When I come up with an idea to share on my web page, it always seems to get overly-involved, because I end up running into something I'll have questions about or find an error or some mismatched information.

I recently purchased a John J. Schroeder token on E-bay.
I already have several of these same tokens but they are very rare historically so if I see one I try to get it.
This time I decided to feature the scans of it on my web page and then provide some background - EASIER said than DONE!

There is more than one John Schroeder and at least 2 John J. Schroeders from the time frame.
While searching for this Schroeder line, I had to separate all of the other Schroeder families, who may or may not be related to John.
While searching I noticed/remembered that I had several different spellings of a family name who married into this Schroeder family - Ronnfeldt & Roenfeldt & Ronfeldt & Rönfeldt.
I'm sure they are the same family and either someone changed the name way back when or one is a spelling error - a big problem when working on genealogy and history...partly because it is human to make errors but there are a lot sloppy wannabe genealogists/historians.

So I'll do my best to present what I think are pictures of relatives connected to John J. Schroeder.



First I had to determine which John Schroeder had the garage, and fortunately I had both his and the other John's obituaries.

John & Hattie (Opperman) Schroeder
John J. Schroeder, son of Henry and Wiebke Schroeder, was born on March 25, 1876, at Bryant, Clinton County. On March 7, 1902, he married Hattie Opperman, and the couple farmed south of Manning. In 1914 they moved to Manning, where Mr. Schroeder operated a garage. Later he had a plumbing and hardware business. Mrs. Schroeder died on March 1, 1958. John was also preceded in death by his parents, a brother, Charlie and a sister, Mrs. Chris (Anna) Ehrichs. He is survived by a sister, Mrs. Bertha Ehrichs, Norfolk, Nebraska. Mr. Schroeder died early Monday, December 16 at the Mental Health Institute in Clarinda.

I often write how Manning's history is really my family history, with all of the connections I have and can show in the various feature stories I have on my web pages.
Chris and John Ehrichs are my great-uncles.

John & Bertha (Schroeder) Ehrichs
Married February 21, 1906
John was born August 18, 1877 and died October 3, 1949
Bertha was born February 7, 1886 and died October 30, 1968
They were the parents of Malinda "Lindy" Anderson
John was the son of John & Anna (Jurgensen) Ehrichs

Chris & Annie (Schroeder-Kruse) Ehrichs
Married January 25, 1911
Chris was born October 23, 1875 and died June 4, 1943
Annie was born October 29, 1880 and died June 9, 1929
Chris was the son of John & Anna (Jurgensen) Ehrichs

I also searched the 1981 Manning Centennial book for information about John Schroeder.
This is the only entry about his business.
John Schroeder had a garage and repair shop at 503 Main Street, where he offered the Oldsmobile automobile, U.S. Tires, Crosley radios and accessories.

Fortunately, I'm persistent with finding and digitizing Manning's history and ran across this picture in the Roland Derner collection that his daughter, Linda, has fortunately saved instead of being thrown like so many younger generations have done with their own family history.
According to the Derner family, Hans Derner and John Schroeder had the Independent Implement Store at 503 Main Street from 1913 to 1915.
Here is an amazing picture from the Derner collection. I assume that John Schroeder is in the photo but don't know which he is for sure.
Hans Derner is 4th from the left...
John Schroeder possibly 3rd from left.

There are no bricks on Main Street which means before 1915, the Wyatt Hospital is not in the background which means before 1926, and you can see the water tower (back left) and the George & Ida Dethlefs home in the middle background.

G.F. Dau building
Built in 1914

Gotch Garage destroyed by fire 1947

2003 view - built in 1948 by Manning Motor Company

Now back to the John J. Schroeder family history...

Aspinwall Centennial book
Brother of John J. Schroeder

Charles Schroeder, son of Henry and Wiebke Schroeder, was born November 7, 1877 near Manning. He lived in this area all his life. His father bought a farm in Iowa Township, Crawford County, and when he retired from farming Charles moved to the farm.

February 22, 1905 Charles married Margaretha Schultz. She was born at Stolp Pomerania, Germany September 22, 1881, to William and Wilhelmina Schultz. She and her mother came to America in 1892, and they first stayed in the home of her mother's uncle near Wall Lake.

After Charles retired in 1919, he, Margaretha, and their family moved from the farm to Aspinwall, where they bought an acreage from Chris Hollander on the east end of town. The acreage included three acres of pasture, so Charles bought some cows and the children did the milk chores, selling milk to a number of families in town.

