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Ronald Hodne
March 13, 1939 - March 9, 2020

Ronald Hodne MHS 1957
Ronald Hodne of Manning passed away on Monday, March 9, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa.
Funeral Service Saturday, April 4, 2020 1:00 PM Sacred Heart Church - Manning, Iowa
Celebration of Life Saturday, April 4, 2020 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Hansen Halle - Hausbarn Konferenz Centre - Hausbarn Heritage Park
Note: Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic - Mass of Christian Burial and Celebration of Life are being postponed until circumstances allow.
Ohde Funeral Home in Manning is assisting the family with arrangements.

From the 2006 Manning Quasquicentennial history book

Ron and Sally Hodne

Back: Scott, Tina, Joey, Nate, Sally, Bret, Nick
Middle: Katie, Julie, Alexis, Ron, Barbara
Front: Kellie, Kimberlie, Ashley, Ryan

Hogan P. Hodne was born in Hodne, Rennesoy, Rogaland C. Norway. In 1885, he and his wife Elen came to the United States and settled in the Irwin, Iowa, area. Their seventh child, Lars, married Marie Christina Frees who had come to America with her parents when she was about nine years old from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Lars and Marie had two children, Arlo and Harold. They also raised Marie's niece Elsie who lost her mother when she was three days old. The family bought a farm near Irwin, Iowa, where they made their home.
Arlo Hodne married Thelma Ramsey, daughter of Charles and Bess Ramsey, from Manning, Iowa. Lars owned a farm south of Manning where Arlo and Thelma moved with their oldest son Arlo LaRue. They had three other children, Janice, Ronald, and Donald. In 1948, this family bought and moved to a farm three and one half miles west of Manning on Highway 141.
Ron graduated from Manning High School in 1957. During his high school years he was active in sports, especially football and track. After high school he helped his dad on the family farm and also worked for his uncles who owned Ramsey Transfer. On December 28, 1959, Ron married Sally Haworth. Sally was the daughter of Nate and Eva (Uhl) Haworth. After the death of her mother when she was three, she made her home with her sister and brother-in-law, Jack and Faye Thompson. They lived in Mapleton, Iowa, until she was sixteen and then the family moved to Grand Junction, Iowa. While in high school she was active in speech, drama, music, and cheerleading. She graduated from Grand Junction High School with the class of 1956. After high school she attended Iowa State Teachers College and then took a sixth grade teaching position in Manning. Ron worked for Ramsey Transfer for the first three years of their marriage and then began to farm in partnership with his father southwest of Manning.
Ron and Sally had four boys, Ronald "Bret," Scott, Nate, and Nick. The family farmed and lived on this farm from 1963-1985. During this time Ron and his dad farmed about five hundred acres and fed between 800-1000 head of cattle each year. They also raised many hogs. After leaving the farm, Ron's interest in livestock continued. He bought hogs for the NFO hog buying station in Westside for two years. He then went with Farmland Industries out of Kansas City in the feeder pig division but continued to live in Manning. They purchased their present home at 1112 Center Street in 1987.
While working with Farmland, Ron placed feeder pigs in a four-state area. He was then instrumental in helping Farmland set up an Internet feeder pig marketing system called Pigfinder. When Farmland dropped this program in the late 1990s, Ron went with M&F Livestock out of London, Ontario, basically doing the same type of work. He retired in 2002 and since retirement has driven a tour bus for WindStar bus line out of Carroll. Sally received her BS degree in 1984 from Northwest Missouri State University and taught at Holy Trinity School in Templeton from 1985-2003. She is retired from full time teaching and substitutes in the Manning, IKM, and Kuemper systems.
Bret married Barbara Myer from Manning in 1986, and they live with their three children in Ankeny, Iowa. Scott married Julie Collison in 1984. They have resided in or near Manning since their marriage. They have three girls. Nate married Tina Hernandez Sabag of Sioux City in 1998. They have two children and live in Springdale, Arkansas. Nick Alan Hodne, the family's fourth son, died at the age of 18 months at the family farm.
Ron and Sally are members of Sacred Heart Church. The family is proud to call Manning their "home town" and are all interested in its continuing development.

Nate, Ron, Sally, Bret, Scott

Children of Charles & Bess Ramsey

Men: Jake, Mayburn, Jack, Ed, Orren
Women: Juanita (Hugo) Boeck, Edna (Orlie) Peters, Bernice (Chuck) Laverty, Thelma (Arlo) Hodne, Mary Ramsey

April 10, 1941 Manning Monitor
Two-Year Old Drinks Iodine

Botna (MNS) Ronald, 2 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Hodne, climbed into the kitchen sink and opened the medicine cabinet, getting hold of a bottle of iodine. Before his mother could reach him he had drank part of its contents; blistering his lips and throat.
He was rushed to a doctor who did all he could and at this time he is getting along as well as could be expected.

