Ron Reischl recently brought the Hawkeye Distinguished Veterans Award to my attention: Below you'll find out which Manningite received it.

Most people start out in life with humble beginnings, and then continue throughout their lives in the same way and the only recognition they receive is from their family and friends who saw what they did in life...
Some folks, though, do achieve some amazing accomplishments, but their foundation began in their communities.

You don't have to grow up in a huge city to achieve your goals...just like the fellow in this feature below.
He went out into the world and through his achievements he has given a tremendous image about the Manning community.

Take a trip through his past and see where his goals took him today.

Jefferson No. 1 country school
His education began in a one-room school house.
He learned from the older kids and later as a 7th & 8th grader would have helped the younger kids learn.

Page 129 of the Manning Schools history book

We interact and influence so many people and are also influenced by others.
Circa 1956

Back: Jackie Borkowski, Fred Gruhn, Duane Swensen, Robert Barten, Gene Wycoff, Mrs. Grace Andresen
Middle: Jane Christensen, Jeff Musfeldt, Jackie Moore, Gene Wycoff, Karen Borkowski
Front: Linda Barten, Laurel Musfeldt, Chuck Moore, Gwenda Borkowski

Junior High - Back: Charles Brotherton, Jeff Musfeldt, Phil Sextro, John Doyel, Jon Stein, Dennis Ohde
Front: Tom Schroeder, Albert "Butch" Jansen, Curt Grimm, Dan Pratt, Donald Kingsbury

Junior high football (undefeated) 1960-61 seventh and eight grade.

Back: Charles Brother - coach, Nate Dappen, Doug Kusel, Albert "Butch" Jansen, Tom Schroeder
Third: Don Kingsbury, Lonnie Kasperbauer, Gary Eischeid, Steve Ruhde, Craig Grau, John Doyel, Dan Pratt
Second: Hilbert "Huey" Hoffman - manager, Steve Rutz, Phil Sextro, Bill Ohde, Bill Saunders, Mike Hoffman, Jeff Musfeldt, Daru Ross - manager
Front: Mark Joens, John Beckman, Nick Dappen, Dave Hass, Steve Musfeldt, Steve Atkins, Dennis Vaudt

Merlin Musfeldt MHS 1939

Merlin & Delone (Brockman) Musfeldt with Genelle (Kruse) & Leland Kienast
Merlin was the son of Louie and Laura (Schroeder) Musfeldt

Merlin Musfeldt moving soil at the new Zion Lutheran church site November 21, 1960.
Photo from Merle Stoelk's collection.

Tom Schroeder & Jeff Musfeldt - at the Schroeder house.

Jeff Musfeldt - staying overnight at the Harold & Bernice Schroeder home.

Yes, even future Major Generals once wore PJs!

Jeff Musfeldt confirmation March 26, 1961 Zion Lutheran Church

Back: Lyle Borkowski, Jeffrey Musfeldt, Curtis Grimm, Steven Rutz, Craig Grau, Barbara Vollstedt, Linda Struve, Julie Monson, Gloria Jurgensen
Middle: Bette Kruse, Daru Ross, Janet Ranniger, Kay Kuhn, Donald Callender, William Ohde, Pamela Kusel, Judy Beck, Rebecca Eschenbacher
Front: Angela Kusel, Joan Ranniger, Thomas Schroeder, Donald Kingsbury, Jim Steinke, Pastor Eschenbacher, Janis Mundt, Phyllis (Jean) Graner, Karen Reinke

1963 school play - Back: Joan Ranniger, Jeff Musfeldt, JoAnn Peters, Karen Brady, Bill Ohde, Larry Ehlers
Middle: Carol Ranniger, Angela Kusel, Gene Ehlers, Steve Rutz, Sandra McGrath, Barb Vollstedt, Annemarie Schwartz
Front: Hilbert Hoffman, Dave Pfoltner, Larry Fischer, Kent Weible, Nate Dappen

National Honor Society - Back: Mike Edgerton, Tom Jensen, Joel Weible, Edward Stangl, Ray Dentlinger, Nate Dappen, Jeff Musfeldt
Front: Linda Struve, Sharon Grimm, Angela Kusel, Peggy Puck, Joan Ranniger, Janet Ranniger, Laurel Musfeldt, Diane Ventecher, Charles Brotherton - sponsor

Homecoming 1963 - girls on float: Liz Oakley, Laurel Musfeldt, Linda Barten

Pep Club initiation - probably 1964

Back: Eileen Dentlinger, Ruth Nepple, Jennelle Handlos, Linda Barten, Carla Freese, Dawn Singsank, Shirley Karsten
Middle: Janet Fischer, Laurel Musfeldt, Patsy Rowedder, Connie Ross, Kathryn Heithoff, Vicky Walters, Joyce Ranniger, Diane Venteicher
Front: Peggy Puck, Gloria Nissen, Elizabeth Oakley, Helen Reinke, Carolyn Wiese, Sandra Mohr, Kay Petersen, Bonnie Pfannkuch