The family included three children, Wilhelmina Amanda (Mrs. Art Fuss), Marceline, Missouri, born December 18, 1905; Henry Wilhelm, Manilla, born May 6, 1909; and Gertrude Viola Mork, Irwin, born June 5, 1912.

Charles lived in Aspinwall until his death in 1959. Margaretha lived there a few more years and, because of failing health, moved to Eventide Nursing Home in Denison, where she passed away in 1970.

Aspinwall history book

Henry Schroeder, son of Charles and Margaretha (Schultz) Schroeder, was born May 6, 1909 northwest of Aspinwall. In 1919 his parents moved to Aspinwall and Henry graduated from the Aspinwall School in 1924.

In 1936 he was married to Hertha Petersen of Denison. They made their home northwest of Aspinwall for nine years. In 1945 they moved to a farm one mile north of Aspinwall and lived there for 26 years. In 1972 Henry sold the farm and moved to Manilla, and for nine years worked for Boyd Merrick.

They have three children, Margaret, Deloris and Roger.

Margaret graduated from the Aspinwall School in 1951 and from Manning High School in 1955. She was married to Howard Kuchel, and they had three sons, David, Don and Mike. Howard and son Don are deceased. Margaret works at L.R. Nelson in Manning.

Deloris graduated from the Aspinwall School in 1953 and from Manning High School in 1957. She is married to James Neuland and they have one daughter, Susan Marie. Jim is a truck driver. Deloris and her husband live in Woodbine.

Roger graduated from the Manilla School. He is married to Ellen Thraen, of Harlan, and they have two children, Jerry and Gail. Roger lives in Clear Lake and works for the Leigh Cement Company of Mason City.

This family name, like I'm sure the other Schroeder families of the Manning area, was spelled Schröder with the umlaut, which is spelled Schroeder when you drop the umlaut.

If you are related to this family, maybe you don't have some of this information or pictures - PLEASE don't just grab things for your research and then not contact me to help me with a much bigger and more important historical research project - Manning's family history.

I looked through obituaries to try to figure out John's ancestry. Then I went to the Manning and Aspinwall Centennial books to see which if any of the Schroeder families provided their histories.
Here is what I found and part of John Schroeder's family.

First, I was glad I had Heinrich Schroeder's obituary. It gave me names of his siblings and children, BUT since Schroeder is such a common name, I'm struggling to determine for sure if some names I'm finding are a siblings or child and not from a different Schroeder family.

Deceased Heinrich Schröder
At the age of 73 years, 1 month, and 5 days, on last Saturday (the 24th), Heinrich Schröder slipped away to the other side. He was born on February 19, 1844, in Hohenwalde, Holstein, Germany, grew up there, came to America at the age of 20 years, resided for the first years in Davenport in this State, moved later to Clinton County, Iowa where he married in 1875 Miss Wiebke Oltermann. In 1877 the couple came to Carroll County and six years later they possessed a farm near Aspinwall in, Crawford County, which they operated with great success until the year 1904. Then one of the two sons who grew up there took over the farm at which time the parents retired to Manning.

Father Schröder brought his earthly possessions to this land which through diligence and perseverance and with God's blessing and with the growth of his family achieved a fortune which made it possible to enjoy his final years in contemplation. He was outfitted with robust health until last October when an inner suffering fell on him, which lead him to seek medical assistance, which although did not bring a cure at least brought relief until he was delivered to his destiny, when called by the grim reaper. To mourn him are the grieving widow and four children, two sons-in-law, two daughters-in-law and ten grandchildren. The names of the first (generation) are: John Schröder and spouse Hattie in Manning, Carl Schröder and spouse Margaretha in Crawford County, Annie, wife of Christ Ehrichs in Crawford County, and Bertha, wife of John Ehrichs in Aspinwall.

Further, three brothers and a sister: Jochim Schröder in Schleswig, Iowa, Peter and August Schröder near Manning, and Mrs. Johanna Ronfeldt in Clinton County and many additional relatives and friends. The (funeral) procession took place on Tuesday afternoon in the hall of the society, following a solemn memorial service held in the same place, at which Pastor G. Krumm officiated and the church choir of the Peace (Church) congregation assisted. The participation in the (funeral) procession was very large and demonstrated the esteem in which the deceased stood and in which the survivors are still held. The internment of the deceased followed in the local cemetery. May he rest in peace.

Below is Heinrich's sister, Johanna.
Now I need help from the Schroeder/Ronfeldt family.
Heinrich's obituary has the spelling as Ronfeldt...maybe it should have been Rönfeldt?
I have another source that spells it Roenfeldt
Then I also have other pictures with the name Ronnfeldt.

