I picked up an interest in Philately as a young kid when I ran across my mother's stamp collection.
Over the years I have maintained an interest and recently I was drawn to some WWII patriotic stamp covers because of a misspelling.
Each day I check for Manning and surrounding towns for Manning connected history on E-bay and stumbled onto a collection of Fluegel patriot covers from WWII.
The seller on E-bay spelled the island country capital of Philippines as Manilla like our neighboring town when it should be spelled Manila...so I followed the link and found a collection of patriotic covers by Captain Herman Fluegel and his wife Ida Fluegel.

This one caught my eye because of the recent toppling of US statues and vandalism of monuments.

I believe that the man on the cover is Chiang Kai-shek and probably his first wife.
Abraham Lincoln & Sun Yat-sen are featured on the stamp.

While the study and interpretation of history can be messy, I find it interesting that Abraham Lincoln was featured with Sun Yat-sen.
Both Sun & Chiang were nationalists and stood against communism, which Mao Zedong eventually achieved in China.

Today the so-called peaceful protestors in the US are tearing down Abraham Lincoln statues and many of them are promoting communism.
I listened to a mayor on a newscast from one of the large US cities, with protesting/rioting and now major upticks in murder and mayhem, state that the protestors want to effect change in the country, but that the violence and murder that is occurring in their city must stop.

This mayor and the protestors need to go back to school and study history - maybe for the first time in their lives.
This mayor and the protestors need to FIRST "effect change" in their own community and not try to tell the rest of the mostly peaceful communities in the US on how WE all need to change.
They also need to stop judging the people of our country's history, and stand up to the present corruption and evil in their own city.

I always like to boast about Manning's history and this little feature is no exception...how amazing that the US helped and fought against China's enemies during WWII - before that country became ruled by the boot of communism...today they are our chief competitor and mostly unfriendly to our way of life.
As I was checking into some WWII information on the Internet, I read some historical accounts that if it weren't for China eventually fighting back against Imperial Japan that the US and other allies would have had more difficulty in defeating Japan during WWII.
I did NOT see the other side of the coin mentioned that if the US and its allies had not fought against Japan that China might now be under the rule of Japan.

Now how does Manning come into the picture??? At least one Manningite served on a US military supply base in China during WWII - James Mork.
Now this is nothing earth-shattering but that such a little town like Manning had citizens serve in most major battles and conflict zones during WWII is at least interesting BUT completely understandable when you consider that over 700 Manningites served during WWII...a number that when spread out into the various branches of the military would send Manning men into nearly all of the battle zones.

I also found it interesting about the couple who created the WWII patriotic covers - their name is Fluegel (Flügel) which is of German ancestry - another important historical aspect about Manning.

Now I know many people won't care about my opinions or agree with them - that is OK.
I at least don't use those so-called social media sites where people can hide and lie about their identity and spout off anything they want - basically gutless people.
I pay for my right to write about and display what I want and I don't empower and enrich the owners of those other sites. I have to abide by the company's decency rules, which I pay for webspace on their servers.
I also know how to code my own web pages whereas very few can do this and are subjects to the whims of those other people who use their sites to censor viewpoints they don't agree with.

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