December 1963 Future Teachers of America
Standing: Vicki McGrath, Carolyn Wiese, Sharon Grimm, Angela Kusel, Joan Ranniger, Della Miller, Kay Kuhn, Bonnie Pfannkuch, Peggy Puck, Joyce Ranniger, Miss Shirley Henney (sponsor)
Seated: Laurel Musfeldt, Carol Ranniger, Dian Tank, Patsy Rowedder

1964 Football
Standing: Kelly Pratt, Gary Knueven, Ron Arp, Rick Hargens, Michael Blum, Allen Muhlbauer
Middle: David "Nubs" Dammann, Dave Rauch, Mark Joens, Douglas Kusel, Steve Ruhde, Dennis Ohde, Steve Atkins, Nicholas Dappen, John Beckman, Bruce "Stump" Rutz, Tom Jensen, Charles Moore
Front: Nathan Dappen, Jeff Musfeldt, Phil Sextro, Dan Pratt, Craig Grau, Tom Schroeder, Mike Hoffman, Steve Rutz, Curt Grimm, John Doyle, Bill Saunders, Ray Dentlinger, Lonny Kasperbauer

1965 MHS graduates: Connie Anthony, Irma Borkowski, Lyle Borkowski, Nathan Dappen, Ray Dentlinger, John Doyel, Paul Edmunds, Gene Ehlers, Rodney Ehlers, Jane Espenhover, Phyllis Jean Graner, Craig Grau, Curtis Grimm, Joyce Handlos, Jerry Hargens, Hilbert Hoffman, Michael Hoffman, Leroy Irlbeck, Joleen Irlmeier, Albert Jansen, Charlotte Joens, Kathy Johnson, Linda Kasperbauer, Lonnie Kasperbauer, Karen Klocke, Bette Kruse, Linda Kruse, Kay Kuhn, Angela Kusel (valedictorian), Pamela Kusel, Robert Miller, Julie Monson, Harlan Moore, Jacquelyn Moore, John Moeller, Janis Mundt, Jeff Musfeldt, Rose Nepple, Lois Oakley, William Ohde, JoAnn Peters, Dan Pratt, John Ramsey, Rebecca Ramsey, Carol Ranniger, Janet Ranniger, Joan Ranniger (salutatorian), Karen Reinke, Larry Rohe, Daru Ross, Steven Rutz, William Saunders, Tom Schroeder, Philip Sextro, Gay Singsank, Karen Spieker, Jon Stein, Jim Steinke, Linda Struve, Gretchen Tank, Barbara Vollstedt, Donna Wegner, Jerry Walsh, Robert Wetzel

1965 former students: Toni Apicelli, Judy Beck, James Becker, Patsy Beese, Karen Borkowski, Donald Callender, Mark Curl, Vincent Curl, Terry DeBoth, Douglas Domayer, Gary Eischeid, Rebecca Eschenbacher, Craig Farnham, George Ford, Larry Galvin, Ernest Golwitzer, Jan Hamers, Cathie Hartman, Steve Joens, Gloria Jurgensen, James Keat, Donald Kingsbury, Sherri Loucks, Mary Martens, Gary McKinney, Linda Meaike, Wanda Mersman, Susan Muhlbauer, Ronnie O'Lear, Michael Patrick, Jack Plahn, Richard Poley, Marlene Schiltz, Michael Sebern, Karen Simcoke, Joan Tauber, Rolla TenEyck, Candace Waterbury, Jackie Wiese

Major General Jeff Musfeldt
Manning Memorial Wall Dedication August 17, 2003 at 1:30 PM


Jeff Musfeldt with Chuck Ehlers (Vietnam Veteran & Manning Fireman)

Jeff Musfeldt with John Weible (WWII Veteran who I have no military pictures and very little history)

Jeff - I need to get the original photo to make a high resolution scan to replace this one.


