Mark Spack

Mark Spack MHS 1969

Mark Allen Spack
June 21, 1951 - March 18, 2020

Survived by his loving wife of 33 years, Patti; daughter, Emily; sister, Linda (Michael) Abildtrup; brothers-and sister-in-law; and nieces, nephews, and countless close friends. Preceded in death by parents, Victor and Arlene (Ruhde) Spack; sister, Janice; brother, Michael, nephew, Eric Spack; and his beloved dog, Riley.

He attended school at the Manning, Iowa, Community School system and graduated high school in 1969. He was a letterman in football and basketball, and he played trumpet in the band. He went on to graduate from Northwest Missouri State University with a BS in Education and then entered into a successful career in the insurance industry. Mark remained close to dear friends in his hometown of Manning, Iowa. He took every opportunity to re-connect and share time with them through the years.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of the University of Iowa football and basketball programs and the New York Yankees. He played softball and co-ed volleyball and enjoyed collecting Hawkeye, Yankee, and Northwest Missouri State memorabilia.

Mark took great joy in life and he shared that joy with everyone he met. In addition to sports, he loved books, music, art, a wide range of collectibles, and his favorite activity was to entertain and share good times with his family and the many friends who loved him.

A Celebration of Life gathering will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please direct memorials to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

1969 MHS graduates: Darrel Baker, Russell Baker, Paula Beck, Stephen Carlyle, Robert Case, John Croghan, Julia Croghan, Darlis Dammann, Karen Dentlinger, James Dobler, John Dobler, Kathy Felker, Pamela Foley, Bruce Grimm, Pamela Hargens, Sandra Hass, Mark Heinicke, Paul Hiatt, Kathy Hinze, Kit Hockett, John Hornberger, Lydia Hugeback, Fred Irlbeck, Sue Irlmeier, Terry Jensen, Kathleen Joens, Lyle Karsten, David Kasperbauer, Kerry Lohrmann, Curt Long, Juan Maranon, Mark McNutt, Eddie Meiers, Dale Moeller, Larry Mohr, Greg Moore, Lois Muhlbauer, Betty Mundt, Judy Nissen, Dale Pfannkuch, Kathy Potthoff, David Rohe, JoAnn Rohe, Dennis Rowedder, David W. Schroeder, Michael Schwaller, Mark Spack, Donna Spieker, Pat Sporrer, Irene Stangl (valedictorian), Larry Stangl, Nancy Stoberl (salutatorian), Kenneth Sturm, David Taggart, Gale Tibben, Linda Turner, Sandra Vinke, Felix Vogl, Jr., David Vonnahme, Steve Walters, Myra Jean Weems, Gail Wegner, Janice Wegner, Barbara Wiese

1969 former students: David Determann, Jackie Frahm, John Frahm, Paula Frisinger, Mary Jo Haase, Steven Heuton, Diane Hinz, Penny Hunter, Joey Irlmeier, Terry Joens, Bonnie Jurgensen, Danny Keat, Janeen Kienast, Glen Kuhl, Doug Maasen, Terry McConnell, Bonnie Meggers, Nickie Mount, Diane Muhlbauer, Sheryl Musfeldt, Alvin Nepple, Ann Pearson, Janice Pfannkuch, Marcus Popp, Lanny Porsch, Deborah Ricke, Becky Schwiesow, Mary Swander, Richard Talboy, Michael Wegner, Stephen Wittrock, Debra Wood

Do you ever take the time to think about how many people we interact with and probably influence (both good and bad) over the span of our lives?
Take a look at the large number of different schoolmates and classmates the Spack family interacted with, just during their school years.

Arlene (Ruhde) Spack

Back: Dorothy, Hulda, Arlene
Front: Virgene, Harold
Marge not in picture - living in South Carolina

Linda Spack MHS 1966

Michael Spack (Trinity Lutheran Church Lincoln Township confirmation)
MHS 1963

Mike Spack

October 1, 1963 the sophomore float entitled “Royal Visions of Victory” featured victory queen Vicki Wanniger seated on her elevated throne.
The remaining royalty are L-R: Jeanie Lamp, Sue Schrum, Linda Spack.
In car left to right - front: Doug Kusel, Steve Ruhde
Back: Mark Joens, ??
Car probably belonged to Harold Ruhde, Steve's father.

