Here are some other pictures from the Valentine collection sent to me from California by Roland Valentine.
As I mentioned down below and over the years, "Bake" Valentine is someone who did a great historical aspect when he took pictures of so many Manning Veterans. He would have had no idea that if it were not for his photography I would have a lot less pictures of Manning's Veterans.
Unfortunately I'm unable to get help from family members to ID a lot of Manning Veteran pictures I have, or come forward with pictures of Veterans I still don't have any or very little if any military information.

18 years ago I made this web page to get help with IDs.

2002 web page of mostly unknown Veterans
The reason why the pictures are so small is this was back when the Internet was mostly dial-up so I couldn't post large files and the monitors were 640x480 so the pictures looked much larger.

My first thought when I scanned this picture below of Bake is - look at how much hard physical work was done by people who operated bakeries years ago.
Bake never had a window air conditioner in 1970. Think of how hot it would have been when they baked in the summer!!!
They had an exhaust fan in the roof and one to vent the heat outside to the alley, but if you grew up before there were air conditioners you know how it didn't even come close to modern central air we have I always write about - the younger generations today have absolutely no clue as to how good & easy they have it.

Roland shared this story about heat: '"I remember once Dad was removing something from the oven, he turned, staggered, and almost fell (from heat exhaustion). He said “That's enough of that!” and closed down for a week or so."'

1970 Freeland Valentine in Valentine's Bakery 304 Main Street

1970 Lucille Valentine in the bakery - note the TV and radio - modern conveniences before they retired.

A very interesting item of history that Bake kept when they retired in 1970.
I assume that "last" means the last loaf they made and saved this label to document it.

This picture is from the Bunz collection of "Industrial Day" celebration in Manning during the 1950s.
Valentine Bakery back middle - I believe that is Bake all in white standing on something.

Photo of an Oliver 88
Johannes Bunz held a contract for sale of Oliver farm machinery, New Idea and International Harvester.
Claus Bunz worked at the Johnson Shoe store in 1952 & 1953 while in high school.

I'm sure very few people know about Manning's "Industrial Day" celebration that was held in the 1950s.
Here are a couple of pictures from the Milicent Horbach collection.

June 1951 Mil Horbach showing a "Crosley Shelvador" refrigerator on the Gamble Store truck.

Stan's Flowers
Does anyone remember who Stan was?

Next two from the Amos Rutz collection

1952 Industrial Day - Amos Rutz back left, Bill Muhlbauer back right.
Clarus Heithoff - front row 3rd from left.
Manning has always held patriotism and its Veterans in high esteem!

If anyone can ID someone in any of these pictures
- please send me the names and where they are in the picture.

Kindergarten for Manning "We are for you in 1952"

Manning's children were taught love of country and community.
Their signs say I like Manning"
Valentine's Bakery in the right side back.

Here is a picture and some background on Roland Valentine.
He has been sharing his parent's collection with me.

1952 Lyle Frahm, Allen Rix, Duane Monson, Roland Valentine

Just a little personal bias - don't you think : -)))

I need help with IDs for this 1945-46 Fourth Grade picture

Back: Duane Monson, Art Zerwas, Sylvia Shamp, Alice Ahrendsen, Lyle Frahm, Bill Hargens?, Bob Shields?, Roger Ohde?
Middle: David Brandhorst, Roland Valentine, Joann Peter, Jeanne Lyden, Gwanetha Horbach, Carol Gruhn, Carol Sander, Walter Kortman?
Front: Jack Wagner, Dennis Fischer, Kay Eckholdt, Charlotte Paulsen, Diane Rix, Marie Johnson
Teacher: Lois (Whitney) Laverty - Mrs. Kenneth Laverty

When the Masonic Lodge disbanded, I was able to scan a lot of old stuff they had.
Here is a Valentine sales receipt from 1938.

December 23, 1937 ad in the Monitor

August 24, 1939 ad in the Monitor

September 6, 1945 ad in the Monitor

I finished adding the WWII pictures from the Valentine collection - so please scroll through the various Veteran pix to see if you can ID anyone.

Most of the faces are familiar to me but I just can't put a name to them. I will attempt to compare other known pictures I have to see if I can match them to some of these Veteran pictures, but it is best for a son/daughter to ID the pictures.
Hopefully children and grandchildren of Manning's WWII Veterans will take some time to look at the pictures to see if a parent or grandparent is featured.

Manning pictures and history are still out there - I just have to find out who has them and then get them convinced into sending them to me so I can scan and add them to my Manning Historical database.
Unfortunately, based on history, most of them have been and continue to be thrown away, BUT some people still have them and probably don't know the identity of many of them.

Over the years, Manning had many bakeries but one stands out - the Valentine Bakery.
Owned and operated by Freeland "Bake" and Lucille "Pat" Valentine.
An amazing thing that Bake did was to invite the military boys on leave into his establishment to visit with them over a beer, and thank them for their service.
BUT the best thing of all from my standpoint is Bake took a snapshot of each of the men.

Here is an example...

Duane Bartels in front of the Valentine Bakery - photo by Bake Valentine

Some of those snapshots by Valentine made their way to the VFW hall where they were stored in a box in a closet. Dan Peters found them and put them into a scrapbook and gave it to the Manning Library. When he told me about them, I immediately grabbed the scrapbook to scan those pictures.

FORTUNATELY I scanned them, because some family member apparently found out about that scrapbook in the library several years ago and STOLE about 10 of those pictures connected to their family from that scrapbook.
The only reason why I know they were stolen is because I rescanned them a few years ago and then noticed the ones missing.
I won't mention the family name but if you are reading this I hope you finally have a conscience and return them!

All they had to do was contact me and I would have made photo copies for them - in many cases they would be better than the originals.

For some WWII Veterans, the pictures that Bake took are the ONLY military pictures I have of quite a few WWII Veterans from Manning.
My pleas and begging to the families of our WWII Veterans have been mostly ignored on my web pages since 1996 and through Manning Monitor articles I featured for around 10 years, but thanks to Bake, I at least have a snapshot picture of quite a few WWII Manning Veterans.

Now, Bake's son, Roland, has been working with me over the years and recently surprised me by sending me 16 studio quality photos of men in uniform or who served.
I'm scanning them right now and hope the children/grandchildren of these Veterans will e-mail me and identify them.
I can ID some of them and recognize others but want help to confirm the IDs.

I'll keep adding them as I get them scanned.

Pictures from the Freeland "Bake" Valentine collection

Looks like a Joens?

Looks like the same man as in the couple above

Francis Brennan.

Here are several known pictures of "Irish."

George Brady & Irish Brennan

Irish - MHS 1922
Standing along the west wall of the old high school along 141.

I know this is one of the 5 Grimm brothers who served during WWII

Based on other pictures I have of the Grimms - I'm sure this is Paul

Amos "Messy" Misselhorn

Unknown - I assume he was a WWII Veteran

Is this Paul Vollmer?

Another unknown Manning WWII Veteran - also a Lyden Studio picture

Unknown Manning WWII Veteran - a Lyden Studio picture

Unknown Manning WWII Veteran - Lyden Studio

Unknown Manning WWII Veteran - Lyden Studio

Unknown Manning WWII Veteran
Maybe the same person as just above?

Unknown Manning WWII Veteran

Unknown couple - maybe same man as Veteran shown above

LeRoy Zerwas

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