Brigadier General Jeffrey M. Musfeldt
Manning Monitor
November 27, 1997

Brigadier General Jeffrey M. Musfeldt is the Vice Commander of Tenth Air Force. Tenth Air Force consists of nine wings of aircraft, two detached flying groups and one detached flying squadron with over 12,000 per­sonnel, comprising all of the Air Force Reserve fighter, special op­erations, space operations and res­cue units. In June 1969, the gen­eral was commissioned as a second lieutenant through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Program and received his pilot wings at Reese Air Force Base, Texas, the following year. He is a command pilot with 4100 hours of flying time, including combat time in Southeast Asia.
A 1965 Manning High School graduate, Jeff Musfeldt pinned on the rank of Air Force Brigadier General on August 13, 1997. Deputy Chief of the Air Force Reserve Command, Briga­dier General John Bradley, did the honors in Washington D.C., with General Musfeldt's wife, Laura, in attendance. In December, Briga­dier General Musfeldt will be reas­signed from Vice Commander, Tenth Air Force, to Twelfth Air Force as the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander in Tucson, Ari­zona.
As a civilian, he is a Burger King franchisee, owning one of the top ten volume restaurants in the country. General Musfeldt was born and raised in Manning, Iowa. He is married to the former Laura Hale, and has three daughters and two sons. Parents are Delone Jones of Carroll and the late Mer­lin Musfeldt.
General Musfeldt was the commander of the 303rd Fighter Squadron when they achieved an overall Outstanding Operational Readiness Inspection in 1991. He played a key leadership role when the 442nd Fighter Wing earned two Outstanding Unit Awards. General Musfeldt is an instructor in the Air Force Reserve's Squadron Com­manders Course and was instru­mental in developing the Air Force Reserve Command's mentoring program.
Major awards and decora­tions are: Meritorious Service Medal with one oak leaf cluster; Air Medal; Air Force Commenda­tion Medal with one oak leaf clus­ter; Air Force Commendation Unit Award with one oak leaf cluster; Combat Readiness Medal with seven oak leaf clusters; National Defense Service Medal with one oak leaf cluster; and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

Manning, Iowa Native Earns Rank of Major General
A U.S. Air Force Reserve leader was honored at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona after his promotion in February. Major General Jeffrey M. Musfeldt, the mobilization assistant to the commander of Twelfth Air Force and U.S. Southern Command Air Forces, earned his second star and pinned on the rank in a ceremony held on his behalf.
His mother, wife and three children joined him at the promotion ceremony presided over by Lieutenant General Doc Foglesong, the 12th AF and USSOUTHAF commander.
In June 1969, the general was commissioned as a second lieutenant through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Program and received his pilot wings at Reese Air Force Base, Texas the following year.
He is a command pilot with 4,100 hours of fighter time, including combat in Southeast Asia.
Major General Musfeldt was born and raised in Manning, Iowa graduating from Manning High School in 1965. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Deputy Inspector General of the Air Force
Major General Jeffrey M. Musfeldt is the Deputy Inspector General of the Air Force, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Pentagon. General Musfeldt assists in overseeing Air Force inspection policy and criminal investigations; counterintelligence operations; complaints, and fraud, waste and abuse programs; intelligence oversight; and two field operating agencies -- the Air Force Inspection Agency and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.
General Musfeldt was born and raised in Manning, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1969 with a degree in Mathematics and was commissioned a second lieutenant through the Air Force ROTC program. The following year he earned his wings as a distinguished graduate of Undergraduate Pilot Training at Reese Air Force Base, Texas. The general is a command pilot with 4,100 hours of flying time, including combat time in Southeast Asia. He has maintained mission ready status for over 27 years of his flying career in the F-4, A-7, F-16, and A-10 aircraft.
General Musfeldt has been associated with the Air Force Reserve Professional Development Center for the past 14 years, instructing more than 1500 squadron commanders during that time. Additionally he was instrumental in developing the Air Force Reserve Command's mentoring program. In his civilian career he was a multi-unit franchisee owning some of the highest volume restaurants in the Burger King system.
He is married to the former Laura Hale and has five children: Ashley (27), Natalie (25), Annie (16), Austin (14) and Adam (13).

Hawkeye Award

2020 Hawkeye Distinguished Veterans Award Recipients Honored In University of Iowa
Each recipient will be recognized with a plaque
By Press Release Desk, News Partner
November 13, 2020

2020 award recipients
Lt. Commander Kennith R. Culp (ret)
Captain Howard Kerr (ret)
General Don Kutyna (ret)
Colonel Sue Moorhead (ret)
Major General Jeffrey M. Musfeldt (ret)

Traditionally, a formal public event would be held at the Iowa Memorial Union.
Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will instead hold a virtual event on Thursday, November 12, 2020, from 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm.

Jeffrey M. Musfeldt was born and raised on a farm in Manning, Iowa. He graduated UI ROTC as a second lieutenant with a mathematics degree in 1969. Thirty-eight years later, in 2008, he retired from the United States Air Force having achieved the two-star rank of major general-serving his final five years at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., as the deputy inspector general of the U.S. Air Force.
During his highly decorated career, Musfeldt was a combat-ready fighter pilot for 27 years, flying the F-4 Phantom, A-7 Corsair II, A-10 Thunderbolt II, and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. He accumulated more than 4,000 hours of total flight time, including combat time in Southeast Asia and the Balkans.
As a regular instructor at the Air Force Reserve (AFR) Commander's Course, Musfeldt instilled the concept of the "culture-focused commander" in more than 1,500 new commanders. This expertise also made him instrumental in instituting the AFR's Total Quality Management and Mentoring Initiatives.
In 2017, Musfeldt communicated with Hawkeye Football Coach Kirk Ferentz, suggesting a potential pre-game sideline formation structured around proper etiquette for our national anthem. Ever since, this display of patriotism has been an inspiration to all who have witnessed it.
Now retired, Jeff Musfeldt actively volunteers for a variety of faith-based initiatives in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

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