Almost daily I go into Manning to take pictures of things going on around the community. Right now they are building a new bridge on Center Street and Caseys is doing the ground work where they will build their new store - at the old Al Rix Standard station...IF I had more time I'd like to show more of those activities, but there are only so many hours in the day.
The new fiber optics system is ongoing and I take some random pictures here and there - Home Mutual is renovating the old Bunz building, and there are always projects the city crew are working on along with the Rec Center and the trail system.
There are also lots of other private projects going on that I will randomly take some pictures of those activities.

Center Street bridge construction July 16, 2020

July 15 Caseys new location

July 17

July 30 - the old Hansen & Bunz law office - new location of Home Mutual
July 22 Kiosk at Trestle Park

Orr Lawn Care will have a Rose Garden display along May Street sometime this year.

What is really amazing are all of the things going on behind the scenes that very few people, even those who live in Manning, realize.

I also listen to the public during my daily interactions. I hear good comments and complaints, but I wonder if some of those complaints would be stymied if that person paid more attention of ALL of the GOOD things that go on and more importantly, spend more time finding out about ALL of the things that people/groups (they complain about) do quietly behind the scenes and get absolutely no recognition or credit...MOST of whom do NOT want any recognition!!!

Here are a few examples of how amazing a little town like Manning is...We are doers - not protestors, builders - not destroyers.
I'm so proud of ALL of the people who do things behind the scenes - WHAT would Manning look like if they did NOT exist ???

The Manning Police are busy behind the scenes at almost all parade type events on Main Street. They have to make sure the street is cleared, they are also around in the background to make sure the event stays safe.

The US flag is PROUDLY displayed in Manning.

Manning Monitor July 30, 2020
Police Report:
The Manning Police Department assisted with Grand March for Prom.

Chief Hansen participated in a Zoom meeting with Carroll County Communications and local School Districts.

Carroll County Communications advised that with the purchase of their new radio equipment they were also able to place 1 emergency radio in the local schools at no cost to the school districts.

Reserve Officer Ashbrook has completed training in Report Writing, Motor Vehicle Law, Recognizing Impairment, Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting, Working with Your Community, and Community Policing.
Chief Hansen and Officer Girard have become certified proctors through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and are now able to test new hires in the Police Officers Standard Test (P.O.S.T.) and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (M.M.P.I.) Testing.

The Manning Police Department was awarded a grant for $125,000.00 through the United States Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). This grant is to be used to hire a 4th Officer for a minimum of 4 years with emphasis on providing School Based Policing and Community Safety.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call me, stay home, stay cool and stay safe!
Chief Sam Hansen

Mark your calendars! IKM-Manning Gala rescheduled for March 20, 2021

The IKM-Manning Gala was, like most other events across the area and beyond, postponed when the pandemic hit Iowa in March. At the time, the committee was hopeful it would be able to reschedule the 2020 event sometime this spring, summer, or fall, or possibly host a virtual gala, similar to what was done for the Friends of Kuemper Ball. However, after extensive discussions, the Gala Committee, with input from Superintendent Trevor Miller, decided last week to cancel the gala for 2020. They decided the best option is to cancel and reschedule for Saturday, March 20, 2021, at the Irwin Community Building.

Committee members indicated that they looked at the school calendar and attempted to schedule the event with the least amount of conflict with local organizations, especially those based in the school districts' communities.

Presently, everything is the same as was planned for the 2020 Gala. A meal will be catered and served by Lidderdale Country Store. Cupcakes will be baked by Melanie Girard, entertainment will be provided by Big Daddy Addy, and Jared Muhlbauer will serve as auctioneer for the live auction.

The committee also decided to automatically transfer all the auction items (both live and silent), raffle tickets, gala tickets, and reserved tables from the 2020 gala to the rescheduled 2021 event. However, if there is anyone who wants a donated item and/or money returned for tickets and tables, they should initiate the process by contacting a committee person.

Committee members: Jean Stadtlander, Rose Miller, Beth Williams, Sherry Huehn, Gina Carroll, Jeremy Carroll
Watch for more information about the 2021 Gala in coming months!

2018 Gala at the Hausbarn

I'm always amazed at how generous the community and its businesses are!
The items up for auction are all donated.
Lots of communities are always complaining about not enough money from the government (federal/state/local) but in Manning we have groups and organizations that work hard and raise money (all volunteers) to help support our school system.

Since Manning is a rural community, items like seed corn are donated by companies and auctioned off.

We also have a lot of "good sports" who are willing to do silly things and have FUN.
Political correctness is thrown out the window here.

Not every man has the "legs" to wear a dress : -)))

Did you know that Manning has had a hospital since 1927?
How many communities of under 2000 population can say this???
Manning Monitor Ad:

Among MRHC's 135 employees are a large number of alumni of Manning, Manilla, IKM and IKM-Manning who proudly serve the healthcare needs of the area.
Alumni shown include, Stacy Arp, 2004; Wendy Bandow, 1989; Shelli Barsby, 1982; Amy Benton, 1988; Jill Arp, 2000; Jackie Blackwell, 2010; Joy Blom, 1992; Kala Chapman, 1999; Kathy Freese, 1987; Robin Heaton, 1999; LeeAnn Christensen, 2004; Julie Lamp, 1984; SheHi Lorenzen, 1985; Sarah Lorenzen, 2003; JoAnn McNutt, 1971; Dan Rosonke, 1983; Liesa Meislahn, 1975; Taylor Potthoff, 2008; Janet Schroeder-Brus, 1985; Jen Morris, 1999; Renee Stangl, 1975; Brad Wiese, 1985; Chris Wiese, 1979; Susan Zeman, 1982.

MRHC staff members Wendy Bandow, Sheik Lorenzen, and Jackie Blackwell, MRHC board member Jake Ranniger, along with MRHC CEO Linn Block present a sponsorship donation to Gala committee members Elizabeth Leo and Todd Stadtlander.

"This is our 6th year of support for the IKM-Manning Gala. Manning Regional Healthcare Center supports the IKM-Manning School District as their students are our future staff. Manning Regional is one of the larger employers in the community and we value the relationship we have with the school. We frequently provide learning opportunities to students and encourage them to explore the employment opportunities hospitals offer. MRHC currently employs over 25 IKM-Manning graduates, and we look forward to employing the future generation of MRHC staff members."
Linn Block, CEO.

Wyatt Memorial Hospital - in memorium by Orren Wyatt to his brother, Merlin.
Merlin was a partner and died from the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic.

Manning 50th anniversary parade in 1931

Keep up the good-work Manning - You are TOPS! and second to NONE.

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