Iowa No. 6 country school

Page 117 of the Manning Schools History book

Circa 1949 Top: Randall Jansen, Elaine Willenborg, Dale Jansen, Richard Dethlefsen, Dennis Maasen
Middle: Don Hodne, LaJune Dethlefsen, Helen Dethlefsen, Frank Boeck, Charlene Musfeldt
Bottom: Arlo LaRue Hodne, Ronald Hodne, Janice (Hodne) Lakers

Top: Mrs. Edna Rowedder, Dale Jansen, Mary Musfeldt, Don Hodne, Kay Bowers
Middle: Dick Bowers, Curt Jansen
Bottom: David Pfoltner, Charlene Musfeldt, Randall Jansen

Manning Elevator Company - later J&S Feed Service

Information from Ron Hodne and Glen Jensen...
Arlo Hodne (Ron's dad) hired Leo Rasmussen and his crew to move this structure from Botna to Manning in 1948.
So this building was not simply torn down or burned - it was re-used.
Rasmussen expanded the building and added improvements once it was relocated.
Hank Nickum (block layer) built the scale house and office. Hank was Delores "Lorie" Joens' dad - wife of Donald "Bonnie" Joens - parents of Charlotte, Mark, and Kerry.
A new continuous flow corn dryer was purchased - something very unique and new to the area.
Arlo's dad, Lars, after retiring from farming, joined his son to help run the elevator.
Glen Jensen was hired to manage the business and then later purchased it from Hodne. Then Gerald Schroeder helped Glen manage the business and then later became a partner with Glen.
At this time the Northwestern RR ran from Carroll, through Manning, and down to Irwin. Ron said this RR was called the "Hinky Dinky."
A spur also ran down to Gray and Audubon.
It is kind of confusing but at this time it was the Northwestern but originally it was the Great Western RR and the Northwestern RR also ran through Manning but abandoned its tracks in the late 1930s because severe flooding took out a lot of its bridges and tracks.
For a number of years the Northwestern leased the use of the Great Western tracks and then eventually merged and bought out the Great Western line - and ended as the Northwestern.

Scott Hodne

Janice Marie Hodne MHS 1955

1960 Childrens Day - ??, Sally (Haworth) Hodne on the right
Note that L&M Bowling alley is under construction on the left.
You can see the slaughter house (for the meat locker on Main Street) in the middle background.

Sally Haworth - grade school teacher

Ronald Bret Hodne MHS 1979

Nathan Hodne MHS 1984

Rebecca Genzen receiving her diploma from Scott Hodne 2001

School history

1957 MHS graduates: Elke Bunz (valedictorian), Diane Dalgety, Richard Dammann, Raymond Fink, Darlene Genzen, Royce Genzen, Jon Groteluschen, Eugene Haberl (salutatorian), Janell Hansen, Ronald Hansen, Jeanette Henriksen, Ronald Hodne, Robert Horbach, Patricia Irlbeck, Dale Jansen, Larry Klocke, Kay Knobbe, Thomas Koon, Darlene Kruse, Robert Laverty, Alan Leinen, Betty Lengemann, Beverly Lerssen, Larry Lohrmann, Myra Meeves, Lenus Mundt, Dianne Nelson, Larry Nielsen, Catherine Nulle, Merlin Otto, Betty Peters, Larry Popp, Richard Popp, Shirley Puck, Warren Puck, Karen Rix, Karen Rowedder, Dennis Saunders, Gary Schroeder, Victor Schwiesow, Laurel Singsank, Marilyn Spieker, Richard Vehrs, AnnaBelle Vennink, Darlys Vollstedt, Vernon Wagner, Errol Wegner, Cleo Weller, Anna Zerwas, Larry Zerwas

1957 former students: Donald Abel, Elaine Ahrenholtz, Virginia Backhaus, Derald Barkalow, Dick Behrens, Fred Branning, Leon Brockelsby, Robert Doerning, Lyle Drees, Loy Fitz II, Kenneth Frahm, Leland Friedrichsen, James Fritz, Janice Hagedorn, Ronnie Hagedorn, Marilyn Hansen, Martha Hansen, Philip Hansen, Mary Himes, Jane Hinners, Jeanette Hugg, Roger Justice, Richard Kellogg, Phyllis Kienast, Harold Kinney, Sue Knisley, Neva Martens, Lance Masters, Glenn McLaughlin, Marsha Lou Ochsner, Joseph Peter, Roger Petersen, Craig Platter, Marilyn Richardson, Marlys Sander, Ronnie Schiltz, Linda Schumann, Katharine Shields, Cicily Ann Spicer, Terry Travis, Ruel Whitcher, Jr., Ronnie Wyatt

