who with their self-appointed superiority of morality and intellect, feel they can be overlords of we peasants who don't know any better.
But how much longer before this political tyranny overtakes our freedoms even here in small/rural communities like Manning?

Below are just a few examples of the GOOD things that go on in Manning...
Just a reminder of the Manning Senior Living Drive Thru Can Drive today, December 9, 11 am to 1 pm. Use the north parking lot at MSL.
Drop off a non-perishable item and receive a free sack lunch. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause!

Manning Senior Living Christmas Light Trip December 9

The residents of Manning Senior Living will be riding around town in a Windstar Bus to check out all of the Christmas Lights this Wednesday night.
They will leave Manning Senior Living at 6:30 and will be driving around town for 20 minutes or so before heading to Templeton and Swan Lake.
If you see the bus coming, step outside and wave to us! The residents are really excited to go!

New flag pole with US & Iowa flags installed December 8, 2020

New sign installed earlier this fall.

The real Santa visits Manning during Weihnachtsfest...

Bad Santa video

Mentally unhinged, radical, FAKE Santa: "Nope, not even a Nerf gun," "Nope. If your dad wants to get it for you, that's fine, but I can't bring it to you." "What else would you like?" "There's lots of other toys… There's Legos, there's bicycles, there's cars and trucks. What do you think?"

Then you have similar type individuals who are just as bad and also don't respect the greatness of our country by not only stealing our freedoms but our money.
The Carroll Police Department is reporting they have received several calls about counterfeit $100 bills being circulated in the area over the past few weeks. Sgt. Gary Bellinghausen says the bills have a serial number of LB45440078L and have Chinese writing stamped on the back. Everyone is encouraged to thoroughly check any $100 bills that come into their possession for these identifying markers.

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