"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Mail delivery now and then...
Some things have changed a lot and other things have stayed pretty much the same...

December 23, 2020

Jacob Lage 1904 to 1954 both rural and town mail carrier

Elroy Schrum delivering mail to the Albert Ross & Darlene Graner home along East Street.

Fred D. Ross Garage (now Plastico) - Rural mail route carriers new 1934 Ford St. [standard] Tudor's sold to John Mohr (far left), John Zitzelsperger, J.M. Nagl, and Selby E. Livingston

V-mail from Wilmer Ranniger to Harry & Irene (Ranniger) Jansen

There Will Always Be A Christmas!

From Clousie Grimm to Elberta (Hagedorn) & Ernest Grimm

V stands for Victory during WWII - this symbol was later used as a "peace" sign holding up the index & middle fingers during the Vietnam War.

The letter was written on a normal size piece of paper and then was photographed and printed on a smaller postcard type slick paper.

All of them had a "passed by examiner" stamped on them.

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