While MOST of the country is represented by the first 2 videos - the National Anthem in a 3 series set and the Autistic singer, and the last 2 videos which are happening in just a few very large cities - everyone in our society is going to have to eventually decide which America they want.
Argue all you want about the last 2 but for right now those things are mostly happening in just a few large cities and I don't want that chaos moving out into the small rural communities of America.

National Anthem - Madisen Hallberg - PSU Commencement 2020
First session

Full-length version of Portland State's national anthem duet
Second session

Chance encounter leads to beautiful duet at Portland's park blocks
Third session
"Listen Louder than you Speak"

A 10 year-old autistic and blind boy singing.
"He is a blessing to our family"
Some people would choose abortion over life in cases like this.

'What Good Does it Do' 92-Year-Old Speaks Out on Random Attack NBC New York
92 years old - what is going on???

Statue of George Washington Toppled and Draped in Burning US Flag in Portland
Our first US President
Listen to the screams of joy!

Where does it all end?
When you are self-righteous you only see the wrong in others and completely excuse/deny your own faults and wrongs in your own personal and family background.
I could go back into history and find evil in every person, race, color, creed, nationality, tribe, civilization, kingdom, regime, empire, dictatorship, etc.

Everyone can find something offensive in anything that exists, so do we delete ALL history?
If you want to purge all evil from history then start with yourself!

I'm sure everything John Philip Sousa including the movie "Stars and Stripes Forever," and everything Mitch Miller will have to go now, based on the self-righteous crowd that is a minority of the 330,000,000 US citizens.

If I understand correctly, when John Philip Sousa wanted to perform at the 1895 Georgia Cotton States Exposition he was first cancelled but he forged ahead and went anyway and knowing there were still deep wounds from the Civil War he chose to play "Dixie" songs to the amazement of the citizens.
Sousa wanted to help heal the country, rather than shove it in the face of those who were defeated in the South.

Dixie (Sousa's Marching Band)
Stars & Stripes Forever

John Philip Sousa speaks and conducts Stars and Stripes Forever
John Philip Sousa

Mitch Miller -- I'm Goin' Back To Dixie, Dixie
Mitch Miller

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