Hopefully someone can clarify the spellings and let me know if they are all one in the same family.

Johanna Schroeder & Hans Roenfeldt - Fields Studio, Lyons, Iowa

Someone sent me a scan from a history book which is the same picture above and has a printed name.

Here is a different spelling from another family collection.

Herman P. & Catherina (Ronnfeldt) Mundt

All I know is this is a Ronnfeldt.

So any help with this family will be greatly appreciated!

August Schroeder write-up from the Manning Centennial book
If you are a relative/descendant and can help me with your Schroeder connections - PLEASE e-mail me.

August & Caroline (Tank) Schroeder
August, brother of Heinrich Schroeder and uncle of John J. Schroeder

August Schroeder, born at Schleswig, Germany, April 23, 1860, came to the United States with his parents in 1866. They settled in Clinton County, where August received his education. At the age of 23 he ventured westward to Carroll County and engaged in farm work.

Caroline Dorothy Tank, born in Rendsburg, Holstein, Germany, September 29, 1866, came to the United States with her parents at the age of two years. She was the last member of the family of children of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tank. They settled in Davenport. A year later they moved to Benton County and lived there until 1875, when they moved to a farm in Washington Township, about six miles north of Manning.

August and Caroline met and later were united in marriage June 3, 1885. The couple lived more than 40 years in the Manning and Westside vicinity. They had 10 children: Clara, Willie, Harry, Albert, George, Otto, Alma, Hilda, Herbert, and Lolida.

Clara and her husband Carl Petersen had two sons, Elmer and Leonard. Leonard married Neva Kaspersen and had three daughters: Cynthia and her husband David Bateman are the parents of Shannon and Brian; Kristy and her husband David Marchino are the parents of Jesse and Amy; and Karla is married to John Terry.

Willie and his wife Elsie Joens had a daughter Lorraine and son Berdell. Lorraine and her husband Alfred Dammann have two children: Dianne is married to Robert Riley and they are the parents of Robert, Cindy, Mark, and Julie; Dennis and his wife Linda have a daughter Christine.

Harry and his wife Elsie Schumann had two sons, Elden and Harold. Elden and his wife Ruth Lage Nissen have three sons, David, Paul and Daniel, and a daughter Sara. Harold and his wife Edna Roecker have four daughters: Sister Sharon; Dianne Smith, who has a daughter Natalie; Jerri, married to Joe Coleman; and Kimberly.

Albert and his wife Alma Petersen have two sons, Berdette and Russell. Berdette is married to RoseAnn Beebe; they are the parents of five children: Georgia (Mrs. David Conrad); Janna (Mrs. Larry Madrem), who has daughters Amy and Susan; Michael, married to Ginny, with a son Joshua; Penny (Mrs. Kevin Niceswanger); and Todd. Russell and his wife Jean Manford have two sons: Dudley and David, who is married to Marcia and has a daughter Jacqueline.

George married Marie Petersen and has a daughter Clariss. Clariss and her husband Floyd Brandt have two children: Sally, married to Edward Lutz and with a daughter Meredith; and Craig, whose wife's name is Cathy.

Otto and his wife Elsie Kusel have a son Glen. Glen is married to Arlene Subbert, and they have four daughters: Pamela (Mrs. Alan Kusel) has two children, Amy and Beth; Connie is not married; Carlys is married to Allen Stribe; and Jerilyn is married to Terry Buzzard and has a son David.

Alma married Charley Meyer and had four children, Marvin, Clayton, Shirley and Lyle. Marvin and his wife Janae are the parents of three children: Benny, who is married to Janice; Leslie, whose wife's name is Mary; and Sue, who is married to James Chidester. Clayton and his wife Helen have four children: Clark; Marla (Mrs. Mike McKee); Lisha; and Tammy. Shirley and her husband Clifford Spack have two children: Rickey and his wife Kimberley have a daughter Heather; Carol and her husband Dallas Lile have a daughter Trudy and two stepchildren, Anthony and Michelle. Lyle and his wife JoAnn have five sons: Charles and his wife Robin have a daughter; Lynell; Jerry, who is married to Lori; Stanley; and Darwin.

Hilda is married to Albert Karsten and had two sons, Gerald and Wilbur. Gerald and his wife Joyce Jensen have three children, Douglas, Dana and Darla. Wilbur and his wife Marlys Rutherford had seven children: Jeffery; James, who is married to JoAnn; Jan, married to Dan Lorenzen, and who has two children, Amy and Andrea; Joni; Julie; Josef; and Jason.

