If you are young, get involved in the community and enjoy your youth - one day you'll wake up and realize you've gotten a lot older and if you never got involved in the community, you won't have much to show in life or reminisce about as you continue to get older...

When John Ohde told me today (December 2) that the city is repainting the railing in the pool, I immediately went back 32 years in my mind...I painted that railing with a brush along with several other volunteers who I can't remember right now.
I took a few pictures on Wednesday and was surprised at how bad the metal tubing had rusted in the last few years.

The city crew is sand blasting the old epoxy paint off the metal and Puck Enterprises is painting the railing.

December 2, 2020 railing on the pool balcony.

December 16, 2020 renovation

1988 John Ohde welding the sections of railing together.
Dave Kusel holding the other end.
John & I are trying to remember if MJM made the railing sections...

Finished painting

Dave Kusel painting the lane lines.

I can lay claim to being the first person in the pool.

John came up with the idea to put a sump pump in the water to feed the gutters and get the pool filtering system going quicker.
John Ohde & Barry Kusel hooking up the pump, with John's dog "Gypsy" assisting :-))

Dave Kusel video taping more of the pool construction with his RCA camcorder.
Someday I need to digitize all of the video I took of the Rec Center renovation and pool construction.

Open house & pool party.

It is amazing at how many Manningites have passed away since the pool was built.
Clifford "Bud" Manning Johnson is seated at the table, I can see Darlene & Ross Graner in the hallway, Gib Phillips in a white shirt and back to the camera, and Amos "Skip" Lohmeier on the right.
My good friend, Allen Dammann behind the pool office window.
Al was the Pool Manager and a life guard in 1988 and shocked everyone with his passing this year.
Another person who has since passed away and also was a big promoter of the pool is Ruth Ohde in the green bathing suit.
Other swimmers are Charlie Croghan, Craig Hacker, Tom Wittrock, and Bill Ohde. I can't tell for sure who the other gals are.

The 1988 pictures I scanned were taken by Bruce Beasley and Doc Robert Vonnahme...

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