When someone gives me a picture or someone sends a few pictures back to Manning they don't want, or I purchase off e-bay, I put them in a pile, for later scanning.
I finally decided to scan this pile that has been growing since 2017. Below are some examples.

If you have picture/postcards of this type or from different angles, please contact me. I'd like to make high resolution to super high resolution scans of them.
Maybe you have purchased pictures/postcards off e-bay or the Internet - please get them to me to scan...I pretty much have scanned images of most of the postcards that were printed back during the early to mid-1900s, but every now and then I'll find one I didn't have or have a very good scan of.
OR even if you have the same photo I'm showing - your original might be in better shape than the one I scanned - so contact me anyway!

More importantly so I can add them to my very unique and one of a kind historical Manning digital database.

Circa 1972

Remember these fun days when people dressed up in silly costumes?
I don't know who "Pucker Power" is but that is Robbie Grundmeier (front) and Dale Hinners behind the old Firemen's hose cart.

If you are over 60 and went to school in Manning since Kindergarten you should remember this school between First and Second Streets.
I've run into a number of originals that were colorized but this one I just scanned is the best of all of them. Virtually no scuffs, scratches, or other type of damage that is so very common with pictures.

I made a super high resolution scan of it - 40x24 inches and saved in TIF format. I envision making large prints or banner type images of scenes like this someday for a future museum or other locations in Manning.

1916 view when this school building housed Kindergarten through 12th grades.

Back side of picture postcard.

I always also scan the backside of postcards if there is a message or other pertinent information such as "Published by Schelldorf Brothers, Manning, Iowa"

Here is the message: Maud Cadwell, Manilla, Iowa 1916
Dear Kid, Well I have been here since Monday and think I will be here the rest of the week. I have not seen Toots yet. Yours with love, F.E.W.


Let's see how observant you are.
What is historically unique/interesting about this picture above...something you can visually see.
Below are the answers
The church building, Manning's first, was dedicated August 26, 1883, and is still standing and in use. A basement was added in 1917 and in 1939 the building was enlarged to include a pastor's office, choir room and chancel. In 1960, the building was enlarged by adding four classrooms, a new kitchen, and a new manse.

It is a treasure when I find old pictures on e-bay that are identified...here are a few that were identified but sadly many more that were not identified - like so many pictures I run into.
I'm sure someone out there has some of them or similar ones and they might be able to help me ID them or at least figure out which family they are connected to, but sadly I get very little assistance.
I had hoped back in 1996 when I started my web page that I would get a lot of help with Manning history. I have received some help, but it comes slowly and by bits and pieces.
I guess that most people really aren't interested in history/genealogy, other than some are into their own personal family history but not interested in helping with my Manning history projects.

As you can see, this next Lyden Studio picture is badly deteriorating and will need lots of digital repair but still in good enough shape to be worth the restoration time...I just don't have time right now.
But the great thing about it is the names were written on back which saves me endless searching and time spent trying to find out who they are.

Manning Band

Back: Willie Dohse, Frederick Herre, John Kaschube
Front: Robert Herre, Henry Dohse, John Krouse

William Carpenter - Kyrk & Company photography, Manning
I am always amazed at how many photographers/studios were in Manning over the years.

Mr & Mrs Navin with daughter Mary - Lyden Studio

Written on the picture: "cousin Frank Powell" - Blocker studio
Powell was not a very common name in Manning - August Ross married Vera Powell but I have no idea if there is a connection. August was a brother to Fred Ross - owners of the Ford Garage in Manning.
Vera (Powell), August Ross
Scanned from the Ross collection

These funeral memorial cards were quite common years ago.

Mary (Milligan) Judson

Unknown - Lyden Studio

This image is nothing unique as far as funeral home pictures.
But what's on back of the picture/postcard is the unique historical aspect I'm glad to have now.

Ohde Funeral Home 1931

Fairmont Creamery before it became the Manning Creamery

Manning Light Company

The Manning Bakery, home of the famous "Blue Ribbon Bread" was opened in April, 1917.
Alfred Sinn ran the shop at 814 Third Street (once occupied by the McMahon Feed and Seed Store), for nearly 25 years. His retail outlet was at 304 Main Street.

Main Street sometime after 1915

Main Street sometime before 1915 - Manning Plaza & old hospital block

1929 Magenta line "Essex" Yellow line "Monitor" Red line "Schelldorf Drugs" Blue line "Dr. Smith" Green line Lake Produce

Note the blue line: there is a 2nd flag pole down on the 3rd Street intersection.

C.J. Holling - Aspinwall

Mail Delay - Train Late

Tank & Hoffmann 1896

Greenbay Lumber - E.C. Finkbine, manager 1893

First National Bank 1893

1914 trestle bridge construction

graffiti before this huge section of bridge was set in place

Think of all the manual labor it took to build this bridge!

Claus Bruhn 1906
Services for CLAUS BRUHN
Born August 30, 1874 Tielen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Entered into rest April 18, 1948 St. Anthony Hospital Carroll
Age 73 years, 7 months, 13 days
Services held at Zion Lutheran Church April 22, 1948
Clergyman Rev. John M. Ansorge
Interment Manning Cemetery April 22, 1948
Pall Bearers: Ed Kruse, Wilbur Anthony, Ben Otto, Henry Lamaack, Louie Dammann, Marcus Kuhl
Remember that Claus is a first generation immigrant and was learning to write/speak in English.

I'll attempt to write it more clearly...some of the words I can't figure out.
Dear Sir, I want to write you that I got two bottles of the white medicine. I got one on January 31 and the other on February 2 and I mailed you another money order for $1.
Yours Truly, Claus Bruhn, Rt. 4 Box 50, Manning, Iowa.

Reid's Feeds in Manilla
I think that Virgil Reid worked at and/or was a partner in this business.

Unknown baby - L.E. Goreham photographer, Manning

How fast a family can disappear from Manning history!!!
Mercedes was my Sunday School teacher. She, her husband, and both of their children are deceased.

Mercedes (Strosahl) & Clarence "Peg" Bowers

Richard Bowers MHS 1959

1960-61 cheerleaders

Dian Tank, Faith Sanders, Jerolyn Hinz, Kay Bowers, Frances Grimm, Judy Laurinat

Below are several pictures that were part of a collection I purchased on e-bay several years ago.
Unfortunately NONE of them were identified, but a lot of them were taken by Manning studios.
Most of them are in very good shape - around 40 total in this collection. I only did some quick touch-ups with the pictures but more repair will eventually be needed...

Somehow these pictures ended up in Lyons, Iowa.
Hopefully someone might have an idea of which family this was and then contact me.

Composite scan of 6 small pictures (3x2) taken by C.G. Hansen & F. Blocker photographers.

Backside of 2 of the pictures.
There are 12 other prints of this size but photographed in Lyons, Iowa, or other studios.

Unknown family and studio

Unknown children - Lyden Studio

Unknown couple - Lyden Studio

Unknown men - Lyden Studio

Unknown couple - Lyden Studio

Unknown man - Lyden Studio

Unknown children - Lyden Studio

Unknown girls - Lyden Studio

Unknown girl - Lyden Studio

Unknown men - tin type image

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