Junior High Basketball January 1953
Back Row: Wesley Cooper, Victor Schwiesow, Tom Koon, Allen Laurinat, Raymond Fink, Coach Bill Anderson
Middle Row: Lloyd Fitz, Warren Puck, John “Jack” Hansen, Ronald Hodne, Larry
Zerwas, Gary Neubaum, Vernon Wegner
Front Row: Leland Friedrichsen, Gary Koon, Robert Laverty, Robert Horbach, Larry Nielsen, Errol Wegner, Jon Groteluschen, Richard Popp

Freshman class A
Back: Alan Lorenzen, Robert Hagedorn, Dale Vollstedt, Philip Zerwas, Mary Helen Stangl, Jane Opperman, Donald Froyd, Allan Lamaack, Jim Ramsey, James Kasperbauer
Middle: Lois Vennink, Burton Sander, Carol Fuller, Russell Frank, Bonnie Brus, Bill Stein, Betty Foley, Merlin Drees, Judy Vollmer, LaVonne "Bonnie" Lohmeier, Margaret Schroeder
Front: Clifford Vinke, Ronald Irlbeck, Janis Groteluschen, Louise Polking, Dennis Fischer, Beverly Nielsen, Shirley Ruhde, Greg Schurer, Sally Juels, Carol Rowedder

Freshman class B
Back: Arlo LaRue Hodne, Lynn Clark, Dick McConnell, Ron Frahm, Eustice "Junior" Lake, Duane Hansen, Lauren Musfeldt, Marlene Otto, Mary Alice Mohr
Middle: Jeanette Justice, Peggy Grundmeier, Kathryn Nollen, Joycelyn Genzen, Ann Littell, Sondra Spicer, Delores Puck, Verna Singsank, Janice Hodne, Daryle Rowedder
Front: Letty Fuss, Kenneth "Red" Dammann, Eunice Eich, Kathleen Ploog, Marion Hargens, Thomas Grau, Shannon Koon, Susan Brandt, LuEtta Gehlsen

Back: Coach John Beach, Warren Puck, Student Manager: Vernon Wagner, Robert Horbach, Ronnie Peters, Larry Genzen, Larry Nielsen, Eugene Haberl, Gary Koon, Tom Koon, Dale Jansen, Larry Zerwas, Larry Witt, Phil Knaack, Robert Beisch, Coach Ray Standerwick
Second: Victor Schwiesow, Allen Muhlbauer, Larry Lohrmann, Ronnie Hodne, Bob Froyd, Roger Hagedorn, Royce Genzen, Dennis Saunders, Bob Laverty, Carl Saunders, Allen Laurinat, Ray Fink
Front: Billy Genzen, Ronnie Mohr, Hans "Junior" Bonnesen, Larry Rowedder, Gary Monson, Keith Pfannkuch, Dennis Grimm, Dick Bowers, Richard Brockelsby, Keith Hass, Allan Fonken, David Peters

Back: Assistant Coach Ray Standerwick, #21 Lynn Clark, #37 Vernon Wagner (Class of 1957), #36 Eustace Lake Jr., #30 Burton Sanders, #27 Phil Zerwas, #40 Phil Enenbach, Larry Nielsen, #41 Ron Hodne, Head Coach John Beach, Manager Richard Popp
Second: #38 Dennis Ramsey, #22 Robert Horbach, #39 Ronald Peters, #26 Larry Witt, #24 Robert Beisch, #34 Dale Jansen, #12 Tom Koon, #16 Merlin Otto, #13 Allen Laurinat
Front: #31 Larry Zerwas, #26 Ray Fink, #25 Robert Froyd, #28 Roger Hagedorn, #42 Robert Laverty, #23 Jim Ramsey, #29 Larry Lohrmann, #43 Royce Genzen, #33 Jim Kasperbauer, #32 Clifford Vinke

1956 Standing: Roger Reinke, Donald Hodne, Cliff Stammer, Randall Jansen, Ron Timmerman, David Sextro, Rollin Kuhl, Gary Monson, Dennis Loftus, Marvin Vennink, Warren Puck, Coach Ray Standerwick, Coach John Beach
Third: Keith Hass, Junior Bonnesen, Philip Knaack, Larry Nielsen, Rob Horbach, Larry Zerwas, Ray Fink, Gary Neubaum
Second: Gary Koon, Allan Fonken, Dave Peters, Alan Laurinat, Larry Popp, Dale Jansen, Carl Saunders, Tom Koon, Dennis Grimm
Front: Victor Schwiesow, Jon Groteluschen, Bob Laverty, Larry Rowedder, Eugene Haberl, Royce Genzen, Larry Lohrmann, Ronald Hodne, Vernon Wagner

1957 Seniors Back: Dennis Saunders, Jon Groteluschen, Robert Horbach, Larry Nielsen, Eugene Haberl, Dale Jansen, Ronnie Hodne, Larry Lohrmann
Front: Victor Schwiesow, Vernon Wagner, Larry Zerwas, Ray Fink, Tom Koon, Royce Genzen, Bob Laverty

1953 One of the largest football squads reporting at Manning high in many years, is lined up in the above photo, taken at the start of this year's practice.

