Another piece of the Manning military puzzle came together when Ann (Voge) sent me information that David Hamer was a Civil War Veteran.
I had his obituary but it did not mention his service during the Civil War, BUT did mention his funeral service was held at the G.A.R. Hall in Manning.
At the time I got this obituary from a relative I should have put 2 and 2 together and realized he would probably be a Civil War Veteran since his service was in the hall, but not until Ann confirmed he was a Veteran did I realize it.

In 2002, Nancy Hamer contacted me and was looking for information about David and his wife, Eliza (Cave) who are buried in the Manning Cemetery.
I didn't have anything but she e-mailed me very low resolution scans of 2 pictures, along with some family information and the obituary.

I tried her e-mail address but the message bounced back - SO if anyone is in contact with Nancy or she sees this message, I would like to get in contact with her again.
Here are the 2 pictures and obituary.

David and Eliza (Cave) Hamer

Grandmother Hamer, daughter Rose Mary McCarty, and Granddaughter Eliza McCarty

The Death of David Hamer marks the passing away of another early pioneer of this section. Prior to two years ago, when his wife died, Mr. Hamer resided in or near Manning for eighteen years or more. Following the death of the wife, he went to live with his son, W. J. Hamer, at Elwood, Nebraska, where he died on September 23, 1898.

The remains were brought back to Manning for interment, arriving here on Sunday evening. The funeral was held Monday morning at ten o'clock from the G.A.R. hall.
Rev. S.F. Weaver officiating, and the remains were interred at the family lot in the Manning cemetery. Many were the old friends and neighbors of the dead man, and those following him to the verge of the grave.

He was the parent of four children - one son and three daughters - all of whom survive him.
They are W. J. Hamer and Mrs. Wm. (Mary) Moody, Elwood, Nebraska; Mrs. E. (Eliza) Jackson, Los Angeles, California, and Mrs. (Emily "Emma") McCarthy, Botna, Iowa.

David Hamer was born 82 years ago in England on March 14, 1816.

So if anyone has Hamer information/contacts please let me know.

I also have a David Hamm listed as a Manning Civil War Veteran, but I'm wondering if Hamm is misspelled.
It is possible that Hamm is a typo or OCR error and it should be Hamer.
I now know there is a David Hamer, but there also could have been a David Hamm.
Hopefully someone can come forward and confirm there was a David Hamm, Civil War Veteran, who was connected to Manning. I think Jay Musfeldt has solved the mystery for the picture found on Main Street...
Hopefully a Summerville/Bales relative will come forward to confirm one way or the other.

This picture was found on Main Street in 2010.

Evelyn Summerville & Darrell Bales

Darrell Bales - 405 Main Street "Bales Cash Market" September 1950

Looking for help with these pictures from the Valentine collection.
Just for fun - hard to ID most of them but interesting to look at...

Pep Band

possibly prom: Roger Vollstedt, Janice Popp, Bob Hansen, ??

Phyllis Zerwas, ??, ?Ruth Schmidt?
Any idea where this was taken - note the rows/seating signs.

Patty Kasperbauer

Confirmed: this is Ray Christensen & Adele Gray

Signed "Sue 1956"

Signed "Rosie"

Louise "Lou" Polking
I missread the signature - it was not signed "Lois 1955" but "Louise"
I was looking for a Lois picture but once Susie Schilling suggested it is Lou Polking
Sure enough it is as I found another of this same picture.

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