On January 18, a relative from Germany of the Hinz/Genzen family in Manning signed my guestbook.
I'm now working with her to share information and hopefully some pictures that connect to the Manning family.
At first I wanted to make sure we were talking about the same Hinz family and a screenshot from a history published in Holzbunge shows the same Jurgen and Anna (Peters) Hinz who immigrated to Manning.
As I get more information and pictures I'll share some of it on my web page.

This is the local family referenced.

Back: Edna Kaspersen, Luella Gruhn, Edward Hinz, Eldora Hofvander
Front: Walter Hinz, Jurgen Hinz, Anna (Peters) Hinz, Florence Genzen

Heinrich Hinz - uncle of Florence (Hinz) Genzen

Heinrich sent this trunk full of his possessions and clothing from Hamburg. He immigrated to Manning but then went back to Germany, never to return to Manning.
It is not known why.

Jurgen Hinz 1895 - grandfather of Larry Genzen & Darlene Vollstedt
The small framed picture is of Kaiser Wilhelm II at the base of Jurgen Hinz's image. Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941), Germany's last Kaiser, was born in Potsdam in 1859, the son of Frederick III and Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria.

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