Now I'm back working on the Kuhl scrapbook that got put on the back burner several months ago. It is part of Lois (Wilhelm) Peters' family collection. It is pure joy scanning Lois' stuff. She has mostly original photos and most of them are identified...sure saves me a lot of time not having to figure out who people are in the pictures and also great working with original photos and not those facsimile paper copies that so many other people have.

Here are some of my recent scans. I don't think Dale Vollstedt would mind too much if he were still living that I'm showing this first picture but I think Paul Vollstedt would have given me a hard time at first but then agree that it is good to get these old pictures digitally scanned/preserved. Paul shared various pictures he had with me over the years and then his sister brought me most of their old family history to scan several years ago.

Paul Vollstedt & his cousin Dale Vollstedt

The great thing about the digital technology we have now versus when I first started scanning 25 years ago is the software and scanners today can really improve upon the pictures and documents. Here is a perfect example. This colorized image is almost "washed" out and hard to see, but then look at the quality I was able to bring out of the same image by digitally adjusting the various settings and then touch up marks and spots.

Ed Kuhl farm place

Glen Kuhl on his grandpa Ed Kuhl's hobby horse

Ed Kuhl on his childhood hobby horse

When I see those ads for commercial ancestry websites where someone sees their grandparents' pictures for the first time by logging into that website, I just cringe.
If they personally don't have any pictures of their grandparents, they are in a world of hurt with the rest of their family history...that no one in their immediate family has kept old family pictures is amazing.
Now I realize there can be a myriad of reasons why some people like this don't have grandparent pictures but as I work on Manning family collections, I also find all kinds of pictures of other family's grandparents and relatives.
But sadly it is getting harder for me to find those old collections - since so many of them have been discarded over the last several decades.

Ray Vollstedt with Darlys & Paul
Anyone recognize what implement this is?
Half of it is out of view but if you are familiar with old farm equipment you should be able to figure out what it is.
I'll try to find another picture in my database that shows this implement in full view and then post it in a few days.

Joann Wilhelm, Marlene Lohmeier, Wavy Lacy, Marlene Kroeger
I believe this would be the waitresses for prom...taken on the southeast side of the Legion Hall in Manning.

Phyllis Kuhl, Doug Kuhl, Glen Kuhl, Gary Kuhl, Connie Kuhl, Mark Peters, Julie Peters, Mike Peters

4 Kuhl generations

Back: Gene, Herbert
Front: Ed, Douglas

4 generations

Back: Lena Kuhl, Elsie Wilhelm
Front: Joann Pratt, Glynis Pratt

Sylvia Vollstedt

Donna Kuhl

Fourth of July on Ed & Lena Kuhl farm

Back: Joann Wilhelm, Lois Wilhelm
Middle: Paul Vollstedt, Gene Kuhl, Dale Vollstedt
Front: Darlys Vollstedt, Judy Kuhl

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