Gail Vinke, Larry Fischer, William Chandler, Gary Gruhn, Mike Spack, Robert Fischer
Class of 1963 in 1955

Back: Linda Spack, ??, Kathy Fischer, Janice Mundt, Kathy Olsen, ??, ??
Middle: Joyce Karsten, Jeff Wegner, ??, ??, John Beckman
Front: Robert Nissen, Lynn Ramsey, Larry Farrell, Gary Jones, Mark Joens
Probably the first grade members of the MHS class of 1966

5th grade class Back: Ann Blum, Mike Spack, Bruce Fischer, Gary Gruhn, Patricia Oakley, Vicki Atkins, Judy Laurinat
Middle: Wayne Ross, ??, Carolyn Pratt, Kenneth Keat, Jr., Bill Chandler, Kay Hass, Teresa (Shoemaker) Fitzsimmons teacher
Front: Kenard Carstens, Joyce Irlbeck, Vergene Reinke, Patrick Callender, Kathy Asmus, Nancy Dammann


Back: Dennis Rowedder, David Schroeder, Dale Moeller, John Hornberger, Ron Leitschuck, coach
Middle: Larry Stangl, Dale Pfannkuch, Larry Mohr, Gale Tibben, Charles Brotherton, coach
Front: Bruce Grimm, Jim Dobler, Mark Spack, Robert Case, Eddie Meiers

1961-62 Standing: Mr. Rod Wilbeck - Director, Charlotte Joens, Pam Kusel, Donna Foley, Jeanne Mundt, Julie Mundt, Joan Ranniger
Back: Carol Ranniger, Patsy Popp, Gloria Popp, Ann Blum, Tom Schroeder, Don Kingsbury, Geri Dammann, Mike Spack, Bruce Fischer, Harlan "Harkie" Moore, Diane Rowedder, Gloria Mohr, Marcia Friedrichsen, Sheryl Hill, Bob Brus, Janet Ranniger
Middle: Gloria Schroeder, Gene Ehlers, Carolyn Pratt, Kay Kuhn, Linda Mundt, Joy Hansen, Bill Ohde, Angela Kusel, Kent Weible, Larry Ehlers, Kathy Johnson, Georgia Brus, Gene Wycoff, Linda Ohde, Dianna Volquartsen, Norma Ahrendsen
Front: Bev Thompson, Colene Anthony, Ruby Dammann, JoAnn Peters, Karla Kusel, Joan Graves, Becky Eschenbacher, Ann Detlefsen, Larry Fischer, Betty Thompson, Sandra McGrath

Sophomore float, third place #68 Tom Irlbeck
John Dobler sitting on the car with Mark Spack just barely in view.
October 1962 pepclub initiation: Jean Lamp, Linda Spack, Donna Ramsey, Sharon Grimm

Back: 54 Mark Heinicke, 42 Terry Jensen, 58 Mark Spack, 61 John Croghan, 41 Bob Case, 46 Steve Heuton, 60 Larry Mohr, 66 John Dobler, 50 Dennis "Box" Rowedder, 47 John Hornberger, 51 David Schroeder (Harold's son), 74 Lyle Karsten, 43 Dale Moeller
Middle: 75 Stanley Schwiesow, 83 Ron Arp, 64 Gary Knueven, 49 David Schroeder, 37 Ricky Hargens, 57 Bruce "Stump" Rutz, 81 Darrell Weems, 73 Clinton Chandler, 82 Steve Musfeldt, 68 Allen Muhlbauer, 69 Jim Fink, 80 Dennis Vetter
Front: 68 Michael Blum, 84 Nicholas Dappen, 70 James Wegner, 72 Tom Jensen, 85 Douglas Kusel, 39 Dennis Ohde, 57 Chuck Moore, 71 Kelly Pratt, 45 David "Nubs" Dammann, 44 David Rauch, 65 Lloyd Nepple, 76 Mark Joens

Remember the white picket fence along the athletic field?

1960-61 basketball season Back: Barry Kusel, Tom Bromert, “Coyote LeRoy Joens, Bill Graner, Gary “Max” Gruhn
Third: Roger Hansen manager, Wayne Ross, Pat Callender, Mike Spack, Eugene Beckman, Donald Wagner, Gary Mundt
Second: Head coach Robert Downs, Gene Wycoff, Robert Brus, Dale Musfeldt, Bruce Fischer, Kenard Carstens, LaVern “Butch” Spieker, Assistant coach Dale Johnson
First: Richard Vaudt, Gordell Lamp, Paul Mundt, Fred Nulle, Tom Bennett, Paul Spieker, Gary Rowedder

SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM B Fourth: Butch Spieker, Lyle Zinke, Mike Spack, Gene Wycoff, David Souter, Roger Schroeder
Third: Julie Mundt, Carolyn Pratt, Darrell Weise, Diane Rowedder, Stan Schrum, Vergene Reinke, Sandra McGrath
Second: Kenny Schrum, Carolyn Ward, David Pfoltner, Janet Nulle, Lois Zerwas, Gale Segebart, Mrs. Letha Johnson - Sponsor
Front: Kenny Spies, Betty Swank, Jeanne Mundt, Wayne Ross, Gloria Popp, Gail Vinke, Patricia Oakley, Kenny Zubrod

1959 Back: Ken Schrum, Fred Gruhn, Kenard Carstens, Butch Spieker, Lyle Zinke, Curt Jansen, Jim Hansen, Pat Knueven, Mike Spack
Third: Butch Jensen, Dale Hinz, Mahlon Lamp, Roger Kuhl, Ron Schroeder, Terry Adamson, Dave Nelson, Gary McNutt
Second: Tom Bennett, Roger Hansen, Jerry Callender, Lenny Carstens, Steve Mock, Gordell Lamp, Alan Kusel, Ken Boell, Pat Kasperbauer
Front: Paul Spieker, Keith Justice, Ken Doyel, Ron Timmerman, Dave Sextro, Randall Jansen, Marvin Vennink

Mike Spack MFD 1981
August 08, 2012
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the school IDs.
At one time in a past e-mail did we discuss military pictures and information for Mike?
I searched for Spack in my computer database.
I have a picture of Mike when confirmed at Trinity Church - when he was a fireman in Manning.
A graduation picture of you and your sister Linda.
I have Mike's obituary but that is about it for Spack information.
Also, was Cliff Spack your uncle?
Did he also serve?
Did you serve in the military?
Any help you can give for information and pictures for the Manning Veterans' history book project will be greatly appreciated.
Take care
Dave Kusel

February 28, 2013
Hi David,

Sorry for procrastinating in responding to your email, I really do enjoy your website! You deserve a tremendous amount of praise and credit for maintaining and updating not only your website but for your contributions to the history of Manning as well.
I don't have a lot of information concerning my brother's time in the Army. He was inducted in 1965 and took his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood. I do remember him telling me a story before he shipped out to South Korea on how the assignments were handed out after his class's graduation from basic. Apparently the men (boys) were lined up in a single file while a Sgt. went down the line handing out their destinations. Mike said all he heard as the Sgt. approached him was "Nam, Nam, Nam, etc. for almost everyone in front of him, when the Sgt. finally touched his shoulder, it was 'South Korea". The guy behind him got West Germany, and then the "Nam" chant began again down the line.
In South Korea he was assigned to the Honor Guard and spent the rest of that time in Korea with that outfit. While in Korea, he was able to hook up several times with another Manning classmate, then serving in the army, Patrick Callender. Apparently they had a pretty good time when they hooked up on leave.
After completing his tour in Korea, he was sent to Fort Hood and assigned to the 2nd Armor Division ("Hell on Wheels"). Again I remember him telling me not only was it hot and dusty, but before taking his seat in an armored personnel carrier, he had to check it to make sure there wasn't a rattlesnake warming itself up a little. He was honorably discharged in 1967. Under separate cover, I will be mailing to you two pictures of my brother taken while he was in the service.
Cliff (Pat) was my dad's brother so yes he was my uncle. My cousin Rick Spack is Pat's son, and I'm sure he has pictures of Pat who was in the thick of the fighting in WWII. He fought in Italy, landed at Anzio I believe, and then landed in France with an armor outfit and fought until Germany's surrender driving a Sherman. My dad was the youngest and since he was farming, he was not drafted.
I also had another Uncle from Manning that served, Rockley Wiese (he's on the wall in Manning). This was Dorothy Weise's husband and Brad Wiese's father. I don't know a lot about of his service during WWII except that was taken prisoner shortly after landing in France and spent the war as a P.O.W. My other uncle in Manning that served in the war was Harold Ruhde. I know he was in North Africa and the Middle East while serving in the army.
As far as me David, let me put it this way; I graduated in 1969 at the age of seventeen, since my father has passed away, "Uncle Sam" said he could help pay my way thru college (Social Security) or send me to Viet Nam. I chose toga parties over rice paddies. I have tremendous respect for all our veterans, but it seemed like the right choice at the time. Still does.
Let me know if you have any questions and keep up the good work.
Mark Spack

I know this is not a very sharp/clear photo (actually out of focus because the photographer moved) of one of the Kindergarten classes, but if you can help with IDs please do so.
Also, if you have a better image and/or one of the other 1 or 2 Kindergarten classes, please let me know so I can scan them...

Kindergarten class

I know that is Pam Foley with the black scarf, middle row left
Back row 3rd from left looks like Dale Pfannkuch - unless he went to country school for Kindergarten

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