Herbert and his wife Leona Grimm have three children, Wayne, Marilyn and Cleone. Wayne married Lila Mohr; they have three daughters: Linda and her husband Gary Anderson have a son Quinten; Susan and her husband Larry Stangl have three children, Monica, Kristi and Andrew; Debra is married to Daniel Weis. Marilyn married Dale Jons and they have four children: Barbara married Patrick Wuestewald and they have a son Adam; Steven; Janine; and Doreen. Cleone married Frederick Podey, and they have five children: Lyle and his wife Sheryl have a son Nathan; Lucinda and her husband LaMonte Crichton have two children, Crystal and Travis; Sandra; Roger; and Donna.

Lolida married Edwin Wegner; their children are Duane, Robert and Allan. Duane and his wife Arlene Ladehoff have four children: Gail is married to James Richardson, and they have two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica; Karen and her husband Gary Odendahl have two children, Angela and Laurie; Dean and Roger. Robert and his wife Shirley Hansen are the parents of Debra, Tommy, David, Nancy, Dale, Bruce and Kyle. Allan and his wife Joyce Stuhr are the parents of Brent, Tamara (deceased) and Bradley.

Here are some pictures of the August Schroeder branch...

Back: George Schroeder
Front: Otto Schroeder, Albert Schroeder

1959 Schroeder reunion at the Manning Legion Hall

Back: Herbert, Albert, Harry, Otto, Willie
Front: Lydia Wegner, Hilda Karsten, Alma Meyers, Clara Petersen

Albert & Alma (Petersen) Schroeder

Carl & Clara (Schroeder) Petersen family

Lolida Wegner family

Back: Otto Schroeder, Elsie (Kusel) Schroeder
Front: Glen Kusel's girls Pam, Connie

Back: Harry Schroeder, Eldin Schroeder, tall man?
Middle: ??, Ruth (Lage) Schroeder, ?? , ??
Front: maybe Eldin & Ruth's kids

Back 4: Wayne Schroeder
Third 3:
Second 4: Lila (Mohr) Schroeder
Front 3

Charles & Alma (Schroeder) Meyer family

Back: Gerald Schroeder, Joyce Jensen Schroeder, Hilda Karsten, Marlys Karsten, Wilbur Karsten
Front: Doug Schroeder, Jeff Karsten, Jim Karsten, Jan Karsten

Peter Dethlef Schroeder
brother of Heinrich Schroeder and uncle to John J. Schroeder

One of the pioneers in the Manning area was Peter Dethlef Schroeder. He was born April 5, 1852, in Hohenfelde, Holstein, Germany. Mr. Schroeder spent his childhood days in his native country. At the age of 14 years, he came with his parents to America and landed in New York on July 4, 1866. Their destination was Clinton County where his parents settled on a small farm.

In 1877 when he came to Carroll County he purchased 80 acres of land five and one-half miles north of Manning, where he broke the Prairie. His next purchase was another 80 acres, which adjoined the first 80, from Henry Hoffman Sr. This is now the home of the Vernon Irlmeier.

In 1878, he was united in marriage with Lena Ronnfeldt at Lyons. They came to Carroll County, and settled on the groom's farm. Their marriage was blessed with one son, who passed away at the age of three years. His wife passed away in 1883. In 1885, he married Bertha Ronnfeldt at Carroll. Bertha Ronnfeldt Schroeder, was born September 10, 1865, in Clinton County. She spent her childhood, and received her education, in eastern Iowa.

In 1907, Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder purchased another 80 acres of land across the road from their place. This place is now the home of the Ron Odendahl family.

The Schroeders became the parents of eight children: Herman, Lillie (Mrs. Albert Joens), Amanda (Mrs. John Frahm), Laura (Mrs. Walter Joens), Lena (Mrs. John A. Joens), Elmer, Elsie (Mrs. Alfred Rix), and Edna. Five children are deceased and the three living children are residing in Manning; they are Lena Joens, Elsie Rix, and Edna Schroeder. There are 13 grandchildren: Lewis Schroeder, Merlin Schroeder, Kenneth Schroeder, Norman Schroeder, Gilmore Joens, Harold Joens, Clifford Joens, Lois Joens Hargens, Robert Joens, Delores Rix Kuhn, Donald Rix, Allen Rix and Larry Rix. Peter Schroeder passed away, June 27, 1945, and Bertha Schroeder passed away April 4, 1954.