Lyden Studio Photo
Back: Mike Miles assistant coach, Ronnie Frahm: manager, Wayne Vennink, Duane Monson, Junior Lake, Tommy Grau, Paul Vollstedt, Phillip Zerwas, Lowell Stribe, Willis Kruse, Jack Mohr, Art Zerwas, Larry Kasperbauer
Center: Dale Jansen, Larry Genzen, Bob Beisch, Roger Littell, Bob Froyd, Jim Kasperbauer, Jim Ramsey, Dennis Ramsey, Lynn Clark, Jack Wagner, Burton Sander, Warren Puck, Coach Kermit Tannatt
Front: Larry Witt, Roger Justice, Ronnie Hodne, Larry Zerwas, Jack Hansen, Jon Groteluschen, Leland Friedrichsen, Larry Lohrmann, Bob Horbach, Richard Popp, Larry Nielsen
Gerald Beck was not present when the photo was taken.

Trip to the Rose Bowl
In 1956 Will Robinson was the English teacher at MHS. Before Christmas of that year a group of boys was discussing with him about how much fun it would be to see the Rose Bowl game. Sometime later Mr. Robinson asked these boys if they were really serious about wanting to go to California for the game. If so, he would take them. Three seniors: Ron Peters, Bob Beisch, and Bob Froyd and Ron Hodne, a junior, talked it over with their parents and were allowed to go. Late on Christmas day, Mr. Robinson and the four teenagers left for California in a new 1956 Crown Victoria Ford that Mr. Robinson had received from his parents as a Christmas gift.
The group took the southern route through New Mexico, stayed a night at the Grand Canyon, visited the Hoover Dam, stayed at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, and then went on to Los Angeles where they stayed with relatives of Mr. Robinson. While in LA they went to the almost new Disneyland, Knox Berry Farm, and the Paramount Studios where Ron Peter's uncle was employed.
On New Year's Day they left at 4:30 in the morning for Pasadena to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. After the parade, they drove to the stadium to see Michigan beat UCLA. The group left immediately after the game and drove straight through to Manning in about thirty-five hours.
What a trip for small town Iowa boys in the 1950s!

Gary Schroeder, Ronnie Peters, Robert Horbach, Dale Jansen, Eleanor Trella in front

1951-52 Darlys Vollstedt, Marcia Martens, Charlotte McLaughlin

Karen Rix, Jeanette Hugg

Back: Marilyn Spieker, Darlys Vollstedt, Darlene Genzen, Karen Rix, Pat Irlbeck
Front: Dixie Baley, Homecoming Queen AnnaBelle Vennink, Dick Loucks

Senior float 1st place fall 1956
Diane Dalgety Genzen, Betty Peters Nobiling, Elke Bunz playing harp

Football players doing the snake dance October 7, 1955
Dale Jansen, Bob Laverty, Roger Hagedorn, Larry Witt, Larry Nielsen mostly out of view

AnnaBelle Vennink, Darlene Vollstedt in front of the Rexall Drug Store

Myra Meeves - when she attended Aspinwall Independent School

1956-57 baseball team - north entryway of the gymnasium

Back: Coach Ray Standerwick, Larry Rowedder, Carl Saunders, Allan Fonken, Robert Horbach, Bob Laverty, Larry Zerwas, Joel Grundmeier
Front: Ronald Timmerman, Victor Schwiesow, Larry Nielsen, Jon Groteluschen, Dick Popp, Vernon Wagner

Back: Larry Rowedder, Larry Nielsen, Errol Wegner, Larry Zerwas, Robert Horbach, Dave Peters, Dick Bowers
Front: Dick Popp, Jon Groteluschen, Gary Neubaum, Eugene Haberl, Bob Laverty
1956-57 basketball team that went 24 wins and 2 losses, losing to Le Mars 60 - 50 in the quarterfinal round of the state tournament the other loss was at Carroll 46 - 43 early in the season which Manning avenged 68 - 53 later in the season at Manning

Coach Ray Standerwick

Warren Puck MHS 1957

Tommy Joe Koon June 14, 1944

Junior High Minstrel show Robbie Horbach was an End Man October 1952

Rob Horbach April 1956

Darlene Genzen, Dale Vollstedt - Junior Senior Prom

Judy Hugg, Barbara Vollmer (right)

Lenus Mundt MHS 1957
Second cousin on my dad's side (Grau) and third cousin on my mom's side (Ehrichs) Dave Kusel

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