We see so much misuse, abuse, and even criminal use of technology, and also people doing unbelievably irresponsible things during this Pandemic...take a look at this group of amazing girls and the technology they used for GOOD...

The Children's Voice Chorus
"Our Voice of Miami girls couldn't rehearse in person because of the Coronavirus situation, so we decided to send some love out to the virtual world by dusting off an old song that means a lot to us. Here's our first try at a virtual choir with Bridge Over Troubled Water arranged by Kirby Shaw."

"Cool" video clip

Now to show you a tribute to Arthur Rix, who was 10 years old when the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic occurred...he lived through a lot of Manning history, and was a member of Der Manning Liederkranz. This Verein had its beginnings in 1883 and transitioned through the years, stopping during WWI & WWII, and then ending sometime in the 1950s. The group was brought back for the 1981 Manning Centennial and then continued on and off for the next 10 years.
It was brought back one last time in 2010 for Art's funeral. Below is a video excerpt from his funeral - the men still sound amazing even with only a few short practices before the service.

1910 Sing fest in Omaha
Peter Rix front row 3rd from left (Art's dad)

I Saw the Light - Art Rix funeral service

2010 Liederkranz Members at Art's funeral - Back row: Duane Monson, Ron Halbur, Richard Schumacher, Norbert Weitl, Ron Langel
Middle Row: Paul Hiatt, Robert Gaffney, Warren Puck, Richard Schmidt
Front row: Melvin Renze, Gene Thiedeman, Larry Genzen, Claus Bunz, Stan Baack, John Ulrickson, Leroy Schultes
Director: Tom Ulrickson
Pianist: Sue Feilmeier

1993 Back: Leroy Schultes, Richard Crandall, Marshall Brown, Joe Kotvall, Norbert Weitl, Ron Halbur
Middle: Dean Fara, Larry Schultes, Arthur Rix, Kenneth Puck, Warren Puck
Front: Larry Genzen, Ron Spies, Melvin Renze, Claus Bunz, Paul Hiatt

I spent countless hours visiting with Art & Ila (Claussen) Rix - picking their memories about Manning history and bugging them endlessly for IDs of old pictures.
I also bugged a lot of other Manningites of this generation - the Arps, Johnsons, Detlefsen, Wiese, etc, but Art was my main go-to person - mostly because he lived the longest of them all at 101.

Since the passing of all of these Manning pioneers, I've come up with an endless number of questions that I'll probably never get answered now.

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