From time to time Denise (Hinners) brings me pictures to scan that vary in theme.
Here is one image that shows how the red shift in a lot of color pictures is slowly ruining the image.
I have some pictures that are almost completely red now and basically impossible to color correct...about all you can do is to take off the harshness of the red, short of just converting it to grayscale.

So the sooner these "problem child" photos get scanned the better quality image you'll get now as opposed to waiting until it is too late to correct the color.

Vernon Hinners family 1964

Childrens Day 1980

Childrens Day 1979
Chris Muhlbauer on French Horn - Mike Hinners on bass drum

Outdoor Swimming Pool 1980

Carolyn Renze in yellow shirt
Travis & Melanie Doyel in the water
Denise Doyel on bleachers
Possibly Vicki Schwiesow wearing towel

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