Here is some information I got from Delores Kuhn in 2004:
Delores (Rix) Kuhn's grandparents are Bertha Ronnfeldt who married Peter D. Schroeder
Delores' parents are Elsie Schroeder & Alfred Rix

Linda (Meggers) Frank's grandmother is Kathryn Ronnfeldt
Bertha & Kathryn Ronnfeldt are sisters.

I don't have any pictures of Lena Ronnfeldt.

Peter & Bertha (Ronnfeldt) Schroeder

Bertha & Peter

August 3, 1886, Herman Ludwig Schroeder was born to Peter and Bertha Schroeder in Washington Twp., Carroll Co. He was the eldest son and spent his early days helping his parents on the farm.

February 28, 1912, he was married to Amelia Rowedder. After their marriage, they located on a farm north of Manning, and lived there until his death at the age of 42.

They were the parents of six children: Lewis, Merlin, Kenneth, Norman, and two (Arlo and Alice), who died in infancy.

After Herman's death, Amelia lived in the Manning area for a number of years, then moved to Wolsey, South Dakota, and took Kenneth and Norman with her. Lewis and Merlin remained in the Manning area, worked on various farms and lived with relatives. Today, Merlin and Lewis still live in Manning and both are married. Lewis and Alma have retired. Their son Lowell, his wife Betty, and their children, Julie, Janet, and Jennifer, live on the farm. Their daughter Judith, her husband James, and their children Debra, LineLe, and Ted live in Holstein.

Merlin and Florence have a feed store in Manning. Their son Ronald, his wife Faith, and their children, Elizabeth and John Brian, live in Des Moines. Their son Keith lives in Manning and works in Templeton.

Kenneth and Norman have remained in South Dakota and both are married. Kenneth and Phyllis live on a farm. They have two children, Monica and Gary, and a son-in-law Terry.

Norman works for the Postal Dept., and he and Lurane have two daughters, Rhonda and Valerie, sons-in-law Craig and Rex, and grandchildren Chad and Megan.

Amelia passed away December 8, 1963.

Aspinwall book

Lewis, son of Herman and Amelia Rowedder Schroeder, was born April 9, 1914, on a farm five miles north of Manning.

Alma, daughter of Charlie and Emma (Grau) Pfoltner, was born June 6, 1919, on the farm place 1/4 mile north of Aspinwall. Alma attended school in Aspinwall up to the eighth grade, and then went through ninth grade in Manning.

Lewis and Alma were married November 22, 1939. After their marriage, they lived on various farms around Manning, and then in 1949, they purchased the farm of Frauke Pfoltner, Alma's grandmother, and they moved there in 1950. They resided on this farm until 1975, when their son Lowell took over the operation of the farm, and Lewis and Alma retired to Manning. The farm place is located 1 1/2 miles west of Aspinwall.

Lewis and Alma are the parents of two children. Lowell and his wife, the former Betty Davis, live on the home place with their three daughters, Julie, Janet and Jennifer. Judy married James Boysen and they have three children, Debra, Linette and Ted; Judy and Jim operate their own business in Holstein.

The family are members of Zion Lutheran Church in Manning.

Lowell Schroeder was born January 28, 1944, to Lewis and Alma Pfoltner Schroeder near Westside. The family moved south of Manning and lived there until 1950, when they moved to a farm 1 1/2 miles west of Aspinwall. Lowell attended rural schools until the eighth grade and then the Manilla Community School. In his sophomore year he was transferred to Manning and graduated in 1962. After graduation he worked at various jobs in Exira and Atlantic.

Lowell was married to Betty Davis, daughter of Dallas and Marie Blue Davis, February 9, 1964 in Anita. Lowell worked at the pork plant in Harlan for 13 years and the family lived there for two years. In 1966, they started farming with his father, and moved to an 80 acre farm two miles west and 1/4 mile south of Aspinwall. In 1975, when his parents retired to Manning, Lowell and his family moved to the home place where they live today.

Lowell and Betty are the parents of three daughters, Julie Lynette, 15, a sophomore; Janet Leigh, 14, a freshman, both attending the Manning Community School, and Jennifer Laine, two, at home.

Lowell has been a director of the Aspinwall Co-op for the past six years, and was on the board of the Aspinwall Community Club for three years.

The family are members of the Zion Lutheran Church in Manning.

All I know is the lady is a Schroeder - from the Linda (Meggers) Mundt collection

If you have other old Schroeder and Manning related pictures, please let me know.
Dave Kusel

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