I finished with the Ohde collection about a week ago and here is an interesting picture I ran across.
I sent a scan of it to Bill Ohde to see what information he could provide and below the picture is some information that led me to the Wohlers name.
I searched for that name in my database and ran into a picture postcard from 1912 that featured the 30th Anniversary of Manning.

First National pictures was bought out by Warner Brothers.
Actors ??, ??, George Dethlefs, Mary (Ohde) Wohlers?, Ida Dethlefs, Mary's daughter-in-law, Frances?
Ida and George used to go to Long Beach sometimes in the winter. I suppose they toured a studio.
The first two to the left are probably actors.
Then comes George Dethlefs.
Now a guess- next to him might be Mary (Ohde) Wohlers, Ida's half sister, they lived in San Pedro, or that area.
Then Ida
Then to the right might be Mary's daughter-in-law, Frances.

Years ago, when Janet and Doc Myer first came to Manning, I remember my mother finding out Janet's maiden name.
My Mother's recollection was that the Wohlers had some connection in the Bee Bee Town area, where Janet was from. Hence, not surprising that the postcard was mailed to Mo Valley.
"Bertha" might be Ida's half sister, (full sister to Mary) Bertha Ohde Nissen. Sounds logical, but there were many "Berthas."
Mary Ohde and Walter J. Wohlers (d. 1942) had three children: Walt, Paul, and Gordon. Ida spoke of them. Walter (Jr) I think had only a daughter, Ann. So, Lynne must be the single off-spring of Paul or Gordon. I don't know about Lillie.
Biedenfleth is about 30 miles from Erfde (Ohde), Busum (Dethleffs), and near Burg, Raa, Elmshorn, and many others, -- all towns where my family, all branches, originated, near the Elbe River, southern Schleswig-Holstein.
Peter Roggendorf is from Haderslieben, however, near the Danish border.
Lynne's narrative sounds accurate. Peter Roggendorf did have some connection to the Aspinwall school. I noticed this in the pages you scanned from the Aspinwall history book.
When Peter Roggendorf took the family to Germany, Ida said that they stopped in Michigan City, Indiana, to visit Heesch relatives. Jives with what Lynne said.

Picture postcard from Janet (Wohlers) Myer

2020 view of the 1912 picture below.

30th anniversary of Manning parade - 1912

Below is what the original postcard looks like before I restored/repaired it as seen above.
J. Lienemann - Carpenter back left, B.R. Doty - Millener to right
This area is the present day post office and alleyway to the south.

To Lillie Wohlers in Missouri Valley, from Bertha in Manning

Below is some information that Lynne Wohers sent me in 2003.
I'm currently trying to reach Lynne.

I have an OHDE relative in Texas named Leslie Luth, and a WOHLERS relative also in Texas named Jeff BAHR. Fred Buck is also an OHDE/WOHLERS relative. It's been a long time since I heard from Fred, but I believe he lives in Denison.
Both Leslie and Fred are connected to the OHDE's of Aspinwall and Manning.
Jeff is connected to my WOHLERS ancestors, and perhaps has some information about them in Manning.

I just emailed Ruth Ohde, and told her I have a photo of her grandmother, Ida Roggendorf Dethlefs, that I will email her, and of course, you too.

The photos I am sending you are of: (here's a lot of information)

