Main Street Manning Raising Funds for Main Street Beautification With "Giving Tuesday" Campaign
Written By: Jean Voege, Main Street Manning Executive Director

Main Street Manning (MSM) is once again participating in Giving Tuesday, a global initiative designed to promote and support the good works of kindness and generosity done by nonprofit organizations throughout the world. While the official date of "Giving Tuesday" was December 1, MSM will be running this campaign until December 31.

The 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign continues a global initiative that began in 2012 with the simple idea "to do good works" in your local community. Donations received by MSM during the 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign will be used to purchase one new planter for Main Street as well as purchase the Main Street flowers that will be planted in Spring 2021. Main Street Manning has set a goal to raise $2,000 during the 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign. Beautifying Main Street allows MSM to continue its initiative to preserve our downtown and ensure that it continues to be a vibrant, thriving community. If the $2,000 goal is reached, the additional funds raised will be used to support initiatives that support our local businesses as the CO-VID 19 pandemic continues. To date, 5 donors have raised $285.

As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, donations to Main Street Manning (MSM) are tax -deductible. Donations to support the 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign can be sent to Main Street Manning - GT, PO Box 261, Manning, IA 51455. Electronic donations can be made by accessing

For more information about Giving Tuesday or how you can become involved with the activities of Main Street Manning, call 712-655- 6246 or send an email to More information about the Giving Tuesday 2020 campaign can also be found on Main Street Manning's Facebook page.

Main Street Manning Continues Investment/Pledge Drive
Written by: Jean Voege, Main Street Manning Executive Director

Main Street Manning (MSM) is in the midst of an "Investment/Pledge Drive", its first such campaign in three years. As a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, MSM is completely dependent upon the generosity of individuals and businesses to support its annual operating budget of approximately $40,000; funds are used to operate the organization as well as support the purchase of flowers and Christmas trees for the Main Street planters and community activities such as the costume photo contest held in conjunction with Trick or Treat on Main Street, the activities associated with Weihnachtsfest and Party on the Bricks.

To date, over 30 businesses and individuals have made a one-time donation to support MSM and an additional 5 have chosen to support MSM with a 3-year pledge. All monies raised during the Investment/Pledge Drive are reinvested in the Manning community.

Manning was granted status as a Main Street community by. Main Street Iowa, a component of the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) in May 2009 following a competitive application process that demonstrated a commitment to exceptionally high standards for downtown economic growth. Manning is one of over 50 Iowa communities and over 1,200 communities across the United States to hold this designation. Since 2009, MSM has played a significant role in the development of a welcoming downtown by working collaboratively with business owners in the Main Street District, the City of Manning and a host of volunteers to revitalize the historic downtown and to stimulate business, residential and recreational growth within the Main Street District.

Manning has a rich and exciting history as a Main Street community! Over the past 11 years, MSM has enjoyed much success and has played an integral role in a number of improvements on Main Street. MSM was able to secure significant grant funds to support the renovation of upper story apartments on Main Street as well as the $500,000 Community Development Block Grant that supported the Downtown Revitalization Master Fašade Project supporting owners of Main Street businesses to renovate their store fronts. Additional grants helped to support the renovation of business interiors as well as the installation of blade signage and awnings that gave Main Street a refreshed and inviting appearance.

Thanks to grant funds and the generosity of area businesses and individuals, MSM has been able to add many features such as banners, planters filled with seasonal decor, benches, trash receptacles and solid bronze statues to enhance Main Street. In 2018, MSM was able to install 12 lighted structures on Main Street that feature the city's four skyline features; the water tower, the Hausbarn, the train trestle and Trinity Church.

The Covid 19 pandemic brought many challenges to the Manning community. When COVID - 19 emerged in March 2020, Manning quickly found itself in a situation in which over 50% of Main Street businesses were closed by order of Gov. Reynolds or opted to curtail their business in such a way as to limit the spread of the virus. In response, Main Street Manning (MSM) quickly implemented a number of initiatives to assist the local business community.

Main Street Manning orchestrated the Manning Cares Stronger Together Gift Card Program which infused $32,180 into 30 participating Manning businesses between April 14 and May 18. The organization served as a local information hub by making phone calls to local businesses and preparing and distributing 11 weekly "Resources for Businesses" newsletters to help inform them about the ever-changing resources available to navigate the consequence of COVID-19. The organization hosted four successful "Drive-Thru" meals between May and October to provide a safe "social distancing" activity & support local businesses and organizations.

MSM has been able to enjoy great success because of a host of volunteers who generously donate their time and talent to a multitude of projects that help to make Manning a great community. Jean Voege, the Executive Director of MSM, is the only paid part-time employee of the organization.

While MSM has been successful in seeking funding to support a multitude of projects, it is important to note that none of the grant funds has gone toward the operating budget of the organization. As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, MSM is completely dependent upon the generosity of individuals and businesses to support its annual operating budget of approximately $40,000.

You are invited to join the 35 businesses and individuals who have chosen to support Main Street Manning by making a tax deductible investment to support the organization!

Financial investments can be made online by accessing Checks should be made payable to Main Street Manning and sent to PO Box 261, Manning, IA 51455. If you would like to set up an automatic monthly investment with Main Street Manning or have questions, please contact the Main Street Manning office at 712-655-6246 or email Additional information can be found on the Main Street Manning Facebook page.

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