What historical treasures will I find in this suitcase???
For decades I worked with Billie & Gerhardt Voge on Manning's history.
In 2009, I scanned some pictures from the Voge collection and then over the years would grab a few more to scan.

After Gerhardt passed away in 2019, I started working with his daughter, Ann, so for the last year and a half we have been working together to get as many pictures identified as we can.
I'm just about finished with the suitcase and here are a few pictures/items I scanned.

Gerhardt, who went by "GT" (Gerhardt Theodore - named after 2 uncles, Gerhardt Lamp & Theodore Voge) always called me "Kusel" and I always addressed him as Gerhardt.
He and my dad, & Billie and my mother were good friends; dad graduating from Manning in 1938, Gerhardt in 1940, and mom in 1941, and I went to school with the Voge children, so our two families have had close ties over the years.

Ann and I have been having fun going through these pictures and trying to ID them, and we hope to get some help with some of the pictures when I eventually show some of the unidentified ones and ones we are looking for confirmation...many of them being part of the Lamp family.
Here are some that were in the Voge collection but not of the Voge or Lamp name - Manning friends of the 2 families...

I'm always looking for MHS graduation pictures and after all these years of going through the Voge collection, in the bottom of the suitcase, I ran across this photo of Gerhardt.
I also found a senior picture of Ed Schumann...my goal is to get high resolution scans of as many MHS graduates as I can, BEFORE they are all thrown away, and then someday put prints on display in a hopeful future Manning museum.

Gerhardt Theodore Voge MHS 1940

Diploma cover

Amos Lee - special message in diploma.

Junior High diploma 1937

Edward Schumann MHS 1927

Manning High School where Gerhardt & Ed graduated - now the location of the Rec Center.

These next 2 pictures are nothing unique, unless you consider the year and that most small-town kids never flew on a jet plane or even watched one land and take off.
Well in 1968, Dean Martens was going to fly out to relatives so he took along some of his friends, who had never flown and probably never saw any jets at an airport.
So Jerry & Terry Voge and Randy Lohmeier went along with Dean and his dad, Walt, to watch the take-off.

Randy Lohmeier with Walt Martens

This is the picture of the plane that I remember, we had to walk out on the tarmac to board. I thought I had another one of the plane but I can't find it. I could swear we flew out of Omaha, but I could be wrong. It was in June of 68 and I know Jerry and Terry came along but I don't remember if Randy did or not.
Dean Martens

I have a number of pictures of the Reinke family and of Minnie but this is a new one I had not seen before.
Minnie & Jessie were best of friends, so there are several different pictures of the two of them together in the collection.
Minnie (Stumpe) Reinke married August Reinke and their son was Harold.

Minnie Reinke & Jessie (Lamp) Voge

Ivan Anton & his sister - during WWII Ivan changed his last name to Antone
Does anyone know the name of his sister in the picture?

While most people today would think that there was very little travel in the early 1900s, this picture shows otherwise...also that back then, California was the destination during the cold Iowa winters.
Another reason why I like to go through other people's collections is I almost always find pictures of my relatives.
My great-grandparents on the Grau side spent many winters out in California and I have a number of pictures scanned from my own family's collection, but had not seen this one before.

Back: Clara (Grau) Cox, August Grau?, ??, ??, ??
Front: ??, ??, ??, Mary Grau?, ??
Little boy ?

This picture postcard was taken in Kiel, Germany, the area where the Voge and some other parts of their family came from.

Painting class in Kiel, Germany

Schneekloth/Schneckloth is an old family name in Manning's history and connected to the Voge family.

A very amazing colorized photo

These are the types of unique historical items that have mostly been thrown away and what I'm always looking for...
Lots of people like to think they are preserving their family history by their own scanning but they won't scan all of what I want to preserve, which is why I keep asking for more families to get me their old collections and history so I can not only preserve their family history but the "Manning Family" history.

Herman Lamp receipt for the Omaha Stockyards 1932

Manning Telephone bills for the Voge family during the months of May & June 1960

More Voge/Lamp pix coming in the future - where we'll be looking for help with IDs...

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