1. Feb 1918 Ida Roggendorf sitting on a porch with two children, one is Ken Dethlefs, the other Bernice.
2. 1909 - group picture on the boat to Germany, includes three Ohde gilrs, Ida and John Roggendorf
3. Dethlefs home in Manning
4. Group of people sitting in old cars, including my grandparents, Walter and Marie Ohde-Wohlers. I believe Bertha Ohde-Nissen and her husband are in one of the cars, and also Peter Roggendorf.
5. The Lage Family
6. June 22, 1913 - Walter & Marie Ohde-Wohlers. Marie is holding a baby. Included are Minnie Ohde-Lage and her husband Alfred Lage. (My Dad and I do not know who the baby is. My Uncle Walt Wohlers was born in Sept. 1913, and Marie does not look 6 months pregnant. Whoever wrote the date of June 22, 1913, could have been wrong?)
7. Bertha Wohlers-Bohn (Bertha was my grandfather's, Walter Wohlers, sister.)
8. The Ohde sisters (Marie Ohde is in the middle sitting, and she looks about 5 years old?. Marie was born in 1890, so this is probably taken in 1895?
9. Peter Roggendorf as an adult. Peter was the second husband of Margaretha Heesch-Ohde. (Bill Ohde in Manning has the original photo)
10. Henirich Ohde - my great grandfather - as an adult. (Portrait photo)
11. Riesendampfer Amerika "This is the ship that took us to Germany" - I believe Ida Roggendorf Dethlefs wrote this.
12. "W.J. Wohlers Lumber" in Scobey, Montana. This was my grandfather's lumber company, that his half brother, Rudolf J. Wohlers, helped him with. They moved from Manning in 1913/1914 to Scobey.
13. The five OHDE girls as adults, three sitting, two standing.
14. 1909? "Seeing New York" A group of people on a open air tour bus, including Peter Roggendorf, Marie Ohde and her sisters. They probably took this tour before getting on the boat to Germany in 1909.
15. Year? Anna Kohrs - my great grandmother. Anna was the mother of my grandfather, Walter Wohlers who married Marie Ohde. The picture of Anna looks like a Confirmation picture, and had to be taken in Germany, because she is very young, 15 years old?, and didn't leave Germany until 1880/1881. Anna was born in 1846 in Buxtehude, Germany. Anna married Joachim Wohlers, my great grandfather. Joachim (I will send a photo of him too) died in 1891 in Lyons, Clinton County, Iowa. In about 1895, Anna, her two step children, Auguste and Rudolf Wohlers, her two children by Joachim, Bertha and Walter Wohlers, moved to Manning, Iowa.
Anna would later marry in 1898 to Jacob (sp?) Rohde, and Jacob is buried in Manning.
My grandfather, Walter Wohlers, his wife Marie, sister Bertha, and mother, Anna Kohrs-Wohlers-Rohde, lived on 3rd Street in a big white house on the corner in Manning.

Below are 4 of the pictures Lynne writes about - I don't know why the other pix are not in her folder in my database. She scanned them and e-mailed them - maybe they were not attached or I somehow lost one of the e-mails that had them.

Hopefully I can reach Lynne and get those originals from her to scan in high resolution...

Ohde sisters, Minnie, Bertha, Celia, Anna, Mary (Marie)
They are the daughters of Heinrich (Henry) and Margaretha HEESCH-OHDE.
Lynne's grandmother, Marie, is sitting in the middle of the front row.

Here are the Ohde sisters as adults. The studio that took the picture is Lyden in Manning.

Lynne's grandmother, Marie, is standing on the left. She doesn't know who is who for the other sisters, only their names: Minnie, Bertha, Celia, Anna.

Ida, Bernice, Ken Dethlefs 1918

Dethlefs house in Manning

Another e-mail from Lynne Wohlers in 2003
Great to hear from you! My grandmother was Marie OHDE, daughter of Heinrich (Henry) OHDE and his wife Margaretha HEESCH. Margaretha HEESCH-OHDE is my great-grandmother!
Margaretha HEESCH was born about 1857 or 1859? Margaretha HEESCH's family came from Beidenfleth in Wilster in Schleswig-Holstein. In 1997, while I was studying at the University of Bielefeld in Germany, I took a train up to Beidenfleth to meet my HEESCH relatives, Margaretha's family's descendants, on the HEESCH farm. I met Hans HEESCH and his family. Hans admitted he doesn't know exactly how he is related to my HEESCH line, but he has all the family history information that someone in his family did, and he didn't figure it out yet.

In 1909, my grandmother Marie OHDE, her two sisters, step sister Ida ROGGENDORF, step brother John ROGGENDORF, and step father, Peter ROGGENDORF, took a trip on a boat to Beidenfleth in Wilster in Schleswig-Holstein. This was after the death of Margaretha HEESCH-OHDE in 1909.

I have only one photograph of Margaretha HEESCH that Art Fielweber gave me on my visit to Manning, Iowa, in 1990. This photograph, which dates to 1892, is in a Centennial History Book of Aspinwall, Iowa. The photograph shows Margaretha HEESCH-OHDE, my grandmother Marie OHDE and two of her sisters, Aunt Anna HEESCH, and Hans HEESCH, and people in the neighborhood. Margaretha's father's name was Hans HEESCH. Margaretha was supposed to have a brother who lived in Chicago around that time.

On my trip to Manning in 1990, I met William OHDE and his wife, who own the OHDE Funeral Home, Art Fielweber and Ruth Lage-Schroeder. I also met some people with the last name of DETHLEFS, who are related to my OHDE line by marriage.

I would love to see the photo of Anna HEESCH and "grandpa" HEESCH, as I only have one photo of them, as I mentioned above, and know very little about them. For example, did they live in or around the area of Aspinwall.

I also have a relative in Australia, John HEESH, that is related to my HEESCH line.

I will look for the photograph of Margaretha HEESCH from 1892, and scan it for you. It is at my parents house, and I will be over there this weekend for Mother's Day, so I will get it then.

I will try to get as much information as I can on my HEESCH descendants. John HEESH in Australia sent me most of it some years ago.

My grandparents, Walter WOHLERS and his wife Marie OHDE (her mother was Margaretha HEESCH), married in 1912 in Manning, and stayed there until about 1913/1914, then moved to Scobey Montana, where Walter opened the "W.J. WOHLERS Lumber Company"

My grandmother, Marie OHDE, was one of five girls born to Heinrich (Henry) OHDE and Margaretha HEESCH-OHDE. Heinrich died in 1892, and Margaretha remarried to Peter ROGGENDORF in 1894/95? Peter was a School Principal in Aspinwall.

Unfortunately the Fielweber pictures, mentioned below, must have been thrown away after Art & Frances - Ardith Lage did not get them and I don't know if any of the other Fielweber family members kept them...if anyone has these pictures please let me know.
Another e-mail from Lynne Wohlers in 2003

Art Fielweber has lots of photos of OHDE's tucked away in a closet in the hallway of his house. I remember that, because he had to get up high to reach the box, so we could look at the photos. Perhaps there are some of the HEESCH family?

Ruth Schroeder has a little rocking chair that she told me belonged to Heinrich (Henry) OHDE and Margaretha HEESCH, and it could have been my grandmother's? (Marie OHDE-WOHLERS), or maybe one of her sisters'? My memory isn't too good on this one, but if you ask Ruth, I'm sure she will remember who it belonged to. Perhaps Ruth has some OHDE/HEESCH photos/stories too?

I will be at my parents tomorrow for Mothers Day, and will look for as many photos as possible, OHDE, HEESCH, WOHLERS. I do have a photo of my great grandparents, Heinrich (Henry) OHDE and Margaretha HEESCH-OHDE, possibly on their Wedding Day, although, Margaretha is not wearing a traditional wedding dress, but she is dressed nice.

While Walter WOHLERS and his wife Marie OHDE-WOHLERS lived in Manning, Walter's mother, Anna KOHRS-WOHLERS-ROHDE lived with them. Walters half brother, Rudolf WOHLERS, who lived in Fontanelle at that time (1913/1914) moved with the family to Scobey, Montana in 1913/1914, where Walter opened his own Lumber Company, and Rudolf assisted him. Walter is in the History Book of Daniels County, Scobey Montana, talking about him and two other people who had lumber companies.

If you are a Wohlers descendant/relative or any of the other surnames mentioned above and have Manning connected pictures and information please e-mail me.

